Lord of the Flies Map Project

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Lord of the Flies Map Project

One of the most enchanting moments in my classroom this year occurred when I tasked my students with a captivating project centered on Lord of the Flies. They were required to gather evidence from the novel in order to construct a captivating map depicting the mysterious island setting.

In just a single day, I challenged my students to embark on a captivating map project. To my delight, each and every student enthusiastically engaged, displaying their sharp thinking skills and actively seeking out text-based hints to aid them in this endeavor.

To ensure a truly remarkable day in the classroom, I went all out in preparing for this activity. A good week and a half prior to the map-making exercise, I instructed my students to gather quotes about the island’s setting and layout. They diligently noted down the quotes along with the corresponding page numbers, and even made sketches of the various settings as we delved into the text. As a warm-up exercise on one of the days leading up to the assignment, I assigned a few pages from the novel for close reading. My students were asked to identify two instances of vivid imagery that beautifully portrayed the setting. To wrap up the warm-up, a number of students eagerly shared their discoveries with the rest of the class.

Lord of the Flies Map Project

After delving into the initial three chapters of the novel, we wrapped up this assignment. My intention was to allocate this endeavor in a timely manner, benefiting students’ comprehension of the island’s arrangement. Additionally, I aimed to provide students with an ample amount of text to facilitate their work.

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Before handing out the map project, I ensured that my students were fully prepared and equipped with all the necessary information. Given the abundance of online island maps, I wanted to challenge them to rely solely on textual evidence for this assignment. To prevent any temptation of peeking at online examples, I decided to turn this project into an engaging in-class task to be completed within a single day.

Within our classroom, we fostered a collaborative environment where students were divided into intimate clusters of four to six individuals. Combining their creative prowess with an acute attention to detail, each group embarked on the task of crafting an exquisitely vivid and meticulously precise map. However, their journey didn’t end there; they were also tasked with constructing an accompanying chart adorned with impeccably referenced quotations. The final challenge lay in skillfully intertwining these quotes with the corresponding details meticulously plotted on the map.

The classroom was constantly buzzing with activity, offering a myriad of tasks for the students to immerse themselves in. They had the option to scrutinize the text for intricate details, jot down quotes on a chart, illustrate the map with relevant specifics, or even add a splash of color to the map. Each and every student was fully engrossed, actively involved, and engaged in meaningful interactions with the text.

After completing the assignment, I decided to utilize the maps and masks made by my students as a unique project to design an eye-catching bulletin board for the remainder of our unit of study. If you wish to download the captivating bulletin board letters for your classroom, feel free to do so HERE. Both the Lord of the Flies Map Project and Mask Project are incorporated in my comprehensive teaching unit for Lord of the Flies.

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Lord of the Flies Map Project

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