How To Rotate A Potion in Potion Craft

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In Potion Craft, as you become acquainted with the ingredients and equipment, your wit and knowledge will be put to the test to guarantee the excellence of every potion you create. While crafting some potions may be easier than others, a thorough understanding of alchemy is necessary to ensure the safety and trust of the townsfolk. As your level progresses, the manipulation of potion form through ingredients becomes indispensable, including the ability to rotate your potion before attempting to craft it. This knowledge becomes crucial in the later stages, but can be bewildering if you don’t know where to begin. Read on to discover how you can master the art of potion rotation.

Can You Rotate Your Potions in Potion Craft?

Prior to commencing, it’s crucial to understand that not every elixir you brew will require rotation, and it’s wise to preserve your ingredients for times of utmost necessity. Moreover, this functionality can only be accessed as you advance in the narrative, hence immediate access is not feasible. To initiate rotation for your concoction, procuring Moon Salt and Sun Salt is imperative, as these elements will cause the potion bottle on the map to assume diverse orientations. However, they function akin to other potion ingredients and must be incorporated into the broth during the brewing process.

As Moon Salt gracefully swirls the potion bottle in a mesmerizing counter-clockwise motion, its counterpart, Sun Salt, dances in the opposite direction, serving as a vital compass to guide your brewing journey. It is essential to grasp the significance of Sun Salt and Moon Salt demanding precisely 1,000 grains to complete a full rotation, especially when resources are scarce. Failing to acknowledge this might leave you in a predicament, unable to spin your potion and forcing you to postpone the process until a later time.

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