How to Make an Observer in Minecraft

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In the vast world of Minecraft, gathering resources can be quite a laborious and extensive endeavor. To alleviate this, ingenious farms have been incorporated into the game. These farms require an initial investment of effort, but once established, they provide a continuous stream of precious resources effortlessly.

However, in order to accomplish this, a robust mechanism is necessary, and an excellent tool to aid in this endeavor is the observer. By utilizing this block, a multitude of tasks can be automated, ranging from managing chicken farms to cultivating sugarcane fields. Simply supplying a redstone signal to its input activates the observer, allowing it to diligently monitor and observe its surroundings, carrying out its automated duties. Crafting this block is a straightforward process, and the necessary materials will be elaborated upon in this informative piece.

Crafting an observer requires creatively arranging 6 cobblestones, 1 quartz, and 2 specks of redstone dust within the confines of a crafting table. Let’s now delve into the intriguing process of acquiring these essential items one by one.

Getting redstone dust

To successfully proceed, adhere to the identical process as previously mentioned. Locate an underground cavern adorned with crimson markings, as depicted below, and commence mining with a trusty pickaxe.

Crafting a wooden pickaxe to get cobblestones

Discover the cobblestones by seeking out a spot adorned with a cluster of stones, and then extract them with the aid of a humble wooden pickaxe. To fashion said pickaxe, arrange 3 wooden planks and 2 sticks within a crafting table, as illustrated beneath.

Crafting quartz

The observer recipe presents a challenging and time-consuming task, as it requires venturing into the nether to locate the essential quartz ores. To access the nether, you must construct a nether portal using obsidian stone, obtained by combining lava and water, resulting in a striking black block. Remember, the acquisition of a diamond pickaxe is crucial for obtaining the obsidian blocks; without it, this task becomes impossible.

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To summon a portal to the nether realm, you must gather a minimum of 10 obsidian blocks, arranging them in the manner depicted in the image provided. Feel free to adorn the corner points with your choice of blocks, as their appearance holds no significance.

To proceed, one must awaken this mystical gateway, an act easily achieved through the use of a Flint and Steel. Obtain flint by shattering gravel, and the subsequent item required is an iron ingot, attainable by subjecting iron ore to the fiery embrace of a furnace.

Prepare yourself by arming the flint and steel, then approach the obsidian block of the nether portal. With a simple right-click, behold as the vacant void transforms into a majestic purple veil. Take a leap of faith towards this enchanting curtain, and watch as it transports you to the mystical realm of the nether.

Once you reach the nether, the subsequent task is to locate the quartz ore, which is depicted in the image provided.

In order to obtain nether quartz, you must first extract them using a pickaxe and subsequently place them inside a furnace alongside a suitable fuel. This will enable you to produce nether quartz through the smelting procedure.


Once you have assembled all the necessary components, simply place them into a crafting table to create an observer, as demonstrated in the illustration provided.

You can obtain a superior image by placing it on the floor as illustrated underneath.


Creating automated farms is a crucial aspect of Minecraft that should not be overlooked. It not only saves valuable time but also eliminates the laborious task of manually gathering resources. To efficiently manage these farms, an observer block is necessary. By applying a redstone signal to the block’s input, it becomes activated and begins its vigilant watch. This, in turn, prompts other blocks to carry out specific tasks like harvesting sugar canes or collecting chicken eggs.

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