How to invite friends to Minecraft Dungeons

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How to invite friends in Minecraft Dungeons
How to invite friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Mastering the art of summoning comrades to Minecraft Dungeons unlocks the gateway to assembling a triumphant squad of up to three companions, ready to embark on audacious and thrilling quests together. Undoubtedly, engaging in anything related to Minecraft is exponentially more delightful when shared with friends, and this endeavor is no exception. The presence of one or even multiple partners by your side not only amplifies the enjoyment but also significantly alleviates the burden of single-handedly battling swarms of adversaries or formidable bosses. If this prospect entices you, allow me to unveil the secret of inviting friends to Minecraft Dungeons and forging an indomitable party.

How to invite Minecraft Dungeons friends

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In order to extend an invitation to your pals in Minecraft Dungeons, navigate to the main menu, also known as the hero selection screen. From there, heed the guidance displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen to configure your session as an Online Game. Once you decide to embark on an Online adventure, a compilation of ongoing Game Sessions will be presented for your perusal, granting you the opportunity to join in. Additionally, a roster of Friends awaits your invitation, eager to accompany you on this grand quest.

If there’s no one nearby that you wish to connect with at the moment, you have the option to embark on an Online Game by yourself. Furthermore, you can even make it a Private Game, ensuring that no one can join without an invitation. Once you’re immersed in the game, simply follow the Friends prompt located in the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up the online menu once again, allowing you to invite friends to join you in Minecraft Dungeons or join another ongoing session. It’s important to note that in order to access this menu while playing, you must have initiated an Online Game from the main menu. If you decide to opt for an Offline Game instead, the Friends menu will only display options for local multiplayer.

Some players have reported issues when inviting friends to Minecraft Dungeons before completing the tutorial mission. If you haven’t done it yet, make sure to play through the tutorial and reach the Minecraft Dungeons camp for the first time. This will ensure that invites work correctly. The tutorial is quick and gives a good introduction to the game, so it’s worth doing! Additionally, keep in mind that crossplatform play is enabled by default, which may make it harder for friends to find your session if you’re on the same system. If you have trouble connecting to friends on a matching platform, try disabling that option in the Settings menu.

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