How to Use the Fill Command in Minecraft Bedrock

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Makes building houses much easier!

Minecraft Fill Command

If you’re playing Minecraft in survival, creative, or hardcore mode, learning how to use the Fill command in Bedrock Edition is essential for speeding up the process of building structures or farms. It allows you to create endless possibilities, whether you wish to know how to use commands by hand or utilize them in specific situations.

How to Use the Fill Command in Minecraft Bedrock

Before starting your world, make sure to enable cheats in your settings. This menu acts as a command block, allowing you to use other cheats and commands while disabling achievements if you choose to do so. Scroll down until you find “Cheats Activate” to enable cheats.

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When you first type the /fill command, you will discover a long string of text with various sections that indicate how you should structure your message and provide information about what you must command for. Below is a quick summary of this text.

  • /Fill (x y z coordinates #1) (x y z coordinates #2) (block) [type] (replace/hollow/destroy/
  • To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the significance of these components, please refer to the following explanations for each category:

  • If you enable the “Show Coordinates” option in the settings of your world, the coordinates will be displayed. However, if you want to use the “/fill” command to fill a region with blocks, you will need to specify two sets of coordinates. For example, if you start the line at coordinates 20, 10, 5 and end it at coordinates 10, 10, 1, the region between these two points will be filled with blocks. The coordinates indicate where the first part of the filled line begins and where the second part ends.
  • The first block in the line represents the block that you are using to fill the designated area. For instance, if you write “1 10 10 5 10 20 stone,” the specified region will be filled with stone. If you wish to fill the space without altering the block type, you can conclude the command at this point. The initial block in the line is referred to as Block #1.
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    From this point forward, the additional tags are optional and only necessary if you require a more advanced command.

  • Type: It is necessary if you require a particular variant of a block. For instance, utilizing “stone 1” instead of just “stone” will populate the designated area with granite. Likewise, you have the ability to incorporate tags like “[waterlogged=true]” or “[facing=north]” in case you are utilizing stairs.
  • If you do not include this in your command, the command will execute this by default. The entire space will be filled by your designated block. Substituted.
  • The specified block fills the hollow area, creating a region, while the inner space is replaced by air on the outside.
  • Be cautious when utilizing this command in expansive areas, as the items that are dropped may cause lag in your game. By executing this command, any blocks that are destroyed will fall to the ground, enabling you to retrieve them. This command fills the entire space with your chosen block, but in doing so, it destroys the existing blocks.
  • If it is not already there, the outline does not substitute the inner blocks with air. However, it does not modify the inner blocks, in contrast to the hollow command. Instead, it substitutes the exterior blocks of a specified area with the block you specify.
  • Keep: Substitutes any air blocks within the specified area with the designated block. Any blocks that are not air will remain unchanged.
  • This part defines a second block to utilize in the command, which is similar to the first block mentioned. It is beneficial if you wish to substitute a specific block with another. For instance, if you input “/fill 1 10 10 5 10 20 stone 0 dirt,” it will replace every stone block within the designated area with dirt. This feature is particularly useful if you mistakenly inputted the wrong block and wish to rectify the error.
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    In Minecraft Bedrock, using the “fill” command allows you to make significant changes to your world without manually breaking or placing blocks, by specifying what blocks you want to use and how you’re filling the space, creating a foundation for a house or digging out a massive platform. Just be careful when using this command, as you can’t undo the actions it executes.

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