How to make a beacon in Minecraft

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  • Minecraft beacons serve as a pinnacle achievement in crafting, allowing players to flaunt their prowess, navigate effortlessly, and reap valuable rewards. Once erected, these beacons propel a luminous tower into the heavens, casting a radiant glow that can be admired from afar.

    Gather beacon materials

    Delving into the realm of Minecraft, crafting beacons emerges as a truly formidable feat, tailored for those daring souls yearning to flaunt their prowess. Unveiling the secrets of this endeavor, discover the essential ingredients and their elusive whereabouts.

    First step: Acquire five mesmerizing glass blocks. One can obtain glass by diligently excavating sand blocks and skillfully fusing a cluster of five or more within a blazing furnace, transforming this into an effortlessly achievable task.

    Step 2: The Enigmatic Trio of Obsidian Blocks. Obsidian, an elusive mineral, defies the conventional means of acquisition, making it an unpredictable quest. Your options are twofold: embark on an underground exploration, hoping to serendipitously encounter a hidden treasure trove, or seek out a convenient reservoir of molten lava, where the alchemy of water and fire will fashion obsidian layers in a mesmerizing display.

    Input: However, regular pickaxes are ineffective when it comes to mining obsidian. It requires the power of a diamond or Netherite pickaxe to make any progress, so it’s crucial to have one of these well-crafted tools in your possession before you commence your mining endeavors.

    A Nether Star in Minecraft.

    Step 3: A single Nether Star. Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge that lies ahead. The elusive Nether Star can only be obtained from the formidable Wither, a fearsome boss that must be summoned within the treacherous Nether realm. Constructing this formidable entity demands rare resources such as soul sand and wither skeleton skulls, entailing a considerable investment of time and effort. Once brought to life, The Wither stands as a menacing force, ranking among the most perilous adversaries in the Minecraft universe. Steel yourself for an arduous battle against this abomination of the undead. Take solace, however, in the knowledge that victory over The Wither guarantees the prized possession of a Nether Star.

    Create your pyramid and construct your beacon

    You’re all set to construct your very own beacon. However, there is a small twist to it – beacons solely function when positioned atop a pyramid. The pyramid can be built with a maximum of four levels. Allow me to guide you through the process.

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    Rewrite: Step 1: Let your pyramid sparkle with the opulence of iron, gold, emerald, diamond, or Netherite blocks. The choice is yours, a testament to your extravagant taste. Opting for simplicity, iron proves to be the most accessible option. Nevertheless, prepare yourself for a plethora of blocks to ascend towards the grandeur of your pyramid.

    Beacon Pyramids in Minecraft.

    Let’s begin our crafting journey with Step 2: Creating a pyramid. We’ll start with the simplest form, a base measuring 3-by-3, requiring nine blocks. Moving on to the next level, our pyramid will have a 5-by-5 base and a 3-by-3 second level, adding up to a grand total of 34 blocks. As we progress to level four, the pyramid’s base dimensions will change, starting with 9-by-9, followed by 7-by-7, 5-by-5, and finally 3-by-3, totaling 164 blocks. It’s time to unleash our creativity and begin this exciting crafting endeavor!

    In the third step, bear in mind that employing your beacon beneath the ground or beneath a shelter is not permissible. Therefore, ensure that your pyramid has unobstructed access to the open sky during its construction.

    The Minecraft Beacon Recipe.

    Rewritten As you embark on Step 4, let your creativity soar by crafting a magnificent beacon. Arrange the five glass blocks in a graceful arch at the pinnacle of the crafting window, while the obsidian forms a solid foundation at the base. Finally, place the illustrious Nether Star at the heart of it all. Complete this masterpiece by positioning the beacon at the center of the highest pyramid level, and watch in awe as its radiant light illuminates the surroundings, confirming your success.

    Minecraft Beacon Colors.

    In the fifth step, venture into the realm of creativity by adorning your beacon with a delicate glass pane, allowing its radiant glow to permeate unhindered. Unleash your artistic flair by infusing a dye into the glass pane recipe, granting it a mesmerizing hue that will transform the very essence of the beacon’s luminous beam. Embrace this ingenious technique to bestow a kaleidoscope of colors upon your beacon, illuminating your world with boundless possibilities.

    Minecraft Beacon Level Up options.

    Using beacon power-ups

    Step into the realm of beacon power-ups and unlock their boundless potential! Embark on a journey to uncover their secrets by venturing towards their mystical menu. With iron and gold ingots, diamonds, or emeralds as your offering, delve into the realm of customization and infuse the power-ups with your desired abilities. Ascend the pyramid’s tiers to witness the power-up tree flourish and amplify its magnificent advantages. Experience an array of exhilarating boosts such as lightning-fast speed, gravity-defying jumps, rapid health rejuvenation, unwavering strength, and an abundance of other awe-inspiring enhancements.

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