Step by step guide on how to create Gray Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a world of endless possibilities, and dye is no exception. The craftable options for dye are truly flexible, providing players with the ability to create a whopping 16 unique combinations using the reliable white default. The process of customizing Black Dye is surprisingly simple, with the creation of Light Blue Dye or any other mixed dye requiring no more effort than combining White and Black to produce two Gray Dyes.

Creating Gray Dye demands a combination of Black and White Dye. The pale shades of dye have a distinct characteristic in that they necessitate White Dye for blending. Luckily, White Dye is abundant since just one skeleton bone can yield three. You can encounter these skeletons during the night, making it plausible to dye your bed by the second night of playing Minecraft. On the other hand, Black Dye can be fashioned from Squids living in any biome.


Required Materials to craft a Gray Bed

To craft Gray Dye in Minecraft, you will need the following:

  • Black Dye.
  • White Dye.
  • To concoct Gray Dye, a fusion of both these pigments is imperative as it cannot be derived solely from flora.

    In a Nutshell:

    Engage with the Crafting Table and occupy the lowermost section of the crafting grid with a trio of Wooden Planks. Subsequently, arrange three wool pieces in the middle row of the crafting grid.

    Step-by-Step Guide (with Pictures):

    Step 1- Find and kill a Squid to obtain their Ink Sac.

    The elusive squid can be spotted in bodies of water far and wide.

    Step 2- Craft Black Dye from an Ink Sac

    Step 3- Find and kill a Skeleton. Obtain their bones!

    As the darkness descends,

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    Step 4- Craft Bones into Bone Meal.

    Step 5- Craft White Dye from Bone Meal.

    Step 6- To finally craft your Gray Dye, simply combine your Black Dye and White Dye.

    Bravo! You’ve acquired a pair of Gray Dyes.

    How to use Gray Dye in Minecraft?

    Activate your Gray Dye by pressing the Use key on any dyeable object. A plethora of options await for you to unleash your creativity upon, including Terracotta, Wool, Stained Glass, Armor, Firework Stars, Banner Patterns, Shulker Boxes, Concrete, Balloons, Glow Sticks, Beds, Candles, and Signs.

    Gray-dyed blocks, easily

    Explainer Video



    Are there alternative methods available for altering the hue of my bed?

    In Minecraft, players have a couple of options to alter the hue of their bed. They can either construct a White Bed and apply dye, or opt to dye wool directly. Nevertheless, our guide advocates for a more streamlined approach.

    Is it possible to create a double bed within the virtual world of Minecraft?

    It’s possible to achieve the luxurious feel of a double bed in a unique way. Although increasing the size of a single bed is not an option, placing two beds side-by-side can create a visually stunning and spacious appearance.


    In the expansive world of Minecraft, the task of selecting a single color to embody your virtual self can prove to be a daunting challenge, with a total of 16 hues to choose from. However, do not despair, for the beauty of this game lies in the ability to mix and match to your heart’s content. While the commonplace black and white dye may not satisfy your thirst for novelty, why not try your hand at the elusive Gray Dye? This unique shade is a rarity in Minecraft, making it all the more special to craft and showcase. Don’t expect to come across this elusive dye while exploring, for it is a precious discovery that can only be made through your own crafting efforts.

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