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In the realm of gaming, maps possess the remarkable power to unveil your precise location and provide an intricate panorama of the terrain. Thus, if you find yourself in search of a comprehensive guide on crafting, utilizing, or enhancing maps, rest assured that our Map guide has got you covered.

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What Is a Map and How Does It Work

In the world of Minecraft, a map is a nifty creation that unveils the whereabouts of players within a specific radius upon activation. Whenever one embarks on a survival mode adventure, a map accompanies them from the very beginning, ready to be activated at any given moment. It is worth noting that once the map is activated, it exclusively reveals the immediate surroundings. In the Java edition, the crafting possibilities are limited to an Empty Locator Map, whereas in Bedrock, both an Empty Map and an Empty Locator Map can be crafted.

How to Make a Map

In the vast world of Minecraft, embarking on the journey to create a Map requires the gathering of various resources. Behold, the essential items required for the creation of this navigational masterpiece, accompanied by a captivating visual presentation showcasing the precise arrangement of ingredients for both an Empty Map and an Empty Locator Map.

Empty Locator Map

  • Paper: 8.
  • Compass: 1.
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    Empty Map

  • Paper: 9.
  • How to Activate a Map

    In order to unleash the magic of a map, you must awaken it from its slumber, a task that holds tranquility. Grasping the map in your palm, console players can summon its powers by gently caressing the left trigger, thereby awakening its essence. Conversely, PC players can awaken the map’s potential with a mere right-click, imbuing it with life and purpose.

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    How to Level up a Map

    Upon the creation of a map, it initiates its existence at level 0, with the potential of ascending to a level as high as 4. As the map’s level increases, its expanse expands within the activated vicinity. In order to elevate the map’s level, the construction of a Cartography Table becomes imperative. The essentials required to prepare a Cartography Table, along with a visual representation of the recipe placement, are detailed below.


  • A Quartet of Timber Slabs
  • Paper: 2.
  • Once you have completed the previous steps, proceed to the Cartography Table. Position your map at the top left corner, while placing a piece of paper at the bottom left corner. Observe the “Zoom Out & Clear” message displayed at the center, and notice the map on the right side, accompanied by its corresponding level below it. Take hold of the map located on the right and witness its gradual leveling up. To achieve the map’s highest level, continue adding sheets of paper until you reach level 4, attaining its maximum potential.

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