Minecraft guide: How to find and kill the ender dragon

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Ender Dragon

You have shown him why you are feared by all in Minecraft, and how to get there and show him zombies. Here’s how you’re awaiting his arrival: The End lurks, and you haven’t found the ender dragon, except for one thing. You have handled challenges with coolness and confidence, just like a cucumber. You have summoned the ominous wither and conquered the Nether. You have mined an intricate network of caves and tunnels beneath the ground. You have built a magnificent structure of towers reaching into the sky.

How do you prepare for the fight?

The ender dragon and his crystals

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Here are some suggestions to help you win the upcoming battle with the dragon. When you come face to face with the dragon, there is no option to run away, you must either die or defeat the dragon ender. What’s more important is preparing properly and doing your due diligence for the endless confrontation ahead. So, when you face the harrowing challenge of the dragon ender in Minecraft, you’ll arguably be facing the most daunting challenge.

  • Only the best protection will do. You might find yourself falling into an unforgiving ground over long distances, and the ender dragon is capable of dealing insane amounts of damage. Make sure you have diamond level armor.
  • Additionally, a trident will suffice, however, a diamond sword is the preferred choice. It is crucial to possess a close-range weapon that inflicts significant harm, such as a diamond sword or trident.
  • Bow/crossbow. A projectile weapon is essential for defeating the ender dragon, as it frequently remains airborne.
  • Bring numerous, countless arrows. It would be ideal to enchant your bow with Infinite, if possible, so that only a single arrow would be required. Only one arrow would be needed, if it is possible, it would be best to enchant your bow with Infinite, bringing many, many arrows. All the arrows.
  • Diamond pickaxe. You’ll require a swift tool to maneuver through the battleground and annihilate something exceedingly valuable to the ender dragon.
  • In an emergency, substitutes nourishment and is exceedingly valuable. With a respectable shield of damage resilience and the ability to restore health, crafted golden apples allow you to endure a few enemy attacks by encasing an ordinary apple with gold ingots.
  • “Potions that provide status effects such as poison and damage will not be beneficial in this situation, but potions that grant advantages such as regenerative health and enhanced attacks are ideal for facing the ender dragon.”
  • Mining a large quantity of end stone immediately upon arrival in the End and prior to confronting the ender dragon is perhaps the most optimal decision, as it offers some resistance against the destructive force of the ender dragon. It is recommended to acquire a substantial amount of building blocks in this manner.
  • It is very likely that you will be knocked down from one of the obsidian pillars that surround the ender dragon, so I recommend enchanting your boots with Falling Feather. In addition, I recommend enchanting your bow with Power and your sword with Sharpness to increase damage, as well as enchanting your armor with Protection for all-around protection. There are many great things to have in the future, and for a lot of reasons, this will become more evident.

    If you are unable to locate them, the significance of preparing to combat the ender dragon becomes meaningless. However, naturally, your primary objective is to ensure that your Minecraft character is at their utmost potential in terms of strength when contemplating the items to carry for the battle against the ender dragon.

    How do you get to the ender dragon?

    The dark abyss of the End Portal

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    With various components and numerous stages involved, accompanied by a process that necessitates embarking on a journey, it is not as straightforward as constructing a Nether portal in your basement and effortlessly traveling back and forth to reach the End.

    The choice is a significant one, regardless of whether you believe the gamble is justified. By sacrificing all your belongings, the sole means of departure is either by defeating the ender dragon or by dying and being transported back to the previous place you rested. Once you pass the boundary between the Overworld and the End, there is no possibility of reversing your decision, and moreover, it becomes a binding commitment.

    Luckily, discovering the End Portal and activating it is as easy as following our guide.

    How do you defeat the ender dragon?

    Ender dragon being healed

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    Finally, we have arrived, and the ender dragon is soaring in the distance. How can we make it descend? It is crucial to understand not just its abilities, but also the tactics that can be employed to combat the ender dragon. Additionally, there is a somewhat undisclosed method to significantly diminish the strength of the ender dragon, provided that you are willing to take the risk. If you are prepared to face the danger, there is also an undisclosed technique to greatly weaken the ender dragon. During the battle, it is imperative to comprehend not only its actions, but also the strategies that can be utilized against the ender dragon. How can we force it to land? Finally, we have reached our destination, and the ender dragon is circling in the distance.

