How to Fix You Are Not White-Listed on This Server! Error on Minecraft

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In Minecraft, we will explore a resolution to this issue. This issue arises when the whitelist functionality is activated on the server and the player’s username is not included in the whitelist. Players might encounter an error notification saying, “You are not whitelisted on this server!” When trying to join a server. Minecraft is a widely favored sandbox video game that grants players the ability to create and construct their own virtual universes.

How to Fix You Are Not White-Listed on This Server! Error on Minecraft

Understanding the Whitelist Feature in Minecraft

To proceed with the solution, it is crucial to clarify the definition and functionality of the whitelist feature. The whitelist empowers server administrators to regulate the individuals who are granted entry to their servers. Only players whose usernames are mentioned in the whitelist can join, thereby serving as an efficient method to limit server access. This proves especially advantageous for private or exclusive servers.

Despite its advantages, whitelisting can also present disadvantages, such as the server’s inability to allow non-listed players to join. Whenever you receive the error message “You are not whitelisted on this server!”, It indicates that the server administrator has not included your username in the whitelist. The server administrator has not added your username to the whitelist, meaning that you are not able to join the server if you are not on the list. Despite its advantages, whitelisting can also have disadvantages, including the limitation of allowing only listed players to join the server.

So, here are some fixe that will help you resolving the “you are not whitelisted on this server! Error on Minecraft issue:.

Fix 1: Contact the Server Administrator

Therefore, if the administrator possesses the power to include or exclude individuals from the whitelist, server owners or proprietors can do the same by reaching out to the server administrator and making a formal request for inclusion. This approach proves to be the most straightforward means of resolving the “You are not whitelisted on this server!” Error.

You must provide your Minecraft username to be added to the whitelist. If you have a problem with the server, please ask the administrator’s questions clearly and be polite. If you cannot find their contact information, you can also try sending an email or private message. You can find the administrator’s contact information on the server’s in-game chat or website.

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Once your username has been included in the whitelist by the server administrator, you will be able to join the server without encountering any error message. It is important to keep in mind that the server administrator may take some time to respond to your request, so please be patient.

Fix 2: Check Your Username Spelling

“You are not whitelisted on this server. If you previously played on the server and misspelled your username, it is possible that the error occurred. In Minecraft, usernames are case-sensitive, so ‘player123’ and ‘Player123’ are not the same username.”

To verify if your username is spelled correctly, go to the Minecraft launcher and choose “Edit Profile”. Double-check that your username is spelled accurately, including capitalization, in the “Profile Name” section. Attempt to join the server again and confirm that your username is spelled correctly. To ensure accurate spelling, go to the Minecraft launcher, select “Edit Profile”, and check under the “Profile Name” field if your username is spelled correctly, including proper capitalization.

Fix 3: Disable the Whitelist Feature

It is important to note that the only solution that works, if you are allowed to modify the server settings, is to follow these steps. If you can’t get in touch with the server administrator or get added to the whitelist, it is possible to disable the whitelist feature in Minecraft.

  • You will need to sign in to the server console or control panel.
  • Access the “server.Properties”
  • Replace the line that states “white-list=true” with “white-list=false
  • After saving the modifications, it is necessary to reboot the server.
  • When you deactivate the whitelist function, you will no longer come across the error notification when connecting to the server. However, this resolution may not be viable for servers that are private or exclusive and necessitate the use of the whitelist feature.

    Fix 4: Wait for the Whitelist to Update

    Under such conditions, it is advisable to wait for a few moments before attempting to connect to the server once more. There might be a delay if the server is modifying the whitelist configurations or if there is a latency issue on the server. Even if you have been included in the whitelist, it might take a while for the server to refresh the list and grant you access to join.

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    Fix 5: Try Joining with a Different Account

    By utilizing an alternative account, it is feasible to access the server if you possess multiple Minecraft accounts. It is probable that your account may not be on the whitelist, regardless of your previous server activity. To circumvent the error message, attempt logging in with an alternative account to determine if you can successfully join the server.

    Fix 6: Clear Your Minecraft Cache

    You can clear your Minecraft cache by following these steps. Server connection errors can occur when Minecraft cache files become outdated or corrupted, sometimes.

  • Ensure you close Minecraft along with any other applications you might have running.
  • Afterwards, to access the Run window, simply press the Windows key + R.
  • In the text box, enter “%appdata%” (without quotation
  • Navigate to the “.Minecraft” directory
  • Ensure that the folder labeled “assets” and the files named “options.Txt” are removed
  • Restart Minecraft and attempt to connect to the server once more.
  • Fix 7: Check the Server Status

    It is possible that the server you are attempting to connect to is encountering problems or is not accessible. You might be able to discover news or notifications about the server’s condition on its website or social media platforms. The error could also persist on an alternative server. On another server, the error might also persist. News or notifications about the server’s condition can be found on its website or social media platforms. The server you are attempting to connect to might be experiencing problems or is not accessible.

    Fix 8: Update Your Minecraft Client

    It is possible that if you utilize an obsolete rendition of Minecraft, you may encounter errors when attempting to connect to servers. In the Minecraft launcher, assess whether there are any upgrades for your Minecraft client. Once you ascertain the availability of an update, proceed to download and install it, followed by a retry in joining the server. In the case of using an outdated version of Minecraft, you will encounter errors when attempting to join servers. Therefore, check for updates for your Minecraft client in the Minecraft launcher.

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    Fix 9: Verify Your Minecraft Account

    If you have not yet verified your account, please try joining again and follow the directions to verify your account using your Mojang account login. If you have recently changed the password or email address for your Minecraft account, please make sure to update the email address or password for your account and verify your account again if necessary. It is possible that your account needs to be verified.

    Fix 10: Double-check Your Connection

    If none of the preceding solutions are effective, there is a chance that a connection issue is responsible for the error. Alternatively, if your connection to the Minecraft server is unstable and you attempt to connect to it, you might encounter errors like “You are not authorized on this server!”

    Please verify your connection in order to enable the server to function properly while you make changes to your network settings. If you are experiencing any issues, please reach out to your internet service provider or contact your internet service provider for assistance with your internet connection.

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    It can be frustrating for Minecraft players to encounter the “You are not whitelisted on this server!” Error, especially if they have played on the server before. However, you should be able to resolve this error by understanding how the whitelist feature functions and implementing the aforementioned solutions. The aforementioned solutions pertain to comprehending the workings of the whitelist feature and rectifying this error, which may prove to be vexing for Minecraft players who are not whitelisted on the server.

    Please feel free to inform us and leave a comment below if you require further assistance. However, that is the extent of the assistance we can offer at this time. The reason for the error does not pertain to the spelling of your username or your internet connection, so please ensure that these factors are not the cause. Additionally, it is imperative to carefully monitor access to their servers, as the whitelist functionality holds great importance. When reaching out to the server administrator, it is essential to exhibit patience and show respect.

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