Should I buy Diablo 4 on PC or console?

should i buy diablo 4 on pc or console 192030

Diablo 4 Review

Should I buy Diablo 4 on PC or console?

Input: Whether you engage in gaming on PC or console, the beauty lies in the fact that there’s no definitive incorrect choice. Thanks to Diablo 4’s commendable provision of cross-save and cross-play functionality, you have the freedom to revel in seamless gameplay with your comrades and seamlessly transition your accomplishments between platforms.

Nevertheless, delving into the realm of PC gaming offers a multitude of advantages. These encompass the potential for a reduced price tag (in select locales) and the provision of seamless compatibility with a mouse and keyboard. Should you find yourself contemplating a purchase on the PC platform, it undeniably remains the optimal domain for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Diablo 4 is cheaper on PC (for some regions)

Diablo 4

In some places Diablo 4 is actually cheaper on PC. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Shall we commence with the financial aspect? It holds no significance in the United States, as the pricing structure for Diablo 4 on Battle.Net and console stores remains identical. The Ultimate Edition will require a monetary commitment of $100 regardless, while the Deluxe Edition offers a reduced cost of $10, and the Standard Edition is priced at $70.

However, the situation varies in different regions. Take the UK as an example, where the Ultimate Edition costs £100 on Xbox, yet it is priced at a slightly lower £90 on Battle.Net exclusively for PC users. This £10 variation is also reflected in the Deluxe and Standard Editions.

Therefore, if you happen to find a more affordable option on a computer, consider it a victory to acquire Diablo 4 from Battle.Net as opposed to a console. However, owing to its inclusive cross-platform strategy, you have the flexibility to procure an additional (or even multiple) copies for Xbox or PlayStation in the future and seamlessly resume your progress.

Official mouse and keyboard support on PC

Razer Naga V2 Pro

Only on PC can you officially deploy your favorite gaming mouse and keyboard into Diablo 4. (Image credit: Daniel Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central)

Throughout the history of Diablo games, the foundation has always revolved around the utilization of keyboard and mouse, and Diablo 4 remains true to this tradition. Although it boasts commendable compatibility with controllers on both consoles and PCs, official support for mouse and keyboard on Xbox is noticeably absent.

On the PC platform, a world of choices awaits. Feel free to embrace your unique gaming style and switch it up whenever the mood strikes. Certain menus truly thrive when paired with a mouse rather than a controller, but don’t limit yourself – why not combine both input methods for an unforgettable gaming experience if you so desire?

Buying on PC also means playing on Steam Deck

Steam Deck on wood table.

Buying on PC also means you can play it on this guy. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

Whether you possess a Steam Deck or not, this information may not concern you. However, if you happen to be a proud owner of a Steam Deck, indulging in a PC version purchase will grant you the delightful opportunity to embark on your Diablo 4 journey.

Although the game isn’t available on Steam, it seamlessly runs on the Deck without any hassle. With our comprehensive walkthrough, setting up the game is a breeze and getting the Battle.Net client up and running takes just a few moments. Once you’re set, it’s all smooth sailing from there.

When contemplating the purchase of an ASUS ROG Ally, it is worth pondering the possibility of experiencing Diablo 4 on the go.

The TV is the big draw for console buying

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X with their controllers

The console is still the best place to play on the sofa. (Image credit: Windows Central)

When it comes to purchasing a console, one of the most alluring aspects is the sheer convenience of playing on a couch, connected to a TV. Although gaming PCs or the Steam Deck offer this option, an Xbox undeniably provides a tidier and simpler experience.

In the grand scheme of things, being a hardcore player is not a requirement that applies to everyone, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

In the ultimate quest of choosing between PC and console, the scales still tip towards PC, offering an array of advantages. However, fret not, for the advent of cross-save and cross-play has alleviated the need for excessive contemplation. Embrace the notion that both realms can coexist harmoniously, should you desire it.

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