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In my quest for the answer, I ventured into the realm of Google and delved into ancient discussions. One source claimed that there was no disparity, while another argued in favor of critical chance. Alas, no definitive answer emerged from this search.

Without the 10 percent discount from my amulet, my crit chance stands at a formidable 45.50, while my crit damage soars to an impressive 556.00.

By opting for physical damage investment, I can avail a generous discount of 40.00 percent on both my amulet and bracer.

In an attempt to explore and push the boundaries of my abilities, I embarked on an experimentation journey with both options, fervently seeking to discern their superior qualities. Alas, my endeavors were in vain, for I found myself utterly incapable of distinguishing between the two, especially when confronted with formidable opponents that required swift elimination.

Why not give it a shot and import your character into the Diablo 3 Planner to explore its suggestions?

Input: I assume you’re talking about your Seasonal Barbarian, Grom:. Ah, I gather you’re mentioning your formidable Seasonal Barbarian, Grom:.


In the quest for the perfect Flavor of Time Amulet, your utmost desires would be to acquire CHD, CHC, CDR, and %Physical Damage.., precisely in that pecking order.

Input: According to the Wastes build guides on Icy Veins and DiabloFans, prioritizing %Physical Damage.. should come after considering CHD, CHC, and CDR. Since you already have CHD and CDR covered, selecting CHC would be my suggestion, even though Physical Damage is the primary damage type for your Barbarian.

Input: Perhaps you should give Morgan’s suggestion a shot and bring your Character into the realm of D3 Planner. Experimentation is key, so give it a whirl. Take it for a spin in-game and see how it fares with the %Physical Damage.. you’ve already obtained. Then, try rolling CHC and examine the outcomes in more challenging Greater Rifts. After figuring out the optimal approach, make sure to retain that Property on your Amulet.

If you’re seeking additional recommendations, it might be worth perusing these comprehensive guides, assuming you haven’t done so yet:


Good luck and good hunting!

Extracted from the WW/Rend guide residing on the esteemed Barbarian forums of our own.

There seems to be a lingering uncertainty within me, as if I may have overlooked something crucial. However, the provided information merely guides me on the ideal composition of a flawless amulet, without shedding light on which attribute takes precedence over another.

The specific “information” you’re alluding to remains uncertain to me. At this moment, I shall presume you are pertaining to the comprehensive compilation of Properties for the Amulet as mentioned in both the Icy Veins and DiabloFans guides.

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When creating guides, it is essential for the creator to prioritize the Properties in a specific order. In fact, Icy Veins guides go a step further by assigning numbers to each Property, starting from the most important (1) and gradually descending to the least important (6).

The Amulet’s property priority, as listed by Icy Veins, is as follows:

  • Socket.
  • Devastating Blow Potential.
  • Chance of a Devastating Blow.
  • %Physical Damage..
  • Body Fortitude or Thunder Shielding (Secondary Trait).
  • Secondary Property: Unleash the Power of Melee Damage Reduction or Missile Damage Reduction.
  • Input: DiabloFans presents the order of Properties for the Amulet in the following priority:

  • Devastating Blow Potential.
  • Chance of a Devastating Blow.
  • Cooldown Reduction.
  • %Physical Damage..
  • Employing a touch of rationality is imperative. As an illustration, supposing you possess an excess of CHC on a different item, it might be wise to forgo it on the Amulet and allocate it towards one of the remaining Properties you require.

    Apologies, I was engaged in a conversation with the celestial entity known as Meteor.

    Expect a remarkable boost of approximately 17% in damage from both of them.

    Is there truly no distinction to be found?

    I would personally recommend investing in a 20% boost to elemental damage. When activating berserker rage, you receive a bonus of 10 critical chance (CC), resulting in a total of approximately 55% CC and 550% critical hit damage (CHD). This establishes a favorable 1/10 ratio, making it the ultimate choice. The decision is ultimately yours to make.

    Additionally, it is crucial to consider the impact of Battle Rage / Into The Fray, which grants you a 1% increase in Critical Hit Chance (CHC) for each enemy within a 10-yard radius. Consequently, when engaging in battles amidst a crowd, your CHC will naturally be significantly distorted. This explains why prioritizing Critical Hit Damage (CHD) over CHC is often suggested.

    Should you possess ample CDR to unleash the wrath of the berserker, an overflow of critical strikes shall be bestowed upon you.

    Harnessing the power of elemental forces, the damage inflicted is transformed into a mesmerizing multiplier. Picture this: you possess a staggering 1 million damage potential, and with a remarkable 20% boost in physical prowess. As you unleash your physical skill, behold the astonishing outcome of dealing 1.2 million damage, a magnificent 120% surge from the original figure.

