How to Make and Use a Fletching Table in Minecraft

The Fletching table is a block available in the game Minecraft that can be used to trade different items such as arrows and bows with a villager in the biome. This block can also be placed to turn a fletcher villager who has no job into an idle one. We are going to discuss placing this article in the block, which can also be found naturally in the biome, where you can trade emeralds for arrows and bows.

Required Materials to Make a Fletching Table in Minecraft

In the following section, a detailed explanation on how to create this table will be provided, using 2 flints and 4 wooden planks.

How to make Wooden Planks

The initial step is to locate a few trees, which is not a challenging task. Then, you should proceed to chop them down either by striking them or by employing an axe. It is advisable to use an axe in this situation as punching will require a significant amount of time. The birch tree is the white one on the left side, while the oak tree is on the right side. To cut them, you can either punch them or use an axe. It is highly recommended to use an axe in this case as punching will be time-consuming. Finding some trees, which is not a difficult task, should be your first priority.

In our case, we are able to chop down any of these trees, and they will release a few wooden logs onto the ground that you must gather. Specifically, we are chopping down the oak tree, which will provide us with oak logs. You must collect the logs on the ground.

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After collecting some, you need to place them on the crafting table and 1 oak log will give you 4 oak planks.

The next essential thing is Flint.

This item cannot be crafted, and you need to find gravel and then break it using a shovel to get this item.

Once you mine and break them, you will obtain the flint as demonstrated below.

How to make a Fletching Table

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How to trade items using a Fletching Table

When you click on him, you will be able to trade items with him, as he is a fletcher by profession. If you place a block close to him, he will give you items. Before you can find a villager who is idle and not doing anything, you need to use this block. So, when you click on it, it behaves just like a regular block and shows you nothing.

Now click on him to discover the array of choices that you can exchange, as illustrated below.

You can trade 10 pieces of gravel and 1 emerald for 10 flints, while being able to see an image of the arrow with 16 emeralds above it.


In Minecraft, you can use the fletching table to trade valuable items like arrows and bows. You will need to find an idle villager in the biome where the village is located and turn him into a fletcher. By doing so, you can close off this place and prevent other villagers from entering. It has been previously discussed in this article that the villager house is where you can mostly find the biome villager naturally.

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