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As per tradition, the forthcoming Diablo 3 Season 28 will introduce fresh rewards in the form of class sets. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the various class sets, highlighting their modifications and enhancements. Each of the sets discussed below is included as part of the seasonal rewards in Diablo 3. It is important to note that each account can only obtain a single set, so it is crucial to make a wise selection.

Barbarian – Horde of the Ninety Savages Set
  • The Savage’s Cranial Remains (Cephalic Structure).
  • Savage Imprints (Upper Body).
  • Savages’ Grasping Talons.
  • Savages’ Feet – The Wild Heel.
  • Fierce Warriors’ Backbone (Shoulders).
  • Untamed Trousers (Legs)
  • Set Bonus:.

  • Unleash the true power of Shouts, amplifying their impact. Your strikes will inflict double the damage upon enemies who are filled with fear, trapped in a state of stun, or encased in icy prisons. (2 pieces).
  • With every Frenzy stack, the amount of damage inflicted is diminished by a solid 6%. Moreover, the duration of Frenzy is uniquely extended, lasting double the usual duration. These remarkable effects are attained by equipping all four pieces of this extraordinary gear.
  • With each stack, Frenzy unleashes a mind-boggling 2,000% surge in damage, making it an absolute force to be reckoned with. Embrace the power of Frenzy’s six pieces and witness the devastation it brings.
  • Crusader – Aegis of Valor Set

    Crusader – Aegis of Valor Set
  • Valor’s Regal Crown (Headpiece).
  • Valiant Armor of the Rogue (Chest).
  • Hands adorned with the mighty Gauntlets of Valor.
  • Valor’s Greaves (Footwear).
  • The Valiant Spaulders (Shoulder Armor).
  • Valorous Chausses (Leggings).
  • Set Bonus:.

  • Input: The Fist of the Heavens attack grants you enhanced strength, enabling Heaven’s Fury to inflict a remarkable 125% amplified damage for a duration of 5 seconds. This effect can accumulate up to 3 times. (2 pieces).
  • Unleashing the Fist of the Heavens grants a restoration of 5 Wrath and a remarkable 1% decrease in incoming damage for a duration of 10 seconds. These effects accumulate up to a staggering 50 times, making it a formidable asset when equipped with all 4 pieces.
  • Empower your divine abilities, amplifying the destructive force of Fist of the Heavens and Heaven’s Fury by an astounding 20,000% when equipped with all six pieces.
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    Demon Hunter – Gears of Dreadlands Set

    Demon Hunter – Gears of Dreadlands Set
  • Headgear of the Dystopian Era.
  • Zinc-plated Body Armor (Upper Body).
  • Forearm (Hands) Enhanced with the Power of Combustion.
  • Feet adorned with the charm of Antique Vintage Boots.
  • Shoulder Armor forged in the heart of a mechanical marvel.
  • Frosty Cathode Pants (Legs).
  • Set Bonus:.

  • Attacking with a Primary skill grants a glorious surge of 4 seconds of Momentum, which can be sustained for up to a magnificent span of 20 seconds. Each second of Momentum infuses your Primary skills with an additional 10% increase in devastating power. (2 pieces).
  • When engaging foes, strafing unleashes an automatic barrage of your most recently employed primary ability. Additionally, strafing bestows a formidable 60% reduction in damage sustained, both during the strafing maneuver and for a subsequent 5-second duration. As you expertly navigate the battlefield, each passing second of momentum augments your movement speed by an impressive 8%. (4 components)
  • Unleash the true might of your core abilities, amplifying their destructive force by a staggering 15,000% (across 6 fragments).
  • Monk – Patterns of Justice Set

    Monk – Patterns of Justice Set
  • Justice’s Command (Leader).
  • Justice Lamellars (Torso)
  • Hands of Righteous Vambraces (Bazubands).
  • Justice Threads (Footwear).
  • Reflections of Fairness (Shoulders).
  • The Majestic Range of Righteousness (Limbs).
  • Set Bonus:.

  • The mighty gale of Sweeping Wind harnesses the essence of every rune, while unleashing its power grants a surge in Movement Speed by 5% with each attack. (2 pieces)
  • Unleashing the power of Tempest Rush not only shields you from 50% of incoming damage, but also amplifies your Spirit Regeneration by 50%, when adorned with all four pieces.
  • Unleash the power of Tempest Rush, merging it with the active Sweeping Wind to magnify its size and amplify all damage dealt by a staggering 20,000%. (6 pieces).
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    Necromancer – Masquerade of the Burning Carnival Set

    Necromancer – Masquerade of the Burning Carnival Set
  • Opulent Bauta (Cranium).
  • Refined Garment (Upper Body).
  • Extravagant Gauntlets (Palms).
  • Lavish Footwear (Feet).
  • Dazzling Gigot (Shoulders).
  • Sophisticated Trousers (Lower Limbs).
  • Set Bonus:.

  • When you meet your demise, the Simulacrums morph into invincible beings, embracing all the mystical runes they possess, while simultaneously resetting their cooldown. This wondrous transformation occurs with just two pieces.
  • In the presence of your Simulacrum, the impact of damage is significantly diminished by half, ensuring a safeguard against harm. Furthermore, any inflicted damage is now evenly shared among yourself and your four Simulacrums, fostering a collective resilience.
  • Input: When you unleash the mighty Bone Spear alongside your Simulacrums, it wreaks havoc with a staggering 9,000% surge in damage. But brace yourself, because your Simulacrums are about to receive a triple dose of this epic bonus. (Comprising 6 pieces, this is the power that awaits you.)
  • Witch Doctor – Mundunugu’s Regalia Set

  • The Majestic Headpiece of Mundunugu.
  • The Torso Attire of Mundunugu.
  • The Enchanting Beat of Mundunugu (Hands).
  • The Enchanting Footwork of Mundunugu.
  • The Heir of Mundunugu (Shoulder Blades).
  • The Ornamentation of Mundunugu (Lower Limbs).
  • Set Bonus:.

  • The enchantment of Big Bad Voodoo now shadows your every move, its effects lingering for twice the duration. (A pair of potent spells).
  • Embrace the ethereal realm and be bestowed with a formidable 60% damage mitigation for a glorious span of 30 seconds. (Comprising of 4 pieces)
  • Imbued with ethereal energy, Spirit Barrage unleashes devastation, surging forth with a staggering amplification of 20,000% intensified impact, further augmented by a mystical force equivalent to fivefold your Mana Regeneration/Second. (Ensemble of six fragments).
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    Wizard – The Typhon’s Veil Set

    Wizard – The Typhon's Veil Set
  • The Majestic Visage of Typhon.
  • Typhon’s Mighty Midsection – The Thorax.
  • The Grips of Typhon (Palms).
  • The Footprints of Typhon
  • Typhon’s Tibia (Shoulder Blades).
  • The Legs of Typhon’s Abdomen.
  • Set Bonus:.

  • Hydras shall witness their duration magnified twofold, while the count of heads bestowed upon multi-headed Hydras shall undergo a bountiful augmentation of two. (Two instances).
  • The presence of each Hydra head diminishes the damage received by 8%. Whenever damage is incurred, one of the heads perishes, but no head can perish again until 2 seconds have elapsed. (A total of 4 pieces).
  • The power of Hydras amplifies by a staggering 4000% with each living head, resulting in a devastating force. (6 pieces).
  • Behold the magnificent assortments that await you as rewards on your wondrous journey through Diablo 3’s 28th Season.

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