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The Warrior is the ideal choice for any beginner venturing into the game. This character excels in survival, proving to be reliable throughout the entire gameplay. Spells are of little concern for the Warrior, as they mainly rely on the town portal and fire wall spells. When stumbling upon books, it is best to sell them to the witch, Adria, unless it contains the town portal or fire wall spells, or the valuable holy bolt spell, which is particularly effective against King Leoric. In the early stages of leveling up, it is recommended to allocate points to strength and vitality. The Warrior’s ability to repair items proves highly advantageous in the beginning, but it is advisable to seek Griswold’s assistance for repairing valuable equipment later on. Acquiring a Large Axe for 600 bucks early in the game can significantly enhance combat effectiveness and ease gameplay. Additionally, obtaining a cap with decent armor is advantageous. There is a chance that Griswold may offer a leather armor with an armor value of 13 for 300 bucks, which is a valuable find. Armor values of 11 or 12 are also acceptable. Unless it is a town portal or identify scroll, it is wise to sell all other scrolls. It may be necessary to purchase a few town portal scrolls early on. As the game progresses, it is advisable to switch from an axe to a sword and shield. The best one-handed sword is the bastard sword, and it is beneficial to find one with bonus damage. Later in the game, acquiring a Full Plate Mail, preferably with additional armor bonuses, is recommended. Warriors have the earliest access to wearing Full Plate Mails among the three character classes. By level 35, it is ideal to have obtained the King’s Sword and acquired commendable armor. In my opinion, the King’s Sword of Haste is the ultimate weapon for the warrior, allowing for swift elimination of enemies and faster leveling up. However, when it comes to leveling up quickly, the Warrior is considered the least efficient of the three classes. Consequently, once they reach level 35, it may be best to retire the Warrior due to their slow progress and lack of excitement. Nevertheless, Warriors provide an enjoyable experience in the early stages of the game. The highest level I have achieved with a Warrior is level 39.


Rogues are ideal for players who have reached an intermediate level. They are not overly difficult to use, but they are slightly more challenging than warriors. As a Rogue, you begin your journey equipped with a bow. Throughout your adventures, it is recommended that you stick with bows as your primary weapon. By combining your bow skills with powerful spells, you can quickly level up, surpassing warriors in terms of progress. Similar to warriors, it is advisable to acquire a cap with strong armor and later focus on obtaining leather armor. One downside of playing as a rogue is the constant need to return to town to repair your bow, which is constantly in use. However, as you progress, you will come across bows with higher durability, allowing them to last longer. Avoid using bows with high attack rates, such as swiftness, as rogues cannot shoot bows faster than their normal rate. Instead, prioritize bows with high damage or attack attributes (ATT). Rogues heavily rely on mana and life hit points, so if your mana exceeds your life points, consider utilizing MANA shield. In the early stages, make use of fire bolt, lightning, and fire wall spells, and aim to acquire holy bolt for encounters with King Leoric. As you advance, incorporate fireball and chain lightning spells into your arsenal while continuing to rely on your trusty bow. The challenges truly begin in Hell difficulty, where quick thinking and strategic spell selection are crucial for success. It is highly recommended to assign hotkeys (from F5 to F8) for your spells to enhance efficiency. Aim to acquire resistance to magic, lightning, and fire as you progress to Hell, as these attributes greatly benefit all three classes. By the time you reach Level 35, you should ideally have obtained a Long War Bow with bonus damage and a Full Plate Mail with enhanced armor. Rogues have the advantage of faster leveling compared to warriors and offer a more engaging gameplay experience in the later stages. However, it is important to note that many players tend to abandon their rogues once they reach their early forties. Personally, I have only managed to reach level 41 with a rogue, as my focus leaned more towards the sorcerer class.


Sorcerers are a class reserved for seasoned players who have dabbled with warriors or rogues. They prove to be quite challenging to control as their primary means of attack lie in spellcasting. At the start of the game, sorcerers are rather fragile but gradually grow in resilience as the game progresses. Early on, staves play a crucial role. Personally, I believe that the skill to recharge staves is the finest in the game, ensuring prolonged use and durability. The initial staff available is the charge bolt. Other notable staves that can greatly assist you are the fire bolt and holy bolt staves, while the lightning staff reigns supreme in its effectiveness. Avoid purchasing staves from Adria, as her magical staves are overpriced and lack significance. Instead, basic staves with charges found within the labyrinth suffice just as well. At the beginning, prioritize acquiring a cap with sturdy armor and later transition to leather armor. Books hold immense importance for sorcerers, so make sure to read every one you come across. Initially, utilize charge bolt, fire bolt, and holy bolt spells. As you progress, shift towards employing lightning spells. Eventually, your main spells should consist of fire ball and chain lightning. When leveling up, allocate your points primarily to magic and a portion to strength. Vitality is unnecessary since you will acquire the mana shield ability later on, rendering health points obsolete. A few points can be dedicated to dexterity, but it is not vital. Once you have a base strength of around 30, focus solely on distributing your points to magic.

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When I first delved into the realm of sorcery, I naively believed that sorcerers were inferior to warriors. However, my perception quickly shifted, revealing the awe-inspiring power of sorcerers and the lackluster abilities of warriors. The ultimate key to survival as a sorcerer lies in the enchanting Mana Shield spell. Once a sorcerer acquires this spell, they undergo a remarkable transformation from a feeble being to a formidable force. The Mana Shield grants them the ability to utilize their mana points as their life force, rendering life potions obsolete. Consequently, one should focus on purchasing mana potions instead. During levels 1 to 30, it is advisable to procure regular mana potions, avoiding the wasteful expenditure on full mana potions. Discovering full mana potions within the game is a stroke of luck. If the opportunity arises, it is wise to swiftly obtain the mana shield spell, even if it entails purchasing it from a witch. However, one may stumble upon it in the depths of the catacombs. Acquiring mana shield scrolls is highly beneficial, and if the spell has yet to be obtained, consider purchasing them from the witch. Nonetheless, it is crucial to employ mana shield scrolls judiciously. Venturing into caves without the protection of mana shield is ill-advised, as it guarantees a treacherous and challenging journey. Among the sorcerer’s arsenal, the three most potent spells are mana shield, chain lightning, and fireball.

Once you acquire the Mana Shield spell, it is crucial to activate it immediately upon entering a new level. As a sorcerer, it is essential to utilize hot keys for quick spell changes. Assigning f5 – f8 as your hot keys is recommended. It is advisable to incorporate hot keys into your character’s entire journey, starting from level one. Upon entering the church for the first time, ensure that you have hot keys assigned for the staff of charge bolt, fire bolt spell, recharge staff skill, and any healing scrolls you obtain. Opt for healing scrolls instead of potions, as they provide a more substantial life restoration. However, potions can be useful for rapidly replenishing your life during intense battles. Once you acquire the healing spell, replace the hot key for healing scrolls with the healing spell. If you come across a staff of fire bolt, update the hot key for the fire bolt spell accordingly. Utilize all your staves until they are depleted of charges, remembering to use the recharge staff skill when their charges are running low. Once you obtain the lightning staff or spell, assign a hot key for it instead of charge bolt. Lightning is significantly superior to charge bolt. Each level leading up to lightning enhances its length and power. The same principle applies to chain lightning, except that as it levels up, it becomes more intelligent. For instance, it has a higher chance of striking enemies further away. Moving on from fire bolt, the next step is fireball. The books containing fireball spells hold great importance for a sorcerer, as each level-up significantly increases its damage output. I have witnessed sorcerers with fireball damage exceeding 1000. When you acquire fireball, switch your hot key from fire bolt to fireball. It may be advisable to continue using your regular lightning spell for some time after obtaining chain lightning, as your lightning spell should be at a higher level by then. Utilize chain lightning once it reaches level 3 or higher.

With exceptional mastery and lightning-quick instincts, a sorcerer possesses the ability to swiftly ascend in levels and outlast both warriors and rogues in the realm of the church and other mystical realms. A skilled player can effortlessly triumph over the church, evading harm with ease. Spells possess unparalleled lethality, obliterating foes before they ever draw near. In the early stages of the game, a buckler proves invaluable for a sorcerer, allowing for swift strikes comparable to a warrior’s sword swings, but with superior accuracy. In the absence of a charged staff, a sorcerer can effectively employ a buckler as a weapon (sans sword) – trust me, it works. As the game progresses, discard staves in favor of a sword and shield. Acquire numerous items that grant bonus strength points to bolster your sorcerer’s might. Sorcerers face the greatest challenge in donning gothic plate or full plate mail, as their maximum strength is a mere 45. To wear Full Plate Mail, an additional 45 strength points must be obtained from rings and equipment. The Dreamflange proves to be the ultimate weapon for a sorcerer. Interestingly, I stumbled upon the Dreamflange while playing as a sorcerer myself. Sorcerers truly come into their own as formidable forces later in the game. It is advisable to rely on teleportation rather than walking as the primary means of transportation as the game progresses. Yes, teleportation should be your go-to method of movement, even assigned to a hotkey. Unlike warriors and rogues who must slay enemies to retrieve their belongings, sorcerers effortlessly reclaim their possessions using spells alone. Sorcerers are always engaged in action, ensuring a never-ending thrill. This allows players to attain level 50 and beyond, stoking their desire to continue playing. Sorcerers exhibit unparalleled speed and experience accelerated leveling. After acquiring the Mana Shield spell, the only four areas in which sorcerers need improvement are: 1. Spell acquisition and utilization, 2. Increasing mana capacity, 3. Elevating Armor Class, and 4. Bolstering resistance against fire, lightning, and magic. Among the three available classes, sorcerers remain my personal favorite. The highest level I have ever achieved with a sorcerer was 48, but alas, my Diablo folder was deleted, resulting in the loss of all my characters. I had intended to reach level 50 with him. However, I have managed to progress other sorcerers quite far, with one reaching level 46, another at 42, one at 38, and yet another at 35. Additionally, I have successfully guided over 20 sorcerers past level 20, attesting to my extensive experience with this class.

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Unleash your inner Diablo prowess with these valuable tips for mastering the game.

Unveiling a secret for scroll usage: Handpick a scroll from your swift spellbook, then unleash its power by fervently pressing the button, thus extracting multiple applications from a single scroll. To illustrate, a solitary Fire Wall scroll can conjure 2-3 Fire Walls, proving immensely beneficial in specific scenarios. This principle holds true for all types of scrolls.

Harness the power of Telekinesis in your final moments to retrieve your belongings from hidden havens, shielded from the clutches of demonic forces lurking beyond impenetrable walls.

Traverse the terrain effortlessly by continuously pressing down the motion button.

Keep the auto map activated at all times during your gameplay.

Ensure that you have thoroughly explored and conquered every nook and cranny of the current level before progressing further.

Vanquish all adversaries across the terrain prior to advancing to the subsequent realm.

Gather all the glittering gold scattered by defeated foes, along with any other intriguing objects strewn across the terrain.

Annihilate every single barrel in your path and seize any treasures that emerge from within, UNLESS you possess the arcane powers of a sorcerer. Beware, for barrels pose a grave threat to sorcerers. Should you find yourself endowed with sorcery, exercise caution when eliminating barrels, reserving such action for moments of abundant vitality and minimal barrel density. Alternatively, if you have reached a formidable level, say level 15, and possess extraordinary strength that shields you from their deleterious effects, feel free to dispatch barrels without fear.

Unleash the secrets hidden within every chest, and gather all the treasures they hold.

Employ your elixirs with prudence. Refrain from acquiring “complete” elixirs until further along in the gameplay and when opulence befalls you.

Feel free to make frequent trips back to the bustling town whenever necessary – be it for selling your valuable loot, restoring your worn-out equipment, or indulging in some retail therapy.

As you descend into the fiery depths of Hell or venture into the mysterious caves, be sure to defy the onslaught of projectiles hurled by your adversaries.

Input: – I utilize hot keys to quickly access various spells in my arsenal. Here’s a glimpse of my personalized hot key setup: F5 is dedicated to unleashing a potent lightning spell, F6 activates my trusty mana shield, F7 acts as a shortcut for town portal, enabling swift retreats or quick returns, and F8 offers the versatility of casting either a healing spell, a holy bolt, or a teleportation spell. As the game progresses, my hot key preferences evolve. For instance, in later stages, I assign F5 to unleash a devastating Chain Lightning, F6 to activate a resilient Mana Shield, F7 to execute an efficient teleportation, and F8 to conjure a destructive Fire Ball. This tailored hot key configuration perfectly complements my playstyle as a skilled Sorcerer.

Two simple words: PLAY FAIR!

Avoid employing any trainers as they tend to strip away the joy inherent in this marvelous game.


Encounter the Butcher on level 2, a formidable adversary. A clever strategy to defeat this butcher is by utilizing the power of fire walls. Although you might not possess the fire wall spell upon reaching the butcher, fear not, for scrolls can serve as an excellent substitute. Seek out the witch and purchase scrolls of fire wall if they are scarce within the labyrinth. Proceed to open the butcher’s door and strategically erect multiple fire walls just inside the room, near the entrance, before sealing the door shut. As long as the fire wall endures, the butcher will be unable to breach the door and eventually meet its demise. However, if you lack the fire wall ability, prepare for an arduous battle. Should you have a companion by your side, your best chance lies in joining forces, employing a double or even triple team approach. Warriors ought to wield a substantial axe, while Rogues should equip themselves with a hunter’s bow at the very least. Sorcerers, on the other hand, should unleash a barrage of fiery bolts. Keep in mind that the butcher remains powerless against closed doors, making it advantageous to position oneself behind grates and launch attacks from a safe distance. Please note: when collaborating with comrades, it is advisable to duplicate the items dropped by bosses, ensuring that everyone obtains a fair share.

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Level 3 is where King Leoric can be encountered, and his presence can be quite daunting. To overcome his formidable nature, it is highly recommended to utilize the power of holy bolt. However, if you lack this essential weapon, it is advisable to avoid confronting him unless you possess an impressive AC of approximately 35 and deal a minimum damage of 20. Alternatively, rogues can outsmart him by employing the mighty bow of the bear, which not only pushes the king backward but also allows for relentless attacks without suffering any harm.

Discover Lazarus lurking on floor 15, but fear not, for by the time you reach him, may you possess the power of the stone curse. Merely cast this curse upon Lazarus and bring about his demise. Sorcerers, on the other hand, ought to employ fiery spheres to vanquish him. However, do remember to fortify your resistance against the flames before engaging him.

Encounter Diablo on Level 16 and unleash all your arsenal. Sorcerers, let loose fiery projectiles, and if fireballs are unavailable, resort to holy bolts. Ensure your armor provides excellent protection, and fortify yourself against the flames.

Exploring the mystical multiplayer Shrines and pondering whether they are worth visiting.

Shrines hold a significant role in enhancing the quality of a character’s life. A shrine labeled as GOOD indicates its suitability, encouraging one to approach it. Conversely, if it is labeled as BAD, it is advisable to refrain from interacting with it. Prioritize memorizing the locations of the shrines before embarking on your journey.

Input: Abandoned – GOOD – +2 to Dexterity.Forsaken – EXCELLENT – Boosts Dexterity by +2.

Input: Creepy – GOOD – +2 to Strength.Eerie – EXCELLENT – +2 boost to Strength.

Hauntingly enchanting – EXCELLENT – +2 to Sorcery.

Input: Serene – EXCELLENT – +2 to Vitality.

Mysterious – IMPRESSIVE – unleashes a celestial incantation, replenishing your magical essence.

Celestial – BENEVOLENT – rejuvenates your vitality and arcane reserves while generously granting you complimentary elixirs.

Eldritch – the epitome of greatness – where every concoction transforms into the elixir of youth.

Rewritten Captivating – EXCELLENT – One enchantment decreases in potency, while all the others ascend by one level. My most cherished sanctuary!

Shimmering – EXCELLENT – reveals the hidden nature of any unidentified objects.

Sacred – EXEMPLARY – invokes a spell of ethereal passage. Occasionally vexing.

In a realm of enchantment, a spellcaster of great prowess conjures a formidable mana shield, brimming with mystical energy.

Divine – a benevolent force that magically restores all your belongings.

Ethereal – EXCELLENT – every vacant space brims with a hint of currency.

Input: Spooky – GOOD – all other players receive a rejuvenating refill of their hit points.

The Enchanted Stone – bestowed with magical properties – revitalizes mana reserves and replenishes mystical staffs.

The remarkable Thaumaturgic ability flawlessly seals and replenishes every single chest.

Input: Bad Shrines (leave them alone).Spare the Wretched Shrines, untouchable in their misfortune.

Input: Fascinating – BAD – permanent depletion of mana, acquire a boost of 2 levels to the fiery bolt.

Concealed – UNFAVORABLE – transfers a duration of 10 units between two items.

Enigmatic – DREADFUL – a solitary ATT earns 5, while the rest suffer a deduction of -1.

Rewritten Exquisite – NEGATIVE – enduring depletion of mana, acquire 2 tiers for holy bolt.

Input: Sacred – BAD – suffer irrevocable mana depletion, but receive a splendid 2-level boost to charged bolt.

Concealed – FORBIDDEN – unveils the present layout. It conceals your tracks, leaving you uncertain of your traversed territory when venturing here.

Corrupted -NEGATIVE – affects every participant in the match. It’s best to steer clear of it.


Beware the Cauldron of Uncertainty – a shrine that bears unpredictable consequences. Approach with caution, for the allure of potential treasures may deceive, concealing malevolent surprises within its depths.

Shrine of the Capricious – MALFUNCTION – an enigmatic shrine with unpredictable powers, akin to a mystical cauldron.


Input: A marvelous fountain of crimson liquid – EXCELLENT – imbibe it and witness your health points soar.

Input: Purifying Spring – Exquisite Elixir – indulge in its essence and watch your mana soar.

Enigmatic Pond – EXCELLENT – conjures the spell of nocturnal sight.

Tearful Springs – UNFAVORABLE – Decreases one attribute by 1 while slightly boosting a few others.

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