Minecraft Librarian Villagers: Overview and How to Make One

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This article was last updated on June 1, 2023.

Minecraft librarians are a particular category of villager who, astonishingly, handle books and other book-associated objects.

Libraries are one of the top locations to discover rare enchanted books, so having them nearby can be quite convenient.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about villagers, librarians, and Minecraft – important information on how to make, do, and understand what they are all about.

What Do Minecraft Librarian Villagers Do?

The main purpose of trading enchanted books is to villagers, specifically the librarian. You can purchase some powerful enchantments in exchange for a few emeralds. The stronger the enchantment, the higher the level of the librarian as well.

They also purchase and trade other specific items that differ based on their proficiency.

Just click with the right mouse button on the villager to

Items a Minecraft Librarian Buys

Librarians will purchase the subsequent objects from players, usually in exchange for one or two emeralds based on their proficiency level.

  • Paper.
  • Book.
  • Ink sacs.
  • Written book.
  • Gold Ingot.
  • Items Librarian Sells to Players

    Librarians trade the subsequent goods to players, in return for some of their possessions.

  • Enchanted books (anywhere from 1 to 64 emeralds depending on the level).
  • Book.shelves
  • Glass.
  • Clocks.
  • Compass.
  • Lanterns.
  • The items offered, and their prices depend on the level of your Minecraft librarian – find out more about villager levels below.

    Trading with a Librarian

    The likelihood of finding common enchantments like Touch Silk or Unbreaking in treasure chests is usually rare, while the chance of finding rare enchantments like Mending is even rarer. Librarians have an equal chance of selling any type of enchantment book.

    You will also require a book for the librarian to charm, along with the emeralds.

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    Say hello to your new Librarian

    How to Make a Villager into a Librarian

    Having one around is beneficial – therefore, it is beneficial to have one around. Librarians are among the most valuable professions for villagers. Although a zombie villager is inadequate, all you require is a lectern and a non-specialized villager. Transforming a villager into a librarian is quite straightforward.

    Follow these instructions to create librarian villagers:

  • Build a lectern. (Check out our guide on constructing lecterns here!).
  • Position the lectern near an ordinary villager lacking a trade – it will then transform into a job site block.
  • Wait for a few moments, and you will witness green particles soar out of the villager.
  • Finally, the regular villager has now been trained in the librarian profession and will be linked to this specific job block, placed just beside you at the lectern.
  • The villager will acquire the job once they have secured both the bed and the lectern. The librarian will also require a bed in the same house (or in close proximity within the village) in order to obtain the job.

    Lectern Crafting Recipe

    How to Create Librarian Villagers in Creative Mode (or With Commands)

    If you’re in multiplayer or single-player mode, you can summon the librarian villagers to access commands and cheats on your server. Additionally, you can use them in creative mode.

    The equation for summoning villagers is as follows.

    “/Summon Villager X Y Z {Profession:*1

    X Y Z represents the coordinates at which the villager appears.

    One’s profession determines their style of appearance.

    *2 (Occupation) determines

    The job identifier for librarians is 1, so to summon librarian villagers, enter the subsequent librarian command in the chat bar.

    “/Summon Villager X Y Z {Profession:1

    You can view your present coordinates by pressing F3 and observing the top left of the debug data screen.

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    You can also summon a librarian by executing a command that lets you write into a command block, simply by hitting a block with a redstone signal using the chat line.

    Librarian Villager Profession levels

    Librarians have five levels of expertise – novice, trainee, skilled worker, specialist, and maestro

    If you want to get better enchanted books and unlock better trades at each level, you should seek assistance from the librarian, who acts as your helpful buddy in the game.

    This demonstrates the amount of experience points required for each level.

  • Beginner = 0 experience points
  • Apprentice = 10 experience points
  • Journeyman = 70 experience
  • Expert = 150 Experience Points
  • Master = 250 Experience Points
  • How to level up your villager librarian fast

    Employ this tactic to advance your librarian villager rapidly and cost-effectively.

  • Discover as many emeralds as possible.
  • From level 0 to 2 (apprentice), you can spend one emerald to purchase 24 papers (granting 2 xp) repeatedly.
  • From novice to maximum level, purchase four books in exchange for one emerald – this transaction rewards 10 experience points.
  • This approach shouldn’t take too much time to reach the maximum level of your librarian.

    It is worth noting that, in just five in-game days, you will be capable of attaining the maximum level. Once you have reached a specific number of trades of that nature, the trade will be restricted to two trades per day.

    In certain situations, you have the ability to invert the transactions and exchange the goods for emeralds. This approach is a more effective method of utilizing emeralds, which can otherwise be quite scarce. Reversing the trades and selling the items can be done in some cases, allowing you to obtain emeralds.

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    Identifying a Librarian Villager

    If you prefer not to spawn librarian villagers, you may occasionally encounter them in a village.

    You can easily distinguish a librarian resident from their attire.

    The core outfit for librarians is white clothes with a red hat. This stands out well from other profession types like farmers.

    You will also see them loitering near a library building, which will include a podium and frequently bookcases.

    Their attire also varies depending on the ecosystem in which they reside, showcasing distinct looks associated with the various biomes:

  • Plains.
  • Deserts.
  • Savannas.
  • Snowy plains.
  • Snowy taigas.
  • Taigas.
  • Conclusion

    You can see a librarian who sells a wide variety of useful items (mostly books) to help make your life in Minecraft easier.

    It is important to remember that there are other types of villagers who can trade emeralds for useful items, such as tools, armor, and weapons.

    Take a look at some of our additional guides on these rural occupation categories for further details!


    How Do You Make a Librarian in Minecraft?

    To make a villager librarian in Minecraft, you need to put a lectern near a common villager who does not have a profession and eventually they will bind to the lectern as their job site.

    They can also be called upon with commands, which we’ve described in the aforementioned guide.

    Why Isn’t My Villager Turning Into a Librarian?

    If you right-click on a villager, you can open a certain type of trading interface that already indicates their profession. However, if your villager is not a librarian, it will not turn into one.

    (1) You can also convert a zombie villager into a librarian (or any other profession). (2) You won’t be able to start trading with them until you unlock the librarian profession or any other profession.

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