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The Summoner Necromancer possesses boundless possibilities for customization, yet the most exceptional approach lies in harnessing the might of Supernatural Sever. This assertive Core Skill becomes electrifyingly potent when combined with our skeletal Minions and is further amplified by an array of immensely influential Shadow abilities, which periodically augment your legion of the undead! Moreover, this Undead Commando fearlessly takes charge on the battlefield, leading from the forefront! Unite with your Minions in the heat of combat to elevate their destructive prowess to unprecedented heights!

Although it may seem like the optimal strategy to include every Passive and active Skill that pertains to your Minions, a closer look reveals that many of these choices are rather underwhelming (pour one out for Army of the Dead). However, astute theorists recognize the incredible possibilities offered by Shadowblight, which not only enhances our damage but also empowers the formidable Blighted Offensive Aspect Codex of Power Aspect.

Equipped with an abundance of Crowd Control through Corpse Tendrils and Crippling Darkness to sustain our skeletal comrades, this Summoner exhibits unparalleled mastery over the battlefield!

Summoner Necromancer

Bone Warriors – Agile Fighters.

This build guide takes you through the Campaign up to Level 50. Endgame guides will follow soon in our Necromancer Guides section. Stay tuned!

Unbelievable area-of-effect abilities ✔Incredible crowd control choices ✔Formidable army of the undead ✔Impressive speed in taking down bosses ✔.

❌ Mastering Minions ❌ Embraces the Power of Crowd Manipulation ❌ Engaging in a Looping Gameplay Experience ❌ Absence of Invincible Skills.

Starting off our arsenal, Bone Splinters takes the lead as our trusty Generator. With its lightning-fast animation and remarkable Resource generation, it proves to be an invaluable asset. Not only that, but it boasts a respectable probability of inflicting Vulnerable, ensuring that our subsequent strikes inflict even greater devastation. As we progress beyond level 22, we unlock the mighty Corpse Tendrils. This ability comes to our aid by providing the necessary assistance to summon Corpses at will through Reap. This newfound power enables us to gather our foes in one place, allowing us to unleash a torrent of area-of-effect damage like never before.

Input: First and foremost, let’s unleash the full potential of our fundamental Basic Skill and its initial upgrade. In the early stages, our trusty Skeletons come to our aid by absorbing enemy attacks and dealing a modest amount of damage. To maximize our efficiency, we rely on the unparalleled prowess of Bone Splinters as our top-notch Generator Skill. As we progress, we opt for a strategic shift to Reap, which offers a wider range of practical applications.

Tier 2: Shattered Bones.

Tier 3: Amplified Bone Fractures.

Use the scroll bar to see the respec

Sever has rapidly ascended the ladder of coolest looking Necromancer skills. Its visual appeal lies in the form of a ghostly skeletal figure swiftly darting towards adversaries, mercilessly cleaving them apart with a scythe. This metal-infused spectacle not only exudes a captivating aura, but also serves as a remarkably dependable and efficient means of dealing with both densely packed groups and solitary foes. What’s more, its potency amplifies with the increasing number of Minions we possess, courtesy of the supernatural prowess bestowed upon Sever. Additionally, we acquire Initiate’s Bone Splinters to bestow Vulnerable upon our adversaries.

Tier 4: Rupture.

Tier 5: Augmented Slasher.

Tier 6: Otherworldly Slasher.

Stage 7: Commence the Shattering of Bones.

At this juncture, our focus lies on enhancing Sever’s foundational skill damage and amplifying the might of our Skeletal Warriors. This strategic approach ensures optimal scalability and grants us access to a formidable legion of minions!

Unleash the Art of Skeletal Warrior Mastery at Levels 12-14.

Our current build lacks a consistent flow of Shadow Damage, as well as effective Crowd Control (CC) and Damage output. Fortunately, we don’t need to search too far, as we have access to three potent abilities: Corpse Explosion, Corpse Tendrils, and Imperfectly Balanced. The Blighted Corpse Explosion spell transforms our standard Physical AoE attack into a devastating area of lingering Shadow Damage. This becomes increasingly crucial as we progress further. Additionally, Corpse Tendrils aids in gathering all monsters into a single location, greatly enhancing our efficiency in dispatching them. And lastly, the skill Imperfectly Balanced infuses our attacks with a significant boost in damage.