    In your situation, it is possible that you have:

  • The sheet boasts an impressive 3.3 million damage per second (DPS).
  • Input: 40% of the damage dealt will manifest as physical force, specifically concentrated on the bracers and amulet.
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    Input: And you’re wondering if it’s worth sacrificing 20% elemental damage to gain x% (any amulet without elemental bonuses) sheet DPS. As you ponder, is it truly worthwhile to trade off 20% elemental damage for the allure of x% increased sheet DPS from an amulet devoid of elemental attributes?

    Unleash devastating blows with a fraction of your strikes, as they harness the power of critical hit damage. Known as your crit chance (CC), this percentage amplifies your attacks by (1 + CD), where 1 represents a formidable 100% of your base damage.

    Combine these elements and witness the astonishing outcome: any remnants of your strikes, ranging from 1 to CC, shall inflict a mere 1 point of damage.

    The equation becomes CC multiplied by the sum of 1 and CD, plus the product of 1 subtracted from CC and 1.

    The equation is transformed into an intriguing expression, where the sum of CC and the product of CC and CD is added to 1, and then subtracted by CC.

    The sum of a hundred times a constant and one.

    Through the process of expansion and cancellation, a beautifully refined expression emerges, enabling us to compute the impact of critical chance and damage on our overall DPS. This resultant figure serves as a multiplier, effectively illustrating the average influence that critical hits will exert.

    For instance, with a 50% Critical Chance (CC) and a 500% Critical Damage (CD), what benefits can we expect from an extra 5% Critical Chance?

    Input: The original critical factor is determined by the equation 1 + 0.5 multiplied by 5, resulting in 3.5. The initial critical factor emerges as 3.5 after applying the equation 1 plus 0.5 times 5.

    The resulting critical factor after evaluating the expression 1 + 0.55 * 5 is 3.75.

    Calculate the ratio by dividing 3.75 by 3.5, which yields 1.07.

    Hence, acquiring a 5% critical chance in this scenario would result in a remarkable 7% increase in overall damage per second.

    Do not rely solely on icy veins or Diablofans guides, as helpful as they may be for beginners, they often contain outdated information. Instead, explore the leaderboards and observe what strategies are truly effective. You may be surprised to find barbarians in the top 500, or even top 700, without elemental damage on their necks. The distribution will heavily favor… *Drum rolllllllll* elemental damage.

    Whenever my Critical Hit Chance (CHC) falls below 50% while wearing the amulet, I opt for CHC. Experimenting with UE6 DH in Greater Rift pushing, I discovered its remarkable effectiveness. However, lacking precise figures, I am unable to verify its exact impact.

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    It’s quite intriguing how you ventured into an entirely distinct realm, experimenting with a class that possesses unique abilities and a completely different approach to gameplay. It’s rather fascinating that you expected the outcome to be identical, especially considering that the class you originated from is currently recognized as one of the least successful in this season, while the one you transitioned to is regarded as one of the most outstanding. Quite intriguing indeed.

    The frequency of hits from both builds seems quite balanced, implying that the min-maxing aspect is relatively similar. The relative weakness of one build does not hold significant importance. However, it should be noted that I do not consider the inclusion of barbarian skills that enhance critical hit chance.

    Judging from this remark, I can infer that it is merely one amongst the myriad aspects you failed to acknowledge.

    Perhaps you could shed light on the reasons behind such a remarkable transformation and elucidate the methods involved. As a novice in the realm of WW barb, receiving guidance from an expert on the optimal way to enchant my equipment would greatly enhance my gameplay experience.

    If you truly hold the belief that “Both builds consistently land hits, making min-maxing irrelevant”, then attempting to provide an explanation would be in vain. I highly suggest delving into leaderboards, consulting guides, and conducting experiments to acquire the necessary expertise for dispensing well-informed counsel. If you require any assistance in locating these resources, kindly inform me, and I would be more than happy to aid you in this endeavor.

    Input: Teach a man to fish, and whatnot.Impart the skill of fishing upon a gentleman, and so forth.

    It’s truly disheartening to communicate with others in such a gloomy manner, regardless of their level of expertise. Wishing you a joyous new year filled with boundless happiness and delight in the year 2020.

    Input: I really am sorry you feel that way, It was not my intention to make you feel negatively towards anything, I feel as though I was only communicating with the same level of energy I was receiving. I hope you have a wonderful new years as well, and may 2020 bring you many primals and Grifts!My sincerest apologies for evoking such sentiments within you; it was never my intention to foster any negativity. I believe I was merely reflecting the energy I perceived in our communication. May your upcoming new year be filled with boundless joy and may 2020 bestow upon you plentiful primals and Grifts!

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