How to Get Sharpness 1000 Enchantment in Minecraft Bedrock

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When it comes to indulging in Minecraft Bedrock, equipping oneself with a formidable weapon to annihilate mobs is indispensable. And to procure such a potent weapon, the most efficacious route to embark upon is to acquire enchantments for said weapon. Amidst the array of enchantments, the apex position is effortlessly claimed by Sharpness 1,000 – an enchantment of unparalleled might. Alas, attaining this extraordinary enchantment through conventional methods remains an elusive feat. Yet, by harnessing the power of Command Blocks, one can defy normalcy and fashion a weapon infused with the unrivaled Sharpness 1,000.

Spawning Command Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock

Input: The initial action in forming a weapon with a Sharpness level of 1,000 involves summoning a Command Block. To acquire a Command Block for yourself:

  • Input: Summon the chat box and input /give @p command_block. Consequently, an enigmatic Command Block shall materialize within your inventory.
  • Place two Command Blocks side by side on the ground, ensuring the first block is securely positioned.
  • While gazing at the positioned Command Block, grasp the mighty power of the Shift key on your computer and gracefully set forth the placement of its companion. Witness the mystical connection between these two blocks, for it shall serve as a pivotal element in the grand tapestry of forthcoming endeavors.
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    Programming Command Blocks in Minecraft Bedrock

    Brace yourself for a set of intricate instructions as we delve into the remaining process of crafting a weapon with an astonishing Sharpness level of 1,000.

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  • Enhance your inventory by acquiring a splendid sword or axe of your choice, as the material used holds no sway over the final result.
  • Input: Return to the chat box and enter /tag @p add sharp1000. By doing this, you will generate a tag that can be utilized in your Command Blocks.
  • Begin by right-clicking on the initial Command Block you have positioned. A captivating array of choices shall unfold before you. It is imperative that you modify each of these options accordingly: Transform the Block Type into a mesmerizing Repeat.
  • Embrace an Unwavering State as Your Departure Criterion.
  • Activate Redstone indefinitely.
  • To invoke the Command Input, enter enchant @a[tag=sharp1000] sharpness 1.
  • Simply give a swift right-click to the second Command Block and choose the Chain option for the Block Type.
  • Establish the parameter as a condition.
  • Activate Redstone indefinitely.
  • Input: To activate the Command Input, type in effect @a[tag=sharpness1000] strength 1 30 true.
  • Rewrite: Presently, the mighty sword tucked away in your inventory possesses the extraordinary power to vanquish any unfortunate creature that dares to venture across your way, be it the formidable End Dragon itself. In case an overwhelming amount of text floods your chat bar upon executing these commands, simply navigate to the chat box and input /gamerule commandblockoutput false.

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