Minecraft Legends: How to Get Off the Horse and Swap Mounts

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The exploration journeys of a player in Minecraft are greatly enhanced by a horse companion, which is widely recognized by experienced Minecraft players as one of the most significant enhancements. Minecraft Legends provides players with a companion and starts off with a daring introduction.

In this guide, players can learn how to swap mounts and get off the horse while exploring the world of Minecraft Legends, along with four other players.

Throughout the entire journey, you and your animal companion are accomplices. Regrettably, you are unable to dismount from the horse, which is a prompt response for those who are inquisitive. Well.

If you want to swap your mount, you will just need to press button Q on your keyboard to switch to Xbox controllers on button X and the PS4/PS5 on Square, on the other hand.

If you’re looking for ways to handle the ever-growing number of bothersome golem mobs in Minecraft Legends, be sure to consult our guide on eliminating golems.


Unfortunately, for players who wanted to challenge themselves, maybe they can’t get off the horse and run as a self-imposed challenge in the original Minecraft game, and they wanted to play a game that is closer to it.

The developers made a bold decision to create Mounts as the central mechanic for the game, which the players really wanted to get and hang on to.

Although the world is not generated randomly, it can still be daunting to search for what you desire.

The mounts have been introduced to assist players in discovering concealed Easter eggs and thoroughly exploring every corner, while ensuring enjoyment, as desired by the developers.

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Minecraft Legends: How to Swap Mounts


Minecraft Legends has introduced multiple fresh creatures that were previously unseen.

Some of them have special abilities that can be utilized to their fullest potential during battles. With different mounts implemented in the game, they offer something for players in various situations.

If by any chance you come across something happening to them, make sure to bring them back to the closest village. Even after they have been tamed, it is advisable to stay with the player and easily switch to them whenever necessary.

Regardless of whether it is the initial or final new mount, the process will always remain unchanged for each of them.

As soon as you approach the mounts, you will receive a notification to exchange them. The button notification will vary depending on the gaming platform you are using.

  • For PC gamers: Simply press the Q key on your keyboard.
  • For PS4/PS5 gamers: Simply press the Square button on your controller.
  • For Xbox gamers: Press the X button on your controller.
  • There is no cooldown or limitation to being able to switch back and forth between mounts.

    Final Thoughts

    Since mounts are such an important mechanic in the game, you will now be able to fend off the invasion of Piglins and explore the world of Minecraft, learning how to swap mounts and obtain horses.

    In Minecraft Legends, if you want to delve deeper into the mounts, make sure to refer to our comprehensive guide on acquiring all horse mounts.

    Please let us know in the comments below how your strategies impact it.

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