How to play Diablo 4 on Steam Deck

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Diablo 4 running on Steam Deck

With its highly anticipated release in 2023, Diablo 4 is poised to become one of the most sizzling games of the year, igniting fervor among fans. The open beta has already hinted at its potential to be a strong game of the year candidate. What’s even more thrilling is that it will be accessible for both PC and console players, following in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Input: The Steam Deck, along with everything else, encompasses Diablo 4. Although the game isn’t available on Steam, you can still enjoy it on your Deck without any obstacles. Valve has gone the extra mile to ensure that Proton is fully optimized, providing you with a seamless and dreamy gaming experience.

Distributing the game through Steam would definitely simplify matters for Blizzard, although it remains quite effortless to get it onto your Deck. Let me share with you the step-by-step process.

How to install with Lutris

Diablo 4 installation in on Steam Deck

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Whether you seek the allure of convenience or revel in the joy of playing PC games in handheld mode, achieving the feat of running Diablo 4 on Steam Deck can prove remarkably advantageous. The vital element in indulging in Diablo 4 on Steam Deck lies in the capability to launch the Blizzard Battle.Net client. And among the myriad of approaches, one exceptional tool that stands out is the remarkable Lutris. With the sheer simplicity offered by Lutris, installing the Battle.Net client becomes an effortless endeavor.

Input: To facilitate the installation of Lutris, it’s highly recommended to keep a keyboard and mouse within reach. Although not mandatory, having these peripherals readily available will greatly enhance your experience, especially when navigating through the desktop mode.

1. Embark upon the enchanting realm of Desktop Mode on your magnificent Steam Deck.

Step 2: Unleash your curiosity by tapping the enchanting Discover icon residing on the taskbar (or seek its presence in the All Apps section if you happened to bid it farewell).

Embark on a quest to discover the enigmatic realm of Lutris.

Press the “install” button.

Installing Lutris on Steam Deck

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It’s time for Lutris to make its way onto your Steam Deck, although hanging out in desktop mode a little while longer might be a wise choice.

Moving forward, we embark upon the exhilarating journey of utilizing Lutris to seamlessly install and configure the Battle.Net client on your Steam Deck. Luckily, this endeavor proves to be a breeze.

  • Open Lutris.
  • Explore boundless gaming possibilities by simply tapping the captivating plus (+) symbol located at the upper-left corner of the Lutris interface to effortlessly incorporate a new game into your collection.
  • Embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of Battle.Net.
  • Install!
  • Steam Deck installing with Lutris

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    When setting up your Steam Deck, there might be a need to install extra dependencies. However, rest assured that any necessary software will be clearly listed in the installation box. Following the instructions and letting Lutris handle the installation process is all it takes – it’s a breeze!

    Beyond this point, a mere login and the installation of Diablo 4 shall suffice, just as it would on any conventional Windows PC. In order to reach Lutris through the handheld user interface, the inclusion of Lutris as a non-Steam game becomes indispensable.

    Steam Deck adding Lutris as a non-Steam game

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  • Initiate the launch of the Steam desktop application whilst remaining in the immersive realm of the desktop.
  • Explore the pinnacle menu and venture into the realm of Games, where you shall discover the enchanting option to Incorporate an Exquisite Game into My Library, even if it’s non-Steam…
  • Your software list will be accompanied by the emergence of a fresh window labeled as Add a Game.
  • Select Lutris.
  • Screenshot of Diablo IV during the Server Slam.

    (Image credit: Windows Central)

    Input: Now, with the regular Steam Deck UI and Diablo 4, you have the exciting opportunity to launch Battle.Net through Lutris. Embark on an exhilarating journey as you seamlessly launch Battle.Net through Lutris using the regular Steam Deck UI, and brace yourself for the epic adventure that awaits in Diablo 4.

    During the beta phase, Valve introduced exciting customizations to Proton Experimental, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free game launch and play experience.

    With Lutris, you have the power to alter your gaming experience by switching up the tools you employ, such as the tailor-made WineGE versions designed exclusively for non-Steam applications, just like ProtonGE. In case any adjustments are required, you can easily find them listed on the Lutris website’s Diablo 4 page.

    Advanced users have the option to directly install the Battle.Net client, although it entails a more intricate procedure. However, for the majority, venturing through Lutris offers the easiest gateway to immerse oneself in the gaming experience.

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