Minecraft Sea Lantern: How to make, Uses and more!

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Minecraft Sea Lantern

Discover the Wonders of Minecraft’s Sea Lantern: Tips, Tricks

Illumination in Minecraft plays a crucial role in preventing the emergence of monsters and brightening up dimly lit environments. Let’s delve into the world of Minecraft Sea Lanterns and explore how you can craft them.

Discover the unique Sea Lantern, a dazzling light source that can be found in underwater biomes. This extraordinary addition will elevate any player’s collection and can serve as a stunning decorative block in various structures. With its distinct features, the Sea Lantern is a must-have in your Minecraft world.

Discover the recipe for crafting your very own Sea Lantern in Minecraft.

Minecraft Sea Lantern
Minecraft Sea Lantern

An illuminating source found beneath the ocean’s surface, the Minecraft Sea Lantern can be discovered in ocean monuments and underwater ruins, emitting a dazzling white light.

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Minecraft Sea Lantern
Ocean Monuments

Discovering Sea Lanterns can only occur in Ocean Monuments and select Ocean Ruins. Caution must be taken when attempting to break them with a standard pickaxe as it will result in destruction. To obtain these precious lanterns, players must enchant their pickaxe with Silk Touch before carefully breaking them.

When players utilize a regular pickaxe to destroy it, they can obtain 2-3 prismarine crystals as a reward


Minecraft Sea Lantern
Minecraft Sea Lantern
  • The Minecraft Sea Lantern boasts of being the prime source of light in the game, shining brighter than its counterparts such as glowstones, redstone lamps, jack o’lanterns, and beacons. Its primary function is to illuminate the surroundings, providing a beacon of hope amidst the darkness.
  • Placing Sea Lanterns on the frame can also activate a Conduit, providing an additional use for this luminous block in Minecraft.
  • With the Sea Lantern, players can easily access a Chest located beneath its transparent surface. One downside to this block is its ability to obstruct sunlight and the beam of a Beacon.
  • The Sea Lantern has a unique feature where it can generate a “Clicks and Sticks” sound when placed underneath a Note
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    How to make a Minecraft Sea Lantern?

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    To craft a Sea Lantern in Minecraft, players must gather the following materials:

  • Four shards of prism
  • Five Prismarine Cr
  • Ocean Monuments hold a treasure trove of Sea Lanterns that can be obtained by defeating the Guardians and Elder Guardians dwelling within

    Minecraft Sea Lantern

    To create a Minecraft Sea Lantern, simply arrange the necessary items in a specific order within the Crafting Table.

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