How to Play PC Games on Linux With Lutris

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  • With a wide range of gaming options, Lutris is your ultimate companion for indulging in both nostalgic gems and cutting-edge Windows games on Linux..


    Gaming on Linux. has long been the holy grail of turning open-source operating systems into mainstream competitors to Windows.

    Linux. can do everything that Windows can, except host the latest games. In an effort to solve this problem and make gaming on Linux. a viable proposition, comes a gaming client, Lutris. But what does Lutris do for running games on Linux., and should you try it out?

    What Is Lutris?

    A video game client for Linux. desktops, Lutris aims to deliver access to all video games you own on PC. Aside from the current console video game generation, you should be able to use it to play anything.

    It’s a single interface that integrates with gaming stores and platforms. You can enjoy over 13000 games from retro systems, GOG, Steam, and more, all from the comfort of a Linux. PC.

    How Does Lutris Work?

    Lutris is basically a launcher for Linux. games that integrates with what it terms “runners.”

    Game runners in Lutris

    With this feature, you have the ability to initiate the games using a unified interface, triggering the suitable runners to offer assistance in executing the title. The assortment of runners encompasses:

  • RetroArch.
  • DOSBox.
  • FS-UAE.
  • ScummVM.
  • MESS.
  • Dolphin.
  • TkG Wine (a refined edition of Wine).
  • Steam Wine – Unleashing the magic of Windows games from your Steam library.
  • These and other runners (many of which are for retro gaming) enable a vast library of games to run on Linux. via Lutris.

    What You Need for Playing Games on Linux. With Lutris

    When venturing into the realm of gaming, your computer hardware becomes a key player. A cutting-edge, state-of-the-art system will effortlessly embrace the latest games, while antiquated machines impose restrictions on the gaming possibilities.

    Simply put, to indulge in the latest gaming experiences with Lutris, embrace cutting-edge hardware. Entrust your nostalgic gaming ventures to the warm embrace of vintage PCs and laptops.

    Discover the enchanting journey of setting up Lutris on Ubuntu-based systems by embracing the following steps:

     sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lutris-team/lutris
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install lutris

    Instructions for almost any Linux. operating system you can name can be found on the Lutris website, where it is also available to install from source. Note, however, that there is no Snap or Flatpak installation option.

    How to Use Lutris to Play Your Favorite Games on Linux.

    Navigating Lutris is a breeze.

    Simply connect your accounts (Steam, GOG, etc.) And utilize Lutris as your ultimate launcher. Yet, amidst this procedure, certain complexities may arise, and that’s precisely when Lutris’ remarkable advanced settings come into the picture.

    Usually, though, as long as the appropriate runners have been installed and linked to the desired game, Lutris should effectively initiate the game you wish to engage in. Minor adjustments may be necessary, but overall, the procedure functions smoothly.

    Installing Steam Games on Linux. With Lutris

    Before diving into the enchanting realm of Steam games through Lutris, it is imperative to have both Wine and the Steam runner securely installed. Once accomplished, unraveling the mystical Steam ID of your desired game becomes the next quest. Fear not, for there are three paths that lead to its discovery:

  • Explore the game’s enticing store page and unveil the URL – the ultimate digit in the web address signifies the application ID, following the pattern of https://store.Steampowered.Com/app/APPID.
  • Explore the game on Steam Database, an innovative third-party platform that offers a plethora of insights and details about Steam products.
  • To locate the App ID on Steam, simply right-click on the desired game and navigate to Properties > Updates. Peruse the bottom of the screen to unveil the unique App ID.
  • Input: After making note of the App ID, navigate to the Lutris window and click on the “+” sign to add a fresh game. Provide the Name of the game in the Game Info section and choose Wine as the runner. Next, in the Game options tab, input the Steam Application ID and save the changes.


    Input: After going through the process of choosing a game in Lutris, simply tap on the Start button. In a matter of moments, a prompt will appear, giving you the option to either wait patiently or exit the game. Shortly after, the game will commence its operation.

