The Best Rogue Leveling Build in Diablo 4

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The Best Rogue Leveling Build in Diablo 4

The Blizzard Diablo IV Press Center serves as the ultimate hub for all things related to the source of captivating images.

In Diablo 4, the Rogues class reigns supreme, captivating players with its vast array of options. Ascending to Level 50 swiftly becomes a paramount objective for your character, as it grants access to superior abilities on the illustrious Paragon Board. Yet, this feat will not be easily attained, prompting players to seek the ultimate Rogue leveling build in Diablo 4, a catalyst for expediting the progression. While all pathways to Level 50 demand combat, none rival the prowess of the Twisting Blades build, renowned for its unparalleled swiftness. Embark on the creation of this extraordinary build and acquaint yourself with the coveted skills that lie within its realm.

Skills for the Best Rogue Leveling Build

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The Blizzard Diablo IV Press Center serves as the ultimate hub for all things related to the source of captivating images.

Discover the essential skills required to embark on an awe-inspiring journey with the Twisting Blades build.

Level Skill Name
2 Puncture

Enhanced Puncture

4 Twisting Blades

Enhanced Twisting Blades


Advanced Twisting Blades


Fundamental Puncture

8 Dash
9 Shadow Step
10 Twisting Blades
11 Twisting Blades
12 Twisting Blades
13 Dark Shroud

Enhanced Dark Shroud


Subverting Dark Shroud

16 Poison Trap

Enhanced Poison Trap

18 Twisting Blades

Enhanced Shadow Step


Methodical Shadow Step

21 Exploit
22 Exploit
23 Exploit
24 Sturdy
25 Innervation
26 Innervation
27 Innervation
28 Adrenaline Rush
29 Haste
30 Haste
31 Haste
32 Trap Mastery
33 Trap Mastery
34 Trap Mastery
35 Momentum
36 Concussive
37 Concussive
38 Concussive

Siphoning Strikes


Siphoning Strikes


Siphoning Strikes

42 Deadly Venom

Alchemical Advantage


Debilitating Toxins


Debilitating Toxins


Debilitating Toxins


Weapon Mastery


Weapon Mastery


Weapon Mastery

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Rewritten Embrace the essence of the build by harnessing the potent Shadow Imbuement buff in perfect harmony with the mesmerizing Twisting Blades. Engage in swift combat, gracefully leaping to the opposite end while unleashing the empowering Invigorating Strike to accumulate Combo Points. Witness the awe-inspiring return of the Twisting Blades, setting off magnificent explosions amidst the unsuspecting enemies. Embrace this mesmerizing dance repeatedly, with the aid of your innate abilities that effortlessly replenish your Energy reserves. Mastery of this technique requires dedication, but the outcome is nothing short of lethal and effortlessly executable. Eventually, transcend to other formidable builds, propelling you towards the illustrious Level 50 in no time.

Aspects For The Twisted Blades Build

These are the key elements that contribute to the effectiveness of this construction:

  • Bladedancer’s Aspect.
  • Lethal Twilight’s Facet.
  • Ravenous Aspect.
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    Input: Provided that you adhere to the core principles of the construction, you shall swiftly triumph over hordes of adversaries and amass knowledge. For a multitude of reasons, this particular Rogue leveling build in Diablo 4 stands as one of the finest, and its repetition comes with utmost ease. Once established, all other facets harmoniously complement the build, enabling its perpetual utilization. While exceptional for solitary adventurers, it equally thrives in cooperative endeavors, toppling colossal waves of foes.

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