    In order to defeat the dragon ender, you’ll need to know how it behaves, what abilities it has, and what attacks it can employ. So, let’s cover a lot of strategies that can help you beat it.

    What the ender dragon does

    He's perching

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    Firstly, here are the various actions the ender dragon will display:

  • When it is not actively assaulting anything, this represents the dragon’s default condition. The ender dragon will allocate the vast majority of its time encircling the colossal obsidian columns that control the central isle in the End. Encircling.
  • Occasionally, the ender dragon may opt to dive straight towards the player for a close-quarters assault. Subsequently, the ender dragon will return to its elegant circling pattern.
  • The ender dragon may launch itself off the perch and charge headfirst at the player, causing a certain amount of damage, either while taking off or after circling around again. It may also use a breath attack on them and target any nearby players. The ender dragon is perched on top of the fountain-like structure, resembling a portal, at the center of the end.
  • The player responsible for launching a fireball will immediately change directions and end the dragon with an ender crystal, destroying one of its crystals in the process. Strafing.
  • The final dragon possesses three main assaults that you must be cautious of when confronting it.

  • It is crucial to maintain good health by staying active and keeping away from illnesses. When facing the dragon as your opponent, you have a golden chance to strike it with your sword and land either one or two hits. However, these attacks from the dragon are swift and cannot be evaded easily. The dragon’s attacks are physical in nature.
  • The liquid can be collected and poured into an empty glass bottle by the Dragon’s breath. Instead of leaving behind pools of purple viscous liquid that deals lingering damage like a potion, it does not cause explosive damage. These fireballs are completely different from the ones fired by Blaze or Ghast. Fireballs.
  • Whenever the ender dragon perches on top of the portal structure, it will repeatedly emit fire breath attacks that last for 3 seconds each. These breath attacks can also deal lingering damage similar to a fireball, and they can be collected into empty glass bottles to create dragon’s breath. Additionally, the particles emitted by these attacks can cause damage as well.
  • Finally, here are the different abilities and buffs the ender dragon has making it even more challenging to go up against it:.

  • The idea of mining a ton of stone at the end of the dragon fight is never a bad one. Except for the path, the dragon will naturally spawn blocks like iron bars, bedrock, obsidian, and end stone in the End. The ender dragon will demolish any blocks in its path and destroy all blocks in its way.
  • The ender dragon possesses an enormous quantity of vitality. A violet health gauge will be exhibited at the apex of the player’s screen symbolizing the ender dragon’s well-being. The ender dragon possesses a plethora of vitality and will endure numerous attacks before succumbing. Prior to its demise, the ender dragon will withstand numerous strikes and possesses a substantial amount of vitality. The ender dragon’s well-being is depicted by a violet health gauge showcased at the apex of the player’s screen. The ender dragon possesses an immense amount of vitality.
  • Along the journey, the ender dragon is restored. Perched atop the four obsidian pillars encircling the end portal structure are end crystals. These end crystals effectively rejuvenate the ender dragon as it soars, rendering the task of inflicting harm upon the creature even more challenging. Typically, these end crystals are safeguarded by cages made of iron bars. It is these end crystals, positioned on the summit of the four obsidian pillars encircling the end portal structure, that make it arduous to harm the creature while it flies around and simultaneously heal the ender dragon from a distance. The ender dragon is healed throughout its progress.
  • While perched atop the ender dragon, one might assume that it would be the perfect opportunity to launch a flurry of arrows at it, catching it on fire. However, any arrows fired at the ender dragon are immediately deflected and caught in its own fire.
  • The Ender Dragon is immune to a lot of types of attacks, rendering them useless. It is unaffected by instant damage, poison, status effects on players, and explosions. The only damage it takes is from suffocation and crushing, which almost completely destroys it.
  • How to deal with the end crystals

    An end crystal up close

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    Once you are familiarly intimate with what the Dragon Ender can do, and know how to attack and when to attack, it’s important to keep your head and focus on your objective. If you are ready to defeat it, and know how to attack when, and what to attack with, you can do it.

    The end crystals are the primary focus of your battle with the ender dragon, as they play a crucial role in determining your success. All the effort you have invested can be negated by a momentary lapse, and defeating the ender dragon becomes notably more challenging when these end crystals are operational. They actively restore the ender dragon’s health as it soars through the air and materialize on towering obsidian pillars encircling the central end portal structure. Prioritize eliminating the end crystals at the outset.