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Unleash the wrath of Level 15: Corpse Explosion.

The 16th tier: Corpse Explosion Unleashed

The seventeenth level unveils a twisted display of power known as the Malevolent Cadaver Detonation.

Stage 18: Necrotic Vines.

Stage 19: Empowered Grasps of the Deceased.

The 20th level brings forth the haunting tendrils of the plagued corpse.

Stage 21: The Essence of Lifelessness.

The Unsteady Equilibrium of Levels 22-24.

Respec 1: Bone Splinters transforms into the formidable ability known as Reap.

Revive 2: Empowered Bone Shards -> Empowered Harvest.

Reverence III: Commence the Shattering of Bones -> Disciple’s Harvest.

Hooray! We have arrived at the realm of Shadow Damage Passives, where all our efforts in inflicting Shadow Damage can truly pay off. Here, we are granted the power of swiftness, immense damage amplification, and the ability to control and stagger our foes. These Passives generously acknowledge our dedication to consistently unleashing Shadow Damage, and they magnify the advantages of any crowd control maneuvers we execute with our unique build.

The Gory Bounty of Level 25.

Stage 26: Ignited by the Embrace of the Reaper.

Stage 27: The Hunt of the Grim Reaper.

Gloom awaits, lurking in the shadows, at levels 28-30.

Levels 31-33: Dread Unleashed.

Stage 34: Paralyzing Shadows.

While the current Ultimate Skills offer limited benefits, the Key Passive possesses the potential to greatly enhance our damage output. Shadowblight showcases several noteworthy attributes. Firstly, it provides a substantial 10% damage boost to both our Minions and Skills. Additionally, when applying Shadow Damage to a target affected by Shadowblight for the tenth time, it inflicts 20% weapon damage without any cost. Consequently, our continuous barrage of attacks such as the multi-hit Sever, the ever-present Corpse Explosion, and the relentless Skeletal Mages – Shadow, allows us to rapidly accumulate an abundance of free damage on the target. This particular advantage proves especially advantageous in terms of speed when facing bosses.

Enhancing the potency of our Corpse Explosion, while incorporating crucial Passives to sustain our Essence reservoir and fuel the relentless Sever mechanism.

Golem Mastery: Unleashing the Power at Level 36.

Unleash the devastating power of Corpse Explosion as you ascend to levels 37-40.

Flesh that has been Cleaved – Levels 41-43.

Tier 44-45: The Sinister Reaping.

Death’s Unyielding Power at Level 46-47.

Tier 48: Leader of Inspiration.

The Unearthly Enchanter: Reaching the Pinnacle of Necromancy at Level 49.

The Genesis of Paragon: Embarking on Level 50.

Once you’ve accumulated all the Renown in Diablo 4, an extraordinary opportunity arises where you are bestowed with 10 additional Skill Points to distribute among your characters. Your utmost objective should be to allocate these points wisely, aligning with the leveling progression we have previously elucidated. Once you have successfully traversed the entire progression, it is imperative to channel these points into the specified nodes that will set the foundation for the awe-inspiring Sever Necromancer Build Guide.

The Mighty Shield of Death: Renown 1-3.

Commander of Infernal Valor: The Fabled 4-6

The Art of Golem Manipulation: Renown 7-8.

Acclaimed 9-10: Mastering the Art of Skeletal Mage.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

By delving into the pages of the Book of the Dead, we unlock the mystical powers of Summoning Skeletons and Golems. These formidable abilities allow us to command an army of undead minions in battle, fighting alongside us with unwavering loyalty. Moreover, we have the option to offer these minions as sacrifices, reaping exclusive passive enhancements for each sacrificial type. The beauty lies in the freedom to customize our strategy, seamlessly blending the summoning and sacrificing aspects to suit various playstyles.

At the mere level one, you possess the power to conjure forth Skeletons, and at level 5, the realm of customization opens up for your Skeletal Skirmishers through the unveiling of the Book Menu. As you progress, an array of Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and even Golems will be at your disposal. However, the path to attaining the Golem is not an easy one, as a Quest must be undertaken, all of which is meticulously explained in this invaluable resource post. To bring forth these mystical beings, it is imperative that you incorporate the Raise Skeleton and Golem skills into your skill bar.

