Minecraft: Easiest Way to Get Mending Villagers

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Check out how to make Mending Villagers in Minecraft

Mending Villager

In the vast world of Mojang Studios’ immensely popular game Minecraft, there exists a multitude of magical abilities that players can acquire. Among these enchantments, Mending reigns supreme, being both highly coveted and indispensable, especially for those daring enough to explore treacherous realms like the Nether dimension. However, obtaining the revered Mending enchantment book from a Librarian NPC proves to be a true test of fate. Yet fear not, for we shall reveal the secret to maximizing your chances of encountering a Mending Villager in the vast universe of Minecraft.

Easiest Way to Get a Mending Villager in Minecraft


To obtain a Mending Villager, one must first establish a connection with a knowledgeable Librarian. To achieve this, venture towards the closest Village and employ a Lecturn to transform an ordinary Villager into a scholarly Librarian. After securing a proficient Librarian, engage in a trade involving five to sixty-four Emeralds and a Book to acquire a captivating Enchanted Book.

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Before we proceed any further, please bear in mind that the initial Enchanted Book the Librarian proposes for trade may not contain the Mending Enchantment. This is a common occurrence, and your task is simply to persist in offering Emeralds until they present you with an Enchanted Book adorned with Mending. Once you acquire such a book, the next step is to utilize an Anvil in order to bestow the Mending Enchantment upon the specific armor piece or weapon you wish to safeguard.

Rewritten In a nutshell, the process of creating a Mending Villager entails locating a Village, constructing a Lecturn, and employing it to transform an unemployed Villager into a knowledgeable Librarian. Once you have acquired a Librarian, simply engage in frequent trading until you obtain an Enchanted Book containing the coveted Mending enchantment. It is essential to ensure that you possess ample experience points to successfully enchant an item with Mending.

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