How to fix ‘Minecraft for Windows incompatible with launcher’ error

how to fix minecraft for windows incompatible with launcher error 090676

“An error that players might encounter is the incompatibility of Minecraft for Windows with the launcher. A particular error that hinders you from launching the game is when you are all set to embark on an adventure in Minecraft, which can be more exasperating than having no obstacles at all.”

Possible solutions to attempt are limited in number and potential causes are limited in number if you encounter the “Minecraft for Windows incompatible with launcher” issue. Below is a comprehensive explanation of the steps you can take to resolve this error promptly, as soon as you can resume playing. Rest assured, this error is fixable. It is recommended to attempt these solutions in the sequence that players typically follow.

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Close the Minecraft Launcher through the Task Manager

Finally, if you try reopening the Minecraft Launcher and encounter the issue again, click on the “End Task” button located in the bottom right corner. Then, look for the Minecraft Launcher which should be positioned very near the top. To open the Task Manager, press Esc and Shift, Ctrl. If you only see it as a one-time error that is not intended to occur, you can completely shut down the application and open the Task Manager by pressing Esc and Shift, Ctrl.

Update the Minecraft Launcher

Once you have completed the update, promptly launch the application and you will notice an on-screen button indicating that your launcher requires an update. If you encounter this issue, consider updating your Minecraft Launcher. This error may occur due to the outdated nature of your current version, resulting in players experiencing this error. Mojang has recently issued a fresh edition of the Minecraft Launcher.

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If you cannot see an update button, there might be a glitch in the launcher preventing you from downloading the updated version of Minecraft. This glitch can occur when players try to play Minecraft from either the Java Edition launcher or the Minecraft Dungeons launcher.

Many players who are experiencing this error may be seeing it because they are trying to play Minecraft on Windows using the incorrect launcher, but this issue should be fixed by downloading the newly updated launcher, which allows players to play any of the three versions of Minecraft from the same launcher.

Delete and reinstall the Minecraft Launcher

If none of the previous methods are working, it may take some time to fix the problem. The last method that players can try is to delete and reinstall the Minecraft launcher.

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Regarding all the questions about switching to a new Minecraft launcher, you can find answers on the official Minecraft page in the section that provides answers to all the questions.

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