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Initially, we embark on our journey with feeble strength, placing our reliance on the Skeletons to inflict damage on individual targets. However, as we progress, we gradually exchange them for more versatile alternatives, ultimately sacrificing their existence to harness their remarkable benefits. The selection of Skeletons and Golem, along with their respective attributes, is elaborated upon in the following passage:

Begin your mystical journey by harnessing the power of necromancy through the enchanting spell of Summon Skeletons at Level 1.

Level 5: Skeleton Warriors – Agile Fighters.

Stage 15: Shadows of the Undead – Bone Sorcerers.

The Frozen Horde: Frosty Necromancers – Level 18.

Stage 25: Colossal Constructs – Skeletal.

Golems of Blood await at Level 28, ready to unleash their formidable power.

Advancing in Diablo 4 mirrors the progression systems commonly found in other ARPGs and MMOs – our fate is determined by the items we come across. In the majority of cases, this entails swapping out ordinary Rares for superior ones as we ascend to level 50. However, if fortune smiles upon us and we stumble upon a few Legendaries or Uniques, they can bestow upon us a substantial increase in power (as elaborated in the following sections). Assuming we are not fortunate enough to encounter any of these rare items, it would be wise to focus on certain key attributes as we make our way forward.

The Summoner Necromancer wields a pair of distinctive gear items – the Two-Handed Scythe and the Shield. The Scythe, aside from dealing damage, grants the ability to gain life upon killing enemies, ensuring enhanced survival and even some excessive healing. On the other hand, Shields offer the advantage of blocking a portion of incoming damage, but only for a limited duration. Although this defensive option may prove beneficial for Hardcore gameplay, it pales in comparison to the allure of wielding a more powerful 2-Handed Weapon, which guarantees greater damage potential.

In the realm of Necromancy, the ultimate weapon of choice appears to be the mighty Two-Handed Sword, wielding an innate power to unleash devastating Critical Strike Damage. Now, let us delve into the realm of priorities, listed below in a precise order:

  • Boost your Core Skill Damage by an impressive xx%.
  • Boost your damage by an extra xx% when striking vulnerable targets.
  • A whopping increase of +xx% in Critical Strike Damage.
  • Enhance your power by inflicting +xx% more damage upon enemies who are under the influence of lingering shadow damage.
  • Inflict devastating xx% bonus damage upon helpless foes under your control.
  • +Xx Intelligence.
  • Xx Boost to All Attributes.
  • Enhance the power of your weapon by embedding it with a mesmerizing amethyst, and make sure to visit the skilled blacksmith for a solid 1-2 upgrades whenever you stumble upon a better alternative.

    When it comes to armor, we usually seek out Defense and Utility stats, however, the Gloves defy convention by presenting a plethora of Offensive possibilities. Let’s now delve into the crucial stats worth considering:

  • Helm: Mindfulness, Vitality, Defenses.
  • Armament: Apex Vitality, Absolute Shielding, Debilitation Diminishment, Primeval Minion Vitality.
  • Gauntlets: Savage Tiers, Swiftness, Devastation, Wisdom.
  • Pantaloons: Ranks of Cadaverous Detonation, Apex Vitality, Intellect, Damage Mitigation, Supreme Minion Vitality.
  • Swift Footwear: Enhancing Mobility, Mastery of Necrotic Cords, Reinforced Vigor.
  • The enchanting allure of jewelry bestows upon us formidable Offensive attributes to aid us in our quest for advancement. Be mindful of the dice’s roll, for even amidst higher tiers, superior artistry is not always guaranteed.

  • Rewrite: Mystical Talisman: Devastation, Swiftness, Universal Prowess, Protective Shielding, Ascends to Harmonious Equilibrium, Ascends to Shadowed Obscurity.
  • Rings: Devastation, Annihilation of Nearby Foes, Demolition of Hindered Foes, Eerie Shadow Infliction, Exposed Vulnerability Destruction.
  • Refrain from enhancing the majority of your Armor pieces or Jewelry during the leveling process. However, it is highly recommended to enhance your Boots if you stumble upon any enhancements that boost your Movement Speed, as this will amplify its perks. Additionally, make sure to insert a Ruby gem into your Socket Armor and a Skull gem into your Jewelry for added benefits.

    Immerse yourself in the mystical world of the Codex of Power, a mesmerizing compendium of mythical attributes that can be etched onto precious Rare or Legendary artifacts at the mystical Occultist’s abode. These extraordinary abilities lie dormant until you conquer formidable Dungeons scattered throughout the enchanting realm of Sanctuary. As you embark on your journey to ascend, a handful of specially endowed Aspects await, eagerly awaiting your financial prowess to unleash their transformative might.

