Questions Diablo 4 Never Answered

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The lore and world building in the Diablo series possess an astonishingly profound level of intricacy. Within the games’ historical backdrop, one can discover a labyrinth of wars, the ascendancy and decline of nations, and the remarkable endeavors of heroes whose impact has long faded into oblivion. However, Diablo 4 boldly strides forward, aiming to seamlessly weave together the vast expanse of its narrative tapestry.

However, despite its efforts, Diablo 4 falls short in fully encompassing all aspects of its intended narrative. Consequently, upon the conclusion of the game, numerous unresolved inquiries linger in the minds of players. Certain characters are poised for a potential future within Sanctuary, while others remain accountable for their mysterious absences.

10 How Did Inarius Escape Mephisto’s Domain?

Inarius descending from the sky in Diablo 4 the video game

The burning question that haunts the game’s narrative is the astounding escape of Inarius from the depths of the infernal realm. No mere suggestion can explain his miraculous elusion, for it is known that the weakening of Mephisto alone cannot account for such a feat. History bears witness to Mephisto’s previous bouts of vulnerability and even banishment from his own dominion, rendering this escape all the more perplexing.

The game effortlessly dismisses this aspect, leading you to anticipate a response, but the most ambiguous explanation you receive is that he “triumphed against all odds.” While intriguing, it fails to provide any substantial clarification. Was it due to Mephisto’s weakened defenses? Was he bestowed with a divine empowerment? Inarius himself may remain oblivious to the true answer.

9 How Was Lilith Summoned to Sanctuary?

Lilith and Elias plotting evil in Diablo 4 the video game

In the wake of her spouse’s path, what was Lilith’s route to Sanctuary? How effortlessly could one escape from the depths of the enchanted dungeon to reach there? This transcends Inarius as well, for he resided in an actual prison. “He made an audacious escape,” might be a plausible explanation, albeit not a straightforward one. Lilith, on the other hand, was exiled to the Void. Departing from that realm is deemed impossible, yet she has achieved it not once, but twice.

In Diablo 4, the concept of waypoints unveils a fascinating notion where celestial and infernal beings can navigate their way to Sanctuary, except in the enigmatic Void. If escaping is as easy as being summoned out, then this so-called prison seems rather lackluster. It’s almost as if the formidable adversaries have emerged from a timeless confinement, dwelling in a super-jail, sans any elucidation, although one is undeniably overdue.

8 Will The Horadrim Survive?

Lorath confronting the player in Diablo 4 the video game

In a captivating twist, the destiny of the Horadrim unfolds dramatically towards the conclusion, rather than coursing through the entire quest. Initially, a mere duo remained, their hopes buoyed by the promise of a fresh apprentice. However, as the tale unravels, Donan meets his demise, while Neyrelle relinquishes her once fervent aspirations. Consequently, only Lorath remains, silently departing with a subtle nod of his head.

The Horadrim, once a formidable force, has been steadily dwindling since the departure of Tyrael well before the events of Diablo 1. Now, they exist as nothing more than a mere shadow of their former glory. Even when Deckard Cain served as the final remaining Horadrim, there was still a flicker of vitality within their ranks. However, Lorath, the current leader, has witnessed the tragic demise of his first student to madness, and now he faces the perplexing loss of yet another disciple. His own well-being is in jeopardy, and regrettably, it appears that the inevitable end of their once prestigious order is fast approaching.

7 What Are The Angels Up To?

Tyrael pointing a spear in Diablo 3 the video game

Except for Inarius, the ethereal presence of Angels is conspicuously missing in Diablo 4. This peculiar absence adds an intriguing touch to the narrative, allowing the focus to shift towards the enigmatic realm of Sanctuary and its ongoing reconstruction. However, amidst Lilith’s potential resurgence and Inarius’ possible escape, one cannot help but wonder if the celestial beings harbor any concerns. Furthermore, the whereabouts of Tyrael remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving us to ponder his current location.

Following the culmination of Diablo 3, Tyrael found himself in a mortal state, leaving uncertainty surrounding the possibility of his future reincarnation, a fate shared by all celestial beings. Remarkably, Tyrael stands apart from his angelic brethren as the sole entity to retain his distinct identity upon rebirth. Could lightning strike twice, granting him another extraordinary chance at this rare phenomenon?