    To dismantle the end crystals, adopt the following strategy: ascend their obsidian platforms in order to reach them, particularly if numerous crystals are safeguarded by a barrier of iron bars. With exceptional marksmanship, it is conceivable to eliminate all of the end crystals encircling the ender dragon without having to approach them closely. A proficient bowman can obliterate the end crystals with just one arrow, as they are susceptible to various types of assault. Fortunately, the task of annihilating the end crystals is not overly challenging.

  • It is beneficial to determine the precise number and locations of the end crystals. There might be multiple end crystals, so knowing the exact count that needs to be destroyed and their specific positions is helpful. Discovering where they will be located and the total quantity is important.
  • Destroy them in order to devise a scheme. Assistance is not frequently provided, so everyone is left to fend for themselves.
  • Check for any unguarded end crystals in any location. The end crystals lacking sufficient protection will be the most vulnerable to destruction. Merely launching an arrow towards them is sufficient to bring them down.
  • The obsidian pillars can be used to scale the stone towers at the end, in order to easily destroy the ender dragon. The stone end can’t be easily destroyed by the ender dragon, so it is perfect to climb up to the end crystals.
  • When you have accomplished your task of falling feather having on your boots, it is important to stick around for a long time so that the worst doesn’t happen. Additionally, when you are climbing the dragon ender, you should try various ways to knock it off and be decisive and quick.
  • When standing beside them, it is advisable to avoid the situation where end crystals detonate with greater force than TNT upon sustaining damage. However, it is recommended not to directly extract the end crystal, instead, ensure to extract the iron enclosure encompassing the end crystal upon reaching the pinnacle of a tower. Nevertheless, exercise caution in proximity to the end crystal and dismantle the iron enclosures.
  • Since the crystals at the end allow you to get a little distance, the best way to handle them easily is by using the bow. The bow is your best friend.
  • Instead of using the advantage to destroy the crystal at the end, it is not sensible to make a ton of sense. If you are at the top of the climbing tower, you will find a good vantage point just to find the way down. Stone end is highly resistant to explosions, so it should withstand punishment. Build a platform out of stone end at a safe distance from the crystal end.
  • The ender dragon is being healed, causing destruction over time. The pattern of flight for the ender dragon is reasonably predictable. When they heal the crystals at the end, it corresponds to the destruction of the end crystals. While the end crystals are destroyed, a significant amount of damage is dealt when the end crystals are active. It’s time for you to destroy them.
  • Don’t forget to launch a couple of arrows at the dragon ender when it is damaging for you, as it can destroy you in the next action. Don’t exclusively focus on the crystals end.
  • Do not yearn for the towers to remain standing. Make your way down from the obsidian tower as swiftly and securely as you can. The ender dragon will not hesitate to complicate your life if you fool around.
  • Be cautious of the fireballs. The ender dragon will swiftly move towards you and hurl a fireball in your direction whenever an end crystal is obliterated. Be mindful of these fireballs and steer clear of the toxic pools of ooze that remain. Steer clear of the noxious pools of ooze that are left behind. Avoid the noxious pools of ooze and stay alert for these fireballs. The ender dragon will launch a fireball at you whenever an end crystal is destroyed, causing it to immediately shift towards you. Make sure to avoid these fireballs.
  • How to finish the ender dragon

    Another shot of the ender dragon

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    At this stage of the conflict, there exist three approaches to utilize: If your attacks were well-timed, the ender dragon should already be in pain. Moreover, the ender dragon lacks any additional support, and any damage you inflict remains permanent. Now you can concentrate all your endeavors on it, reassured by the fact that the ender dragon becomes significantly easier once all the end crystals are eliminated.

