MultiMC Minecraft Launcher: 2022 Installation Guide

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Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games that allows kids to explore a creative space and entertain their imagination.

In Minecraft, there are various launchers available to select from. Minecraft assists in handling game versions, mod packs, and multiple Minecraft installations.

Don’t worry because we have got your back, you may be confused about how to install a good launcher, but they can help you make your game experience seamless!

MultiMC is an alternative launcher for Minecraft. In this blog post, we will discuss how to install MultiMC, a free launcher for the Minecraft game.

With an uncomplicated and robust interface, it assists you in organizing them and their corresponding choices and enables you to have numerous, neatly segregated versions of Minecraft (each with its individual modifications, asset packs, saved games, etc).

So let’s begin without any additional delay!

MultiMC Minecraft Launcher Explained

MultiMC is a specialized launcher developed and created by Mrázek Petr that allows for the installation of various mods along with multiple versions of the game. It also enables the opening of multiple instances of the game.

MultiMC oversees numerous separate occurrences of Minecraft, ensuring their cleanliness.

In order to execute your instructions, it strives to maintain consistency and enable clear visibility into the logs, modifications, and all other aspects – delves deep into the specifics.

LiteLoader, Fabric, and Forge loaders are all commonly used for easily installing mods, and they can easily cause crashes or freezes that can also kill Minecraft.

Advantages of MultiMC

  • The MultiMC launcher is secure to utilize and highly favored among gamers.
  • Fine control over Java settings and runtimes. Each instance has settings overrides that you can enable on top of the global settings.
  • MultiMC can launch all the latest editions of Minecraft.
  • MultiMC ensures that the game remains current with modding tools like Forge and Fabric for Minecraft.
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    Installation Guide for MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    The installation and downloading process of Windows in MultiMC can be completed step-by-step without any hassle. This applies to Linux and macOS as well, and the MultiMC Minecraft Launcher can be installed on Windows with MultiMC.

  • Step 1:
  • Your initial and most important step is to download MultiMC on Windows using this hyperlink.

    One of the most convenient and user-focused aspects of this launcher is that MultiMC is accessible on macOS and Linux as well.

  • Step 2:
  • After downloading it, extract the compressed file to the location of your choice on your personal computer. To launch MultiMC, just perform a double click on MultiMC.Exe.

  • Step 3:
  • MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    Once you start MultiMC, you will need to finish the initial configuration.

    Initially, you need to choose the language for operating MultiMC.

    MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    If you possess a 64-bit operating system, it is advisable to utilize 64-bit Java. Kindly select the suitable edition of Java to cater to your requirements.

  • Step 4: Including Account
  • After successfully following the steps mentioned above, you can now have the option to add multiple accounts through MultiMC’s feature of having several accounts, which allows you to manage your account by clicking on the icon with a face on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Step 5: Generating Instances
  • MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    The next action is to generate a copy by clicking the button located at the upper left corner.

  • Provide a name for the instance and you can also allocate a category for it.
  • Select whether you prefer a plain Minecraft installation or import a mod-pack.
  • MultiMC will download all the files automatically if you click “OK”.
  • Step 6: Incorporating
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    The subsequent phase involves incorporating alterations, for which you will be required to choose the specific case and choose the alternative to modify said case.

    You can download mod packs from various websites like FTB legacy and ATLauncher, Technic (by importing from FTB App), and CurseForge, as well as Modrinth.

    MultiMC Minecraft Launcher

    To add another mod pack, click on “Zip from Import” located on the left side of the screen after launching the instance pack mod and clicking OK. Then, zip the folder and import it.


    Minecraft undoubtedly provides a thrilling experience to its players, elevating the adventure wholeheartedly with the launchers that can drastically enhance it, and importantly, with even more support at the same time.

    Despite the existence of numerous Minecraft launchers in the market, MultiMC is the optimal selection for many players due to its ability to work seamlessly with Forge, Fabric, and LiteLoader. The reason why MultiMC stands out as the strongest choice for many players is its exceptional compatibility with Forge, Fabric, and LiteLoader, even though there are many other Minecraft launchers available in the market.

    The blog we discussed is an understandable and updated guide on how to install and download MultiMC on your PC, which allows you to experience a hassle-free game.

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    Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ

    Is it possible to launch MultiMC exclusively on Windows?

    No, MultiMC can be launched on MacOs and Linux as well.

    Can MultiMC accommodate Microsoft accounts?

    Yes, MultiMC offers support for Microsoft accounts. The MultiMC launcher has released a new version that is compatible with Microsoft Accounts.

    How to solve problems with inadequate memory allocation?

    Execute your modification bundle and tap on the close option. Enhance the Memory Allocation by opting for the Java tab. Next, to modify the memory, right-click on the modification bundle and choose “Settings” and “Edit Instance”.

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