6 How Many Evils Have Reformed Exactly?

Mephisto performing a ritual in Diablo 2 the video game

Reaper of Souls unleashed the Seven Evils upon the world, paving the way for endless possibilities of sequels. And now, here we find ourselves. Once more, the malevolent forces make their presence felt in Diablo 4, yet their true extent remains shrouded in mystery. While the mightiest Prime Evil is still in the process of regaining its full power, its less formidable counterpart has already resurfaced, launching a renewed invasion upon Sanctuary.

Perhaps the reason Mephisto takes an eternity is due to his unrivaled strength. The task of regenerating his substantial essence is no small feat. Interestingly, the lesser evils are virtually disregarded. Are they also on a path to redemption? And what about Diablo and Baal? The question of who remains among the living and the deceased is now a mystery. It seems only fitting to have a comprehensive checklist to keep track of it all.

5 What’s Happening On The Western Continent?

The travel map in Diablo 3 the video game

In case you missed it, Diablo unveils an intricate map, as any exceptional fantasy saga demands, with two significant landmasses adorning its realm. The adventures have unfolded across these expansive continents, with Diablo 1 immersing players in the haunting town of Tristram, while Diablo 2 and 3 encompassed the entirety of the globe. However, Diablo 4’s narrative is confined to the upper reaches of the right continent, adding a new dimension to the epic tale.

Input: What’s the scoop from the far side of the globe? A colossal catastrophe unfolded, leaving Westmarch blissfully oblivious. Amongst their midst, dwell influential figures of great significance. A mere signal, a ripple even, to affirm their wellbeing would provide solace.

4 Is The Leoric Family Finally Dead?

The Dark Wanderer's withering face in Diablo 2 artwork

The Leoric family has been plagued by misfortune for ages, even predating the events of Diablo 1. Across three consecutive games, they have remained entangled in turmoil, leading many to believe their involvement in Diablo 4 was inevitable. However, there is a glimmer of hope that the tormented family may finally find solace.

The reason why this realization carries a solemn tone is because it signifies bidding farewell to the original protagonist. In Diablo 1, the warrior existed without a given name, but Diablo 2 bestowed upon him the status of the central character, and Diablo 3 portrayed him as the offspring of King Leoric.

3 What Characters Are Canon?

The Heroes gathered around a campfire in Diablo 2 the video game

When it comes to immortalizing characters, let’s delve into the intriguing cast of Diablo 4. With five distinct playable classes, each boasting a captivating narrative, the tales they weave hold immense significance for the denizens of Sanctuary. Picture a world where salvation arrives in the form of the enigmatic Druid tribes or perhaps a prodigious offspring of Rathma.

The question at hand is not without precedent. In each preceding installment, all playable classes have united in their noble pursuit, and it is highly likely that the same holds true in this instance. Alas, the answer eludes us until the arrival of the much-anticipated sequel.

2 What Happened To The Nephalem?

The nephalem fighting a horde of demons in Diablo 3 artwork

Amongst all the unresolved threads, the destiny of Diablo 3’s nephalem stands out as the juiciest. To those unfamiliar, the nephalem are divine progeny, born from the union of angels and demons. Tyrael concludes Diablo 3 by acknowledging that the nephalim have surpassed the might of both Heaven and Hell, but their tale remains incomplete.

Adding to the predicament, each protagonist in Diablo 3 belonged to the band of adventurers, abiding by the customary storytelling principles of the Diablo series. Would this imply the existence of five active Nephalem simultaneously? Such a considerable quantity of Nephalem cannot simply vanish into thin air.

1 Where Is Neyrelle Going?

Neyrelle lit by firelight in Diablo 4 the video game

Neyrelle’s decision to part ways with Mephisto’s soulstone in the game’s finale serves as a portal into Diablo’s upcoming narrative, evoking a disconcerting sense of nostalgia for seasoned fans. Neyrelle’s conduct mirrors that of the enigmatic Dark Wanderer, embarking on a relentless journey towards the mysterious East. Forever towards the East.

Traveling with such a venomous spirit cannot possibly foster well-being. Neyrelle has willingly placed herself in perilous circumstances, completely oblivious to her destination. She has willingly cut herself off from the world, making it highly probable that she is already ensnared by Mephisto’s influence. To add to the mystery, she seems to be journeying towards the West. What lies in wait for her on the far side of the globe? Up next: Diablo 4: Constructing a Tier List.

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