  • Stay agile. The ender dragon’s assaults concentrate on your location when it initiates the assault, so consistently being on the move will create challenges for the ender dragon to target. It additionally simplifies evading the residual puddles of violet slime that the ender dragon leaves in its wake. Target the ender dragon to lock onto the lingering purple pools of goo, making it easier for you to avoid. When the ender dragon starts its attack, continuously moving will make it difficult for the attacks of the ender dragon to focus on your position. Stay mobile.
  • There’s no point swinging a sword around in the air for ten minutes while the ender dragon is flying off into the distance. Use your bow instead. The bow allows you to inflict a significant amount of damage and is your most powerful weapon in nearly every circumstance.
  • Utilize your blade. The sole occasion when the bow is not an exceptional weapon is when the ender dragon settles on the central end portal structure. In such a scenario, all projectiles merely rebound and lack any impact. Presently, it is the opportune moment to wield your blade and draw near. Exercise caution: the ender dragon will unleash breath assaults and charge towards you, hence maintaining mobility is of utmost importance. If you tend to be cautious, simply bide your time, and eventually, the ender dragon will ascend into the air once again.
  • Being strategic is as easy as battling the ender dragon. Initially, dismantle the ender dragon’s backup. Steer clear of conflicts with endermen and continually perplex the ender dragon through skillful maneuvering. You won’t be able to overpower it, so stay level-headed and focused on defeating the ender dragon.

    The ender dragon exploding

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    Once the ender dragon is vanquished, it will soar directly above the central end portal structure and plunge towards the earth as it disintegrates. It will burst into an incredibly substantial quantity of experience points (greater than any other individual source can offer) that can elevate you up to level 78. That is a considerable amount of enchanting. Afterwards, the End Portal will activate, granting you the ability to return home. By granting you the ability to return home, the End Portal will then activate. That is a significant amount of enchanting. It can elevate you up to level 78, as it bursts into an incredibly substantial quantity of experience points (greater than any other individual source can offer) once the ender dragon is vanquished. It disintegrates as it plunges towards the earth and soars directly above the central end portal structure.

    The ender dragon egg is not only a valuable item in the entire game, but it is also the rarest single item. You might also notice a purple and black egg resting on top of the End Portal structure, which signifies the possibility of reviving the ender dragon once again. You are free to explore the End as much as you want after defeating the ender dragon. Please use the End Portal to go from the End.

    Once you depart from the End for the first time, you will gain valuable experience from defeating the ender dragon. As a result, the newly activated End Portal in Minecraft will start rolling credits.

    How do you re-summon the ender dragon?

    I gotta get out

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    If you wish to go through all of this again, you can actually re-summon the Ender Dragon multiple times. It’s a little bit of work to do, but it’s more about finding and fighting the Ender Dragon than anything else. The rewards aren’t great, but if you’re looking for an additional challenge in the late game of Minecraft, this is great and never fails to be entertaining.

    To summon the ender dragon again, you will require the following:

  • The simplest of the materials to obtain is creating glass by melting sand in a furnace – 28 blocks of glass.
  • After vanquishing the ender dragon for the first time, you are probably quite acquainted with this. By merging blaze powder and an ender pearl in a crafting table, obtaining eyes of ender becomes more challenging. End of Output.
  • Increasing your chances of looting them, tears from Ghasts are semi-rare drops collected by killing Ghasts in the Nether. Specifically, tears from Ghasts are obtained by using an enchanted sword.
  • To respawn the ender dragon, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you have all the necessary components. The initial stage involves producing fresh end crystals, which necessitates the previously mentioned ingredients.
  • End cyrstal recipe

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  • Mix your ingredients. Locate a crafting table to combine your ingredients as demonstrated above. It is irrelevant where you assemble them.
  • Travel to the End. Once you have your end crystals, you need to go to the End to re-summon the ender dragon.
  • Preparing to set the last crystal

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)
  • Place the End crystals around the End Portal. Go to the center of the End Portal and place an end crystal on each side of it.
  • When the crystals are destroyed, new ones will respawn, both at the original end and at the ender dragon’s respawn location. Players may place blocks to prevent the destruction of every obsidian pillar on top of which the end crystals are placed. Once the end crystals are placed, the ender dragon will be summoned.
  • If you’re looking for some fun and excitement, there’s no need to look further. However, the rewards may not be as amazing as you expect. When you defeat the ender dragon, no more of them will spawn, and you will only receive a small amount of experience points. But don’t worry, you can always re-summon the ender dragon as many times as you want by crafting new end crystals.

    The aftermath of the war

    Taking down end crystals

    Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

    Is it maybe time to end the Ender Dragon and take on the final boss in Minecraft? It’s a pretty big moment for anyone playing to survive in Minecraft, and the Ender Dragon is the closest thing to a final boss. It’s still a pretty cool moment, but it’s important to note that the Ender Dragon is not actually the official title. You have achieved the title of “Lord of Minecraft” by defeating the Ender Dragon. Well done, you have accomplished it.

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