    For those titles that don’t run in Linux. natively, you can rely on the Wine Steam runner (see below), or stream from a Windows PC running Steam. Any game you have installed in Wine outside of Lutris can be added into the library and launched.

    Installing Games from GOG on Linux. With Lutris


    If you prefer titles you’ve bought from GOG, these can be installed by first linking your GOG account with Lutris. Here’s how we installed The Settlers: Rise of an Empire – Gold Edition on Linux. using Lutris.

  • Explore the vast collection of games by opting for GOG in the Sources section.
  • Choose your desired game and simply tap on the Install button.
  • Verify the successful installation of GOG.
  • Validate the designated file pathway.
  • When the prompt appears, simply click on Continue (for instance, to proceed with the installation of the game manual).
  • Press the “Continue” button as soon as you are asked to initiate the game download.
  • Once you have obtained the game, embark on an enchanting journey by following the whimsical installer wizard.
  • Once the installation reaches completion, simply hit the Launch button.
  • muo-linux-gaming-lutris-settlers

    Please keep in mind that games installed using this method may require some time, so it’s important to be patient throughout the process.

    Install a Game Directly from the Lutris Library

    Additionally, you have the option to install vintage games via Lutris from the extensive online collection. Some of these games might necessitate runners, yet worry not as they will be effortlessly installed alongside the game’s download and setup.

    Lutris main window
  • Choose Lutris from the extensive array of options available in the Sources menu.
  • Explore the vast possibilities of the gaming universe by employing the Search field located at the pinnacle of your screen to discover the cherished game of your desires.
  • Choose your desired game and simply tap on the Install button.
  • To proceed with the installation, simply click on the “Install” button once more to confirm the desired installation location.
  • Upon receiving the prompt, proceed to click on the Install button for the third occasion.
  • After the successful installation, simply click on the Launch button to dive into the exciting world of gaming.
  • Retro gaming enthusiasts are bound to find Lutris an excellent choice, thanks to its straightforwardness.

    Install a Windows Game on Linux. With Lutris


    Finally, you can run Windows games on Linux. and launch them with Lutris. There are a couple of ways to do this but the most straightforward is to rely on the Wine Steam runner, a custom version of Steam running under Wine.

    Simply navigate to the gaming platform and effortlessly install the game.

    During our exploration of the strategy game Dorfromantik, we discovered an intriguing phenomenon – the game refuses to initiate via Lutris, yet it launches flawlessly when accessed through the Steam platform.

    Other Ways to Play PC Games on Linux.

    Lutris isn’t the only way you can play PC games on a Linux. computer. If the computer meets the hardware requirements, you can also use:

  • Steam/SteamOS: Valve’s digital delivery service runs on Linux., both as an app and an Ubuntu-based operating system (SteamOS).
  • Retro gaming platforms: almost all retro gaming systems are available for Linux., opening a world of emulated classic games.
  • SparkyLinux.: this Debian based OS has Steam, Wine, and PlayOnLinux. built in to make launching games simple
  • Introducing Ubuntu GamePack, an extraordinary gaming experience boasting a staggering collection of 85,000 games, all meticulously crafted on the foundation of Ubuntu 20.04.
  • While Steam/SteamOS is a strong option, it relies on developers issuing Linux. versions of the games in question. Ultimately, you need a solution that makes it easy to find and install the games you own, then launch them – Lutris has the edge here.

    Support Lutris for Linux. Gaming

    Lutris is a great way to play current PC games on Linux.. As with many such systems it is not perfect – there is always going to be a processing overhead, especially for new games – but Lutris successfully unifies a whole host of Windows gaming platforms and makes them playable on Linux.. Throw in retro gaming and you’ve got a vast collection of titles to choose from.

    Lutris, an exceptional endeavor, awaits your generous support on Patreon, through PayPal, or by means of LiberaPay, as it operates solely for the betterment of all.

    Or, you could rely wholly on Steam or SteamOS for your Linux. gaming.

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