The Forest: How To Get and Grow a Garden

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Within The Forest lies a plethora of flora, each possessing its own unique and valuable properties. However, uncovering these hidden treasures, such as herbs and mushrooms, amidst their natural habitats can prove to be quite a challenge. Fear not, for with a touch of effort, you can cultivate your very own herbaceous haven. Embark on a journey with this guide, as it unravels the secrets of creating and nurturing a splendid garden, ensuring a perpetual abundance of herbs, berries, and mushrooms at your fingertips.

How to build a garden

To get things rolling, it’s essential to secure a sanctuary (ideally an enclosed zone) where you can strategize the magnitude of your garden. The size of your garden can be as grand as your imagination permits; nevertheless, it will necessitate additional resources for construction. Bear in mind that locating a vast, level expanse on the peninsula may prove challenging, given its predominantly hilly and precipitous terrain. Thus, meticulous pre-planning is imperative to circumvent any spatial constraints for your headquarters.

The Forest - Placing down a garden bed
Place the blueprint down for a new garden bed

After finalizing the perfect spot for your garden, simply lay down the blueprint wherever it suits your fancy. Constructing this masterpiece demands logs, with the quantity increasing exponentially as the blueprint grows larger. For optimal ease and swift recognition, we suggest fashioning a medium-sized garden or multiple petite ones to cultivate your preferred herbs while ensuring they remain neatly segregated (not to mention, it adds a touch of beauty).

Gardens are a remarkable resource, allowing you to perpetually enjoy their benefits without the hassle of rebuilding. Consider this: once your blueberries have reached their peak, you have the choice to either rejuvenate them for another round or retain them for ornamental allure. These delightful fruits are not only convenient to carry around, but they also offer a delectable snack that requires no culinary preparation, unlike meat.

Please bear in mind that mushroom cultivation necessitates a garden nestled within the enchanting depths of a cave. However, venturing into caves inhabited by voracious cannibals can pose a challenge, for they will ruthlessly obliterate your cherished sanctuary upon unearthing it. Additionally, steer clear of caves that demand a treacherous descent, as transporting the necessary wooden logs into such cavernous realms becomes a near-impossible feat.

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The Forest - Completed Garden Bed
A garden bed that has been completed.

When tending to extensive gardens, it is crucial to bear in mind that the plants will gradually perish. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that either you or a companion can consistently care for your harvest, preventing any seed wastage.

How to grow plants in your garden

After constructing and positioning your garden as desired, it’s now the perfect moment to sow the seeds of nature’s wonders. Only the enchanting trio of blueberries, coneflowers, and aloe can flourish in an outdoor sanctuary, while a mystical cave garden offers the opportunity to cultivate a diverse array of mushrooms. Seek out the abundant treasures of blueberries, aloe, and coneflowers, and watch as they effortlessly find their way into your inventory, ready to be nurtured and cherished.

The Forest - Garden Bed Planting Indicator
When standing near a garden bed, the planting indicator will appear if you have seeds.

Growing blueberries

In order to nurture blueberries, it is imperative to possess blueberry seeds, which are effortlessly obtained during the process of harvesting these luscious fruits. The cultivation of blueberries is restricted solely to gardens, as they refuse to thrive in wall planters. Remarkably, one can carry a maximum of 30 blueberries and an equal number of blueberry seeds at any given time. For those seeking a convenient alternative to ceaseless blueberry hunting, the duplication glitch offers a swift means to acquire additional seeds.

Once you have prepared yourself to nurture your blueberries, engage with the garden and ensure that you have handpicked the blueberry seeds by exchanging seed varieties using the ‘R’ key. Once the blueberries have been chosen, employ the ‘C’ key to gracefully sow them in your garden. Patience is required as it will take a span of four days for your blueberries to flourish into their full potential and gift you with an abundant harvest of approximately nine succulent berries. Behold the enchanting journey of blueberry growth:

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  • On Day 0, the tiny seeds shall find their home within the nurturing soil, sprouting forth like any other botanical marvel in a flourishing garden.
  • On the first day, the seeds will burst forth with life, yet alas, no sweet berries shall they bear.
  • On the second day, a delightful surprise awaits as a medley of succulent berries reveals themselves within the confines of a petite shrub, their vibrant hues beckoning to be plucked.
  • On the third day, behold a magnificent plant that shall grow to great heights, producing a bountiful harvest of approximately 3 to 4 succulent berries when plucked.
  • On the fourth day, the vibrant plant will blossom to its full potential, generously offering a bountiful harvest of precisely nine succulent berries.
  • Please be aware that after you gather the berries, it is unlikely that you will be able to gather from the same bush more than once. Occasionally, this may have some glitches, but as a general rule, you are only permitted to gather once.

    The Forest - Blueberries in Garden Bed
    Three rows of blueberry bushes are planted in this garden bed.

    Growing Coneflower

    Coneflower has the potential to flourish in both wall planters and gardens, adding a touch of vibrancy. With the ability to possess countless coneflower seeds, duplicating them becomes effortlessly achievable using the metal tray. The remarkable coneflower not only aids in creating herbal medicine and energy mixtures but also serves as a vital source to sustain yourself and your companions. Surpassing the growth rate of blueberries, coneflower can be harvested within a span of 2-3 days. Typically, each seed planted yields a bountiful supply of 2-3 coneflowers, allowing for a substantial cultivation alongside the presence of aloe vera.

    Growing Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera, akin to coneflower, thrives alongside it, flourishing harmoniously. It gracefully finds its place in both wall planters and gardens, showcasing its versatility. The significance of maintaining a constant abundance of aloe vera cannot be underestimated, for it holds the key to healing infections and combating food poisoning. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure a plentiful reserve of aloe vera seeds at all times.

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    Growing Mushrooms

    In the game, you have the ability to cultivate a wide variety of mushrooms. However, these mushrooms can only thrive within the confines of cave gardens. Although, if you happen to be playing on a modded server, there is a possibility to grow mushrooms outside of caves. Additionally, a clever glitch exists where you can place the blueprint for a garden outside of a cave and still enjoy the benefits of mushroom cultivation. This glitch specifically works with caves that require a bit of maneuvering to access.

    Mushrooms possess a remarkable quality whereby they defy the need for seeds in their growth process. In order to cultivate mushrooms, it is imperative to possess the very mushrooms you aspire to nurture. Subsequently, by gently situating these mushrooms within a garden setting, an enchanting phenomenon unfolds as they commence their miraculous duplication.

    Filling up the entire garden with mushrooms won’t yield any extra fungi, as they require space to multiply. For optimal results, we suggest placing 3-4 mushrooms at a time. Once placed, allow them solitude to duplicate. Approximately after a day, a few fresh mushrooms should sprout in the garden. Gather and repeat the process to continue the mushroom multiplication.

    Grow your way to success

    Embracing the beauty of gardens not only ensures a continuous abundance of nourishing herbs and succulent berries to sustain your well-being in The Forest, but it also serves as a shield against infections and weariness during daring cave explorations. To delve deeper into this realm of knowledge and guidance, don’t forget to explore The Forest Beginner’s Guide.

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