How to Make a Map in Minecraft

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In the vast expanse of the digital realm, Minecraft unveils a colossal landscape. Embrace the boundless potential of the “infinite” world type, where the virtual terrain extends endlessly in all directions. To navigate this expansive universe, rely on the invaluable aid of locator maps, particularly crucial for adventurous young players who often wander away from the Minecraft community. Allow us to guide you through the art of crafting a map in Minecraft, ensuring that every player can effortlessly find their way back to the comforting embrace of their virtual home.

In the event that you opt for a “flat” type realm, a map becomes unnecessary. Given its limited size of only 256 x 256 blocks, it is highly unlikely that you will venture far from home or accidentally tumble off the edge. Maps are most fitting for boundless terrains, allowing you to create them in five distinct sizes to accurately navigate both short and mind-bogglingly long distances.

Determine your map

In the vast world of Minecraft, you are presented with two intriguing map options. In this guide, we assume your interest lies in the captivating Locator Map, as it possesses the remarkable ability to trace the whereabouts of every player within the realm, transcending the limitations of self-centeredness.

The Essential Chart (or simply Chart) serves as an authentic representation of your kingdom, yet it does not possess the ability to track locations. This particular rendition is perhaps more fitting to be displayed as an ornamental piece on a wall.

In either scenario, the map you craft does not immediately unveil every towering peak, winding river, and vast expanse of sand. Rather, it mimics the mechanics of RPGs, concealing uncharted territories under a shroud of mystery that gradually dissipates as you bravely explore. Eventually, your expeditions will unveil the entirety of this enchanting realm.

The moment a map is unfolded, it initiates the revelation of your domain – ground zero. This pivotal point shall persist as the core of your map, be it your place of origin, resting spot, or creative workstation.

Tools and ingredients for your map

The Basic Map and the Locator Map demand a unique set of tools and ingredients, which we have detailed below, accompanied by helpful screenshots to assist newcomers to the world of Minecraft.

Begin by creating a crafting table, a vital tool for your crafting endeavors (shown on the left). Additionally, ensure you have a furnace, as it is equally indispensable (shown on the right). Without these indispensable items, your ability to craft anything will be severely hindered.

how to make a map in minecraft crafting table and furnace

Step 2: Gather four blocks of iron ore and a single heap of redstone dust.

Delve into the depths of the realm’s abyss to uncover the coveted redstone dust. Seek out the elusive redstone ore, hidden within the bottom 16 layers, and transform it into a valuable resource. Harness the power of a furnace and fuel to metamorphose the redstone ore into the coveted redstone dust. Meanwhile, near the surface, iron ore blocks patiently await discovery, just above the tranquil sea level.

how to make a map in minecraft iron ore and redstone

Step 3: Assemble a collection of nine sugar cane stalks, which will be transformed into the essential ingredient for crafting paper. As illustrated in the image below, these vibrant stalks flourish in close proximity to water sources.

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how to make a book in minecraft sugar canes

Step 4: Seek out a source of combustible substance to ignite within the furnace.

Embrace the flexibility of igniting your desires with a single block of charcoal, a block of coal, or even a quartet of wooden blocks – let the flames decide. Venture into the depths of the earth or the mysterious caves to stumble upon the abundant coal ore, waiting to be shattered by the mighty pickaxe. Unite the forces of wood and coal within the fiery confines of a furnace, birthing the exquisite creation known as charcoal. Yet, within the realm of this guide, harnessing the power of wood as a fuel source reigns supreme, offering the path of least resistance.

Once all the necessary components are assembled, you are ready to embark on the exciting journey of crafting your very own map.

how to make a map in minecraft stripped oak wood

Create your map

By following the subsequent guidelines, you will be able to generate a blank Locator Map that will eventually showcase your present whereabouts. In case you only require a map devoid of geolocation, you have the option to skip the process of crafting a compass and commence directly from Step 6.

Begin by unlocking the furnace’s door and carefully introducing the iron ore into the upper compartment, followed by the fuel in the lower compartment. For this particular demonstration, we have opted for charcoal as our chosen source of fuel.

In the second step, the furnace will ingeniously produce iron bars until either your supply of iron ore or fuel runs out, or until you decide to leave the furnace. To finalize the process, simply drag the newly formed iron bars into your inventory.

how to make a map in minecraft create iron bars

In the third step, unleash your creativity by unlocking the Crafting Table and infusing it with four sturdy iron bars and a single mound of vibrant redstone dust. Like magic, the Crafting Table will ingeniously fashion a magnificent compass for you.

how to make a map in minecraft create compass

In order to finalize the process, simply drag the compass downwards into your inventory.

As you proceed to Step 5, keep the Crafting Table open and elegantly slide three stacks of three sugar cane into the vacant bottom squares, just like the illustration below. Remarkably, each stack of sugar cane magically transforms into three exquisite sheets of paper, and you shall repeat this process thrice to gracefully stock your inventory with these coveted paper sheets.

how to make a map in minecraft create paper sheets

As you progress to Step 6, keep your Crafting Table open and gracefully choose the compass from your inventory. Effortlessly place it in the sacred center square while elegantly enclosing the remaining squares with a single sheet of paper each, just like the illustration below (a grand total of eight papers).

Should you decide against creating a Locator Map, you can replace the compass with an additional sheet of paper, ensuring that all nine squares are filled. These alternative maps prove to be quite useful for duplicating filled maps at a later time.

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how to make a map in minecraft create empty locator

In the final step, seamlessly transfer the freshly crafted Locator Map into your inventory or Hotbar by simply dragging it.

how to make a map in minecraft fill your

Fill your map

With a map in your possession, the time has come to embark on the thrilling quest of filling it! Just like the mysterious realms in RPGs, uncharted territory awaits, tantalizingly concealed until you bravely explore and unravel its secrets.

Begin your journey by venturing into your inventory and seamlessly transferring the newly fashioned, void-filled Locator Map onto the scorching Hotbar.

In the second step, choose the map and follow these instructions to bring it into your line of sight:

  • Console: Engage the power of the left trigger.
  • PC: Give your mouse a gentle tap with your right finger.
  • Mobile: Engage in a gentle but firm press upon the screen.
  • Embark on an adventurous journey through your sprawling Minecraft domain to unveil the uncharted territories of the map.

    While exploring the map, you’ll soon realize its limitations: once you venture beyond the map’s boundaries, your player indicator comes to a stop at the edge. At present, the map encompasses a 128 x 128 block area, determined by its initial opening location, which is only half the size of the “flat” world type.

    The previous illustration indicates that the base map solely encapsulated a handful of city blocks within our boundless Minecraft Realm. To encompass a wider area, we must adjust our perspective by zooming out, thus necessitating a return to the Crafting Table.

    Enlarge your map

    Expand the map by a factor of four and behold its various dimensions:

  • Level 1/4 Zoom: A stunning 256 x 256 visual experience awaits.
  • Zoom level 2 out of 4, showcasing an impressive resolution of 512 x 512 pixels.
  • Zoom in to level three-fourth for a highly detailed view of a 1024 x 1024 image.
  • Zoom Level 4/4 unleashes the breathtaking resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels in Zoom 4.
  • With that being said, it’s impossible to forge a solitary blueprint encompassing the boundless expanse of a Minecraft universe. Nevertheless, you have the capability to fabricate supplementary Level 4/4 maps should you desire to chart expansive realms beyond your primary Level 4/4 map. Albeit, these Level 4/4 maps are of colossal proportions. Opting for Level 1/4 maps might prove more convenient and superior for delineating the immediate surroundings.

    With flat world variations spanning across 256 x 256 blocks, one can effortlessly craft and extend a map that encompasses the vast entirety of the realm.

    Begin the process by accessing the Crafting Table, where you shall place your existing map at the heart of the square. Surrounding this central placement, diligently occupy the remaining eight squares with the delicate presence of paper. In case the necessity arises to create additional sheets of paper, kindly refer back to the preceding guidelines on the art of utilizing sugar cane to produce this exquisite material.

    Proceed to Step 2 by effortlessly transferring your freshly enlarged map (256 x 256, or Level 1/4) into the depths of your inventory.

    how to make a map in minecraft expand

    Proceed to Step 3: To indulge in a truly grandiose map, gracefully slide your recently magnified map into the Crafting Table once again, and meticulously occupy the vacant squares with delicate paper sheets. Behold, behold! Witness the birth of a majestic 512 x 512 map, boasting its elevated Level 2 out of 4.

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    Step 4: Gently maneuver the freshly expanded map and place it delicately within your designated folder.

    In order to achieve Level 3/4, you will need to repeat the process outlined in Step 5 for the 1024 x 1024 map. However, if you’re aiming for Level 4/4, you’ll have to go the extra mile and repeat the entire process twice for the 2048 x 2048 version.

    As your map expands its horizons, it embarks on a fresh journey, capturing the essence of its surroundings right from its initial unveiling. While this may bring delight to you, one cannot ignore the impact it has on fellow adventurers exploring your realm, particularly those of tender age.

    Clone it!

    how to make a map in minecraft level 4 of

    Copy your map

    Parents who are gamers are all too familiar with the anxiety that comes with having to dispatch a digital rescue squad. Their little ones often wander off to the extent that you find yourself navigating from one screen to another, desperately trying to locate their precise whereabouts. However, with the introduction of a cutting-edge Locator Map, you now have the ability to visualize the positions of all players within the virtual universe, extending beyond just your own character.

    Map cloning, a fascinating concept, aims to bestow upon every player an exact replica of your map, granting them the secure ability to retrace their steps back to the very spot where you initially unfurled the original map – widely known as ground zero. Duplicated maps emerge as an indispensable treasure for curious, adventurous souls, particularly those exploring vast, boundless realms.

    In order to replicate a map, one must possess a Cartography Table, which is conveniently displayed beneath, along with an uncharted map.

    Prior to commencing, ensure that your existing map is fully comprehensive prior to duplicating it. Should you possess the Level 4/4 edition, please be advised that this task may consume a substantial amount of time.

    Begin your expedition by accessing the mystical Cartography Table, where you shall grace it with your magnificent masterpiece of a map in the upper slot, while a blank canvas eagerly awaits in the lower slot.

    how to make a map in minecraft cartography table

    Step 2: Give a unique name to your duplicated map (if desired). Remember, this step will rename both maps simultaneously.

    how to make a map in minecraft copy

    Embrace the journey of Step 3 as you effortlessly transport the two captivating maps into the sanctuary of your inventory.

    Proceed to replicate the preceding trio of steps to produce more duplicates.

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