Is Diablo 4 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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Brace yourselves, for June 2023 heralds the arrival of Diablo 4.

Curious about the arrival of Diablo 4 on Xbox Game Pass? Uncover all the essential details regarding the game’s potential availability on Microsoft’s subscription platform.

With the highly anticipated arrival of Diablo 4 drawing near, the forthcoming chapter in this beloved series aspires to offer a plethora of perilous dungeons, intricate class personalization, and a treasure trove of rewards awaiting adventurous players.

As Diablo 4 makes its grand entrance onto the gaming stage, fans eagerly anticipate its arrival on the vast playgrounds of PC and Xbox Series X/S. The burning question on everyone’s mind is whether this epic adventure will grace the illustrious Xbox Games Pass library from the very beginning or unveil its wonders at a later juncture.

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Discover all the essential details regarding the potential availability of Diablo 4 on the subscription service.

Is Diablo 4 coming to Xbox Game Pass?

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The imminent arrival of the Diablo 4 release date is sending ripples of anticipation through the gaming community.

CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, has officially announced that Game Pass will soon welcome a thrilling array of cherished titles from Activision Blizzard. With a passionate commitment, he declared, “Our grand vision is to bring forth the beloved gaming universe of Activision Blizzard, with gems like Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty, directly into the heart of Game Pass, fostering the growth of vibrant gaming communities.”

On the other hand, Rod Ferguson, the mastermind behind the Diablo franchise at Blizzard Entertainment, has emphatically stated that Diablo 4 shall not make its grand entrance on Xbox Game Pass. As per the Diablo visionary, Blizzard, at present, harbors absolutely zero intentions of unleashing the game on the Game Pass platform.

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Ferguson, in a recent tweet, addressed the fans and stated, “We’ve been receiving inquiries regarding D4 on Game Pass, and I would like to inform you that we have no intentions for such a release.”

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Witnessing the fervor surrounding the Diablo IV Beta and our adorable Wolf Pack pup is truly a delight! Numerous inquiries have been pouring in regarding D4 on Game Pass, and I must clarify that we currently have no intentions of pursuing such a venture. Mark your calendars for the Beta Early Access weekend commencing on March 17th, and let us rendezvous in the ethereal realm of Sanctuary!

— Rod Fergusson (@RodFergusson) March 13, 2023

Whether or not Diablo 4 will eventually grace Games Pass is a mystery yet to unfold. Rest assured, we shall promptly revamp this segment with any forthcoming revelations.

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