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In addition to the primary missions in Diablo 4’s campaign, players can embark on countless side quests. These entertaining undertakings often revolve around retrieving coveted objects, vanquishing formidable foes, exploring mysterious dungeons or hidden cellars, and liberating imposing fortresses.

Each Side Quest grants a generous +20 renown to your region and a precious cache as a reward. Along the way, you may stumble upon a few quests that bestow valuable gear upon you. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to amass experience points and gold, which will be tailored to match the prowess of your character. And let’s not forget, embarking on Side Quest chains will also successfully conquer various Challenges that come your way.


The majority of Side Quests can be discovered amidst the bustling towns and charming villages, awaiting your exploration. Certain quests may unexpectedly unfold through encounters with enemies or fortuitous discoveries of precious loot. And then there are those that will only unveil themselves once you have triumphantly concluded the epic main campaign.

Click on one of the links below to explore the region pages and unlock a plethora of captivating Side Quests awaiting your discovery.

Side Quests

  • Rewrite: Quests of the Shadowy Lands: Khejistan’s Enigma
  • Myriad Side Missions.
  • Fractured Peaks Side Quests

    The Fractured Peaks serves as the game’s initial realm, boasting an impressive count of 35 captivating side quests awaiting exploration. Within these virtual scrolls, behold the myriad of side quests, accompanied by meticulously crafted individual quest narratives.

    Fractured Peaks Side Quests
    Name Region Reward
    Secret of the Spring Frigid Expanse, Kylsik Plateau +20 Fractured Peaks Renown
    Unwritten End Savina Falls Elixir Cache
    Exorcist’s Cache Frigid Expanse Unsealed Exorcist Cache
    Blood Sermon Kor Valor Murmuring Cache
    Better Days Heretict’s Flight Salvage Cache
    The Dead Martyr Frigid Expanse +20 Fractured Peaks Renown
    Cries of the Innocent Olyam Tundra Murmuring Cache
    Raising Spirits Kyovashad Herb Cache
    Menestad Coffers Kyovashad Salvage Cache
    The Sealed Door Kyovashad Leather Cache
    Sight to Madness Kyovashad Salvage Cache
    A Cold Faith Margrave Herb Cache
    Legacies of the Light’s Watch Margrave Salvage Cache
    The Cleansing Flame Margrave Murmuring Cache
    Unyielding Flesh Yelesna Fine Dagger
    Ravenous Dead Yelesna Herb Cache
    Traveler’s Prayer Yelesna Elixir Cache
    Gory Display Bear Tribe Refuge +20 Fractured Peaks Renown
    Gold Well Spent Menestad +20 Fractured Peaks Renown
    Forgive Me Kor Dragan Barracks Dungeon Herb Cache
    Hungering Bone Cache Frostbite Trails – The Pallid Glade Sated Bone Cache
    Frostbloom Frostbite Trails – The Pallid Glade Elixir Cache
    Icebound Geode Gale Valley
    Righteous Idol Purchase from Vendor/Yelesna
    Challenge: Bound by Blood
    Bound by Blood Margrave Gem Cache
    Challenge: Malady of the Soul
    Malady of the Soul Kyovashad Herb Cache
    Depths of Despair Kyovashad Elixir Cache
    Faith in Blood Kyovashad Sister Octavia’s Prayer Book
    Challenge: The Woodsman of Nevesk
    The Woodsman of Nevesk Nevesk +20 Fractured Peaks Renown
    Chain of Possession Menestad Gem Cache
    Legacy Unmade Menestad Salvage Cache
    Challenge: Ally of the Bear Tribe
    Shattered Tribute Bear Tribe Refuge Leather Cache
    The Beast’s Challenge Bear Tribe Refuge Salvage Cache
    Hammer of the Champions Bear Tribe Refuge Grizzly’s Maul
    Call of the Ancients Bear Tribe Refuge Elixir Cache
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    Scosglen Side Quests

    Scosglen, the enchanting Act II realm, beckons with its mystical allure. Delve into its depths and uncover the myriad of 47 captivating side quests that lie in wait. Discover the secrets of each quest as you navigate through the elaborate pages dedicated to their intricacies.

    Scosglen Side Quests
    Name Region Reward
    Chronicling the Old Ways Laglend Fen Herb Cache
    A Plea for Aid Firebreak Manor Herb Cache
    What Ails Thee Cerrigar Salvage Cache
    Fields of Ruin The Downs Leather Cache
    Feral Moon The Harrowfields Elixir Cache
    Stolen Artifice Braestaig Salvage Cache
    The Starving Strand Braestaig Salvage Cache
    Ravenous Predator’s Offering Ancestor Heights Appeased Predator’s Offering
    Stemming the Tide Marowen Gem Cache
    A Briny Fate Marowen Salvage Cache
    Votive Passing Braestaig Leather Cache
    Settling the Tab Tirmair Ore Cache
    Of Pests and Pestilence Tirmair Elixir Cache
    An Acquired Taste Tirmair Leather Cache
    Wagered Honor Under the Fat Goose Inn Elixir Cache
    Remembering the Goose Under the Fat Goose Inn Murmuring Cache
    Ever Faithful Wraithstead Murmuring Cache
    The Wrong Hands The Blood Vale Gem Cache
    A Different Beast The Blood Vale Elixir Cache
    The Fledging Merchant Cerrigar Salvage Cache
    Blood of Brigands Cerrigar Ore Cache
    Daughter of the Oak Cerrigar Murmuring Cache
    The Seer The Cinder Woods Elixir Cache
    Tending Nature Tul Dulra Leather Cache
    The Diviner Tul Dulra Murmuring Cache
    The Traveling Scholar Southern Briars – The Deep Forest Gem Cache
    Smoke Signals Corbach Leather Cache
    Braega’s Chronicles Torvstrath – Corbach Salvage Cache
    Reclamation Corbach Gem Cache
    Left in Ashes Tul Dulra Spirit of Eadaoin
    The Broken Bear The Fells – The Deep Forest Murmuring Cache
    Warded Sailor’s Vessel The Cursed Scarps – Northshore Sailor’s Vessel
    Message in a Bottle Razor Shoals – The Strand Rare Amulet
    Challenge: A Sodden Pact
    Whispers from Below The Gaunt Eyrrs Salvage Cache
    A Sodden Pact Abandoned Coast Elixir Cache
    Untangled Truths Linnead Gem Cache
    Threads of Envy Northshore Rare Amulet
    Challenge: Claws at the Throat
    Claws at the Throat Great Northern Plains Salvage Cache
    Pyre of Ash Under the Fat Goose Inn Gem Cache
    Chasing Embers Under the Fat Goose Inn Ore Cache
    The Bear of Blackweald Under the Fat Goose Inn Rare Sword
    Challenge: A Deepening Shadow
    A Deepening Shadow Shob’ha’s Perch Leather Cache
    The Old Ways Shob’ha’s Perch Salvage Cache
    A Sliver of Light Shob’ha’s Perch Gem Cache, Rare Ring
    Challenge: First Among Wolves
    First Among Wolves Wraithstead Herb Cache
    The Snare The Scorched Orchards Leather Cache
    With Fangs Bared Wraithstead Rare Amulet
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    Dry Steppes Side Quests

    The barren expanse known as Dry Steppes unfolds as the captivating setting for Act III. Embark on an adventure through this realm, where a plethora of 38 intriguing side quests await your discovery. Unveil the secrets of each quest as you delve deeper into the intricately crafted pages dedicated to their unique tales.

    Dry Steppes Side Quests
    Name Region Reward
    Maligned Devotion Ked Bardu Ore Cache
    Thieves’ Famine Ked Bardu Salvage Cache
    Crucible of Worth Ked Bardu Raekor’s Valor
    Corroding Mettle Ked Bardu Ore Cache
    Exhuming Faith Orbei Monastery – Dindai Flats Murmuring Cache
    Sealed Penitent’s Cache Scarred Coast Penitent’s Cache
    Sealed Oxen Tribe Cache Khargai Crags Unsealed Oxen Tribe Cache
    Firsthand Knowledge Dindai Flats Murmuring Cache
    The Unlucky Ones Scarred Coast Salvage Cache
    Tarnished Amulet Untamed Scarps Elixir Cache
    Currency from Afar Untamed Scarps Salvage Cache
    Salt Begets Salt Jirandai Salvage Cache
    Blistered Heart Jirandai Leather Cache
    Keeping the Old Traditions Untamed Scarps Chest
    Culling the Flesh Crane Tribe Hutmoot Herb Cache
    Weight in Sin The Boiling Plains – Chambata Ridge Murmuring Cache
    Treasure or Trash Fate’s Retreat
    Hunger for New Life Farobru
    What Remains Hidden Overlook
    Kith and Kiln The Onyx Watchtower
    Blood and Sweat Ruins of Qara-Yisu
    Phases of the Moon Ruins of Qara-Yisu
    Challenge: Curious Curios
    Curious Curios The Boiling Plains – Chambata Ridge Gem Cache
    Hunting the Relic Hunter Fate’s Retreat Ore Cache
    More Than Meets the Eyes Foothills of Saraan – Accursed Wastes Rakhaan’s Favor
    Challenge: Fury Against Hate
    Consumed by Pride Crane Tribe Hutmoot Leather Cache
    Raising Spears Crane Tribe Hutmoot Salvage Cache
    Fury Against Fate Crane Tribe Hutmoot
    Challenge: Hubris Smiles Back
    Augury of Bones Jirandai Ore Cache
    Hubris Smiles Back Khargai Crags Salvage Cache
    Challenge: Arbiter of the Steppes
    Scorched Debts The Bastard’s Pass – Khargai Crags Murmuring Cache
    Sentimental Value Hidden Overlook – Jakha Basin Salvage Cache
    A Pound of Flesh The Onyx Watchtower
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    Khejistan Side Quests

    Khejistan, the realm of Act III/Act IV, unveils its enigmatic allure. A bounty of 44 side quests beckon, each holding secrets and treasures untold. Traverse these enchanting pages to discover the myriad quests that await, as well as delve into dedicated pages brimming with intricate details for each quest.


    Khejistan Side Quests
    Name Region Reward
    Traces of Iron
    Payment Past Due
    Challenge: A Wolf’s Honor
    A Wolf’s Honor
    On the Hunt
    More Value Than Gold
    Head of the Snake
    A Moment of Peace
    Challenge: Acts of Atonement
    An Errant Flock
    Acts of Atonement
    Justice Delayed
    An Unlawful Order
    Challenge: A Voice from the Past
    A Voice from the Past
    Izel of the Vizjerei
    Challenge: Unsafe Travels
    Unsafe Travels
    Road to Ruin
    The Only Cure
    Challenge: The Way of the Three
    The Way of the Three

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