How to Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

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One of the most interesting things about Minecraft is its potion system, which allows players to give themselves a wide variety of useful buffs, from night vision to breathing underwater, by converting lingering potions into splash potions and regular bottles of potions.

In this tutorial, we will explore lingering potions in Minecraft. You might wonder, what exactly is a lingering potion? How does it vary from a standard potion? And what ingredients are required to create it? We will address all of these inquiries and provide additional information, so let’s dive in without delay.

What is a Lingering Potion?

Minecraft Lingering Potions
Image: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios Via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Let’s briefly go over what exactly a lingering potion is in Minecraft.

The distinction between a lingering potion and a splash potion lies in the fact that the effects of a lingering potion will hover in the air for a precise duration of 30 seconds. Consequently, if a player or mob enters the location where the potion was thrown within the aforementioned 30-second timeframe, they will still experience the effects of the aforementioned potion.

This potion has the ability to easily apply a large amount of effects to mobs, making it much simpler. Additionally, it has the power to impact any mob it encounters by creating a small “cloud” of potion. It is also extremely useful in combat encounters with many mobs. If you want to ensure that a player is truly affected by the potion, this can be incredibly valuable in adventure maps.

How to Make a Lingering Potion in Minecraft

The exhalation of the Ender Dragon! And the two utmost significant ones are: a burst flask (which necessitates one gunpowder and a standard potion), and you’ll require multiple components. How do we concoct one? Now that we’ve encompassed the fundamentals of what a enduring potion is.

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How to Get Dragon’s Breath

Minecraft Dragon's Breath Potion
Image: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios Via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

To access the End dimension, you can activate the End Portal, which is an underground structure containing pearls. By gathering around 10 Ender Pearls, you can locate a stronghold, where you can travel to another dimension known as the End. In order to defeat the Ender Dragon and obtain its valuable Ender Dragon’s Breath, you will need to engage in a battle with it.

He will exhale a fiery assault while accompanying you in the battle. Once you enter this alternate dimension, you will encounter the Ender Dragon directly. You can create three glass blocks using these materials. Ensure that you carry numerous empty bottles with you and remember to enter the portal promptly.

To reach the Overworld, return through the portal and vanquish the Ender Dragon once you gather a multitude of these. This action will grant you a vial of Dragon’s Breath when you click on the fire that emanates from its mouth to retrieve it. Simply equip an empty glass bottle and perform this task.

How to Craft a Lingering Potion

Crafting Potions in Minecraft
Image: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios Via HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

To brew a potion, you need to first stand at the Brewing Stand and add an ingredient. Then, put a block of water in it and right-click to fill it up. After that, take an empty bottle and make a potion by combining three stone pieces and one Blaze Rod. This can be done with the Brewing Stand.

To create a splash potion, you can start by taking a regular potion and combining it with a chunk of gunpowder obtained from a creeper. In order to make a lingering potion, it is necessary to have a splash potion first. Combine the two components in the Brewing Stand to produce a splash potion.

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The Breath Dragon’s Breath is a bit challenging to use wisely, but you have successfully created your own potent potion! Congratulations! Now, carefully combine the potion you have previously gathered from the Breath Dragon with your own concoction, and give it a splash.

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