Diablo 4: Strong Necromancer Minion Build for 50+

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Enter the sinister realm of Diablo 4, an ARPG crafted by Blizzard, where the gates of hell beckon. Embark on a perilous journey, choosing from a selection of 5 formidable classes to engage in battle. Unleash your dark powers as a Necromancer and conquer the treacherous path to level 50 with our expertly crafted Endgame Minion Build.

Embark on an adventure with Diablo 4, the newest ARPG creation by Blizzard, where countless players are now venturing into the endgame at level 50. To ensure your success as a necromancer, we present a formidable minion build that guarantees a smooth journey towards level 100.

Haven’t reached level 50 yet? Give our Necromancer level build a shot!

In Diablo 4, the necromancer presents a plethora of skills awaiting your deft manipulation, allowing you to ingeniously meld them together to unleash devastating, awe-inspiring spells upon your adversaries. Our primary emphasis lies in harnessing the power of servants, darkness, and frost damage within the culmination of the game.


  • Impressive havoc wreaked by loyal aides.
  • A magnificent outpouring of essence.
  • Uncompromised game experience, even amidst challenging tiers.
  • Cons.

  • Robust item and interdependence of facets.
  • Additional harm cannot be inflicted using lifeless bodies.
  • Feeble explosions.
  • Lacking prowess in player-versus-player combat.
  • These are the Talents your Level 50+ Necromancer Needs

    Unlock the true potential of your character by mastering a diverse range of skills and strategically allocating them in your skill tree. With the Renown system, you have the opportunity to distribute a generous sum of 58 points, allowing you to reach level 50 with the ultimate build.

    Order Skill
    1 Decompose
    2 Enhanced Decompose
    3 Acolyte’s Decompose
    4 Sever
    5 Sever Level 2
    6 Sever Level 3
    7 Sever Level 4
    8 Sever Level 5
    9 Enhanced Sever
    10 Supernatural Sever
    11 Hewed Flesh
    12 Hewed Flesh Level 2
    13 Hewed Flesh Level 3
    14 Unliving Energy
    15 Unliving Energy level 2
    16 Unliving Energy Level 3
    17 Imperfectly Balanced
    18 Imperfectly Balanced Level 2
    19 Imperfectly Balanced Level 3
    20 Blood Mist
    21 Enhanced Blood Mist
    22 Ghastly Blood Mist
    23 Skeletal Warrior Mastery
    24 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 2
    25 Skeletal Warrior Mastery Level 3