Lost in Random: Two Sides to Every Story sidequest — Where to find bloobs

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Keep in mind: In the game, Dicey is playfully referred to as Even’s “dice.” We’re fully aware that the correct term is “die.”

Lost in Random offers a myriad of intriguing sidequests awaiting eager players. Onecroft may not showcase any of these quests, but fear not, for they come to life in the vibrant realm of Two-town, where numerous opportunities abound. These captivating sidequests serve as a gateway to valuable rewards, namely enchanting cards and a unique currency solely dedicated to acquiring more cards. Among the initial quests that beckon your attention is the quest to seek out and transport three enigmatic creatures known as Bloobs. If you find yourself pondering the whereabouts of these elusive Bloobs within the enchanting world of Lost in Random, fear not, for this invaluable guide will unveil their secret locations.

As you step into the central plaza of Two-town, a plethora of fresh sidequests await your attention in this vibrant locale. Among them, a peculiar encounter awaits as you engage in conversation with a man who possesses an extraordinary visage, displaying a face on both his front and back. Impossible to overlook, this enigmatic figure beckons your aid. He implores you to seek out and retrieve three elusive creatures known as Bloobs, offering their safe return to either side of his unique form. The choice lies with you, but be mindful that neglecting one side will result in its ultimate demise. In the captivating world of Lost in Random, locating the Bloobs is an endeavor that requires only a short journey, for they dwell in close proximity.

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At the bottom of this page, you will find pictures of all three locations. The initial Bloob can be found on the rooftop of the square’s opposing side. It is impossible to overlook, as there is an elderly gentleman positioned directly across from the individual with a two-sided head, adorned with a green question mark. Engage in conversation with the old man and he will seek aid in retrieving an item from his rooftop. Ascend the stairs to access the rooftop and you shall discover the first Bloob. It is important to converse with the man once more, as he intends to bestow a reward for your valuable assistance.

Lost In Random Bloob 4

In the vicinity preceding the square, a peculiar Bloob emerges. Your attention will be drawn to a ladder, conveniently positioned next to the multi-hatted gentleman stationed at the entrance of the walkway. Ascend this ladder and you shall discover the Bloob perched upon a crate. Although you may have scaled these heights previously, your efforts would have been in vain, for this particular endeavor necessitates the activation of the quest in order to obtain the coveted Bloob.

The elusive final Bloob has returned to Seller Street, beckoning you to retrace your steps along this bustling marketplace where vendors showcase their wares. Should you struggle to locate it, keep an eye out for the vibrant green exclamation mark, which possesses the uncanny ability to transcend solid obstacles. Concealed within a humble stall, the Bloob cunningly conceals itself, making it a clandestine discovery.

Now that you possess the trio of Bloobs, simply make your way back to the enigmatic man in the bustling Two-town square. Engage in conversation with him, and the opportunity will arise to present the Bloobs to either of his dual personas. It remains unclear whether the card you receive varies depending on the choice you make, yet offering it to the rational side will grant you Natalya’s Bell. This extraordinary card bestows upon you a mobile healing zone that nurtures your well-being while you remain within its boundaries. This captivating sidequest concludes here, however, we also possess the knowledge required to successfully accomplish the A Reward to Die For quest. Alternatively, refer to your trusty map, which conveniently pinpoints the precise locations of all the enticing sidequests.

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