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    Aspect Dungeon
    1. Blighted Offensive Aspect Akkhans’s Grasp – Hawezar
    2. Offensive Aspect of Grasping Veins Corrupted Grotto – Kehjistan
    3. Offensive Aspect of Reanimation Aldurwood – Scosglen

    Caution: Refrain from engraving your Weapons as they shall be ever-shifting as you progress. Instead, allocate Offensive Attributes to your Amulet and Gloves.

    Leveling Tips and Tricks

    Explore an array of handy tips and clever techniques applicable across all classes and specializations, let’s dive into them!

    Unleash your adventurous spirit by embracing our Campaign Guide. Embark on an exhilarating journey through the realms of the actual game (Coming Soon!).

    Enhance Your Elixir’s Power. Embark on a quest to gather the necessary ingredients for enhancing your character’s magical elixir. While exploring the mystical realm of Sanctuary, be sure to diligently gather all the essential materials, with a special emphasis on acquiring the rare Gallowvine, a key component in numerous potent concoctions!

    Alchemist location in Kyovashad

    Input: Compare your belongings… Quite literally. Hold down the Shift key while hovering over an item in your inventory to effortlessly compare it with what you currently have equipped. This nifty feature simplifies the process of identifying upgrades and distinguishing them from the rest.

    Renown, the faithful companion, accompanies you on your ventures through diverse territories. Embrace the journey and seize every opportunity to amass Renown. Its rewards are boundless, enriching your entire account with enhanced Skill/Paragon points and an abundance of Potion charges. Embark on the quest to accumulate Renown by activating Waypoints, discovering the mystical Altars of Lilith, conquering Side Quests/Dungeons, and liberating mighty Strongholds.

    Rewritten Exercise Caution with Gold. Numerous endgame procedures, such as acquiring and engraving Mythical Attributes, can be exorbitantly costly for a freshly initiated character. Refrain from exhaustively depleting your Gold during your journey!

    Input: Don’t Engrave Your Weapon. The utmost vital element during the process of leveling up is your weapon, as it undergoes frequent replacements. Imprinting a Legendary Aspect onto it would only squander valuable resources. Instead, allocate your most formidable offensive Aspect onto your Amulet, ensuring its longevity.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Necromancy.
  • Guide to Mastering the Dark Arts: Unleash Your Summoner Necromancer Potential in the Epic Endgame (Unveiling in Season 1).
  • Guide to Mastering the Art of Blood Surge Necromancy.
  • Guide to Mastering the Dark Arts of Necromancy
  • Guide to Leveling as a Bone Spear Necromancer: Unleash the Power of Bones
  • Guide to Unleashing the Blight Corpse Necromancer’s Explosive Potential
  • The Imminent Arrival of the Necromancer PvP Guide.
  • Helltide.
  • Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Paragon Boards.
  • Powering Up.
  • Whispering Woods.
  • The Summoner Necromancer skillfully transforms a dire circumstance into an opportunity, harnessing the potential of our frail skeletal Minions and empowering them with the force of Shadow Damage!
  • Don’t miss out on the immense potential of your Golem’s activated ability in leading the charge during battles and orchestrating your swarm’s movements flawlessly. Seize every opportunity to unleash its power whenever it becomes available again!
  • Don’t forget that Sever unleashes multiple waves of destruction with each use of its Skills. Focus on attacking groups of enemies that are tightly packed together and ensure that the path connecting you to them is unobstructed in order to unleash the most devastating damage!
  • Unleash the power of Reap to summon your Essence and conjure additional corpses whenever you desire to engage in battle with Corpse Tendrils or strengthen your formidable Skeletal army.
  • The Corpse Explosion skill transforms into a potent area-of-effect ability that inflicts lingering Shadow Damage, serving as a dynamic catalyst for enhancing our overall strategy and ensuring a continuous activation of our Shadowblight Passive.
  • Keep an eye out for the invaluable Legendary Powers concealed within the mighty Codex of Power, particularly those renowned for enhancing both your offensive prowess and resilience!
  • May fortune smile upon you, Nephalem!
  • Crafted by Macrobioboi. Assessed by Echohack.

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