How to Get Mods on Minecraft Education Edition

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Enhancing your Minecraft gameplay through the addition of mods is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons within the game. Sadly, certain environments such as schools or workplaces restrict access to this feature, rendering it impossible to enjoy the full experience on Minecraft Education Edition. However, fear not, as there is still a solution to obtaining add-ons in this particular version. Discover how to attain mods on Minecraft Education Edition with our easy guide.

How to Add Mods to Minecraft Education Edition

  • Visit the MCPEDL website.

    The MCPEDL website has many mods to download for Minecraft Education Edition. You can look at the newest ones on the homepage or look for a specific mod on the search bar. Once you find the one you want, click it to explore more of its features and download options. Some examples of mods available are Jetpacks, Road Builders, and Flying Mechs, as shown here:

    Mods in Minecraft

  • Download the file.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page, and there should be a list of links, as shown in the image below. Download the link that ends with “mcaddon” or “mcworld.” You can also see if the latest Minecraft versions support this download. Older uploads from the website may not work, but you are still welcome to test them out.

    Downloads for mods in Minecraft

  • Open Minecraft Education Edition.

    With the installation process all wrapped up, the import shall be seamlessly integrated into Minecraft Education Edition. Simply clicking the download button will transport you straight to the game, where you’ll be greeted with the reassuring sight of a “Successful Import” message at the top of your screen.

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  • Activate the new mod.

    Navigate to the desired Minecraft Education Edition world and search for the “Add-Ons” option within the menu. Afterwards, proceed to select “Resource Packs” and locate the desired mod under “My Packs.” Once you have identified the most recent import, simply activate it by clicking on the mod. The mod will then be visible within the “Active” tab for you to enjoy.

  • Open your World.

    Minecraft Education Edition is now equipped with the mod, ready for you to indulge in endless fun and gameplay. To verify its presence, simply scour your inventory for the latest import.

  • May this comprehensive guide aid you in your endeavor to acquire mods on Minecraft Education Edition. In addition, you have the option to tailor your own mods through coding platforms such as Visual Studio Code. For instructions on crafting custom mods, refer to Mojang’s official website for the game. If you crave more Minecraft-related material, explore the pertinent links provided below and stay informed on Twinfinite’s latest news, guides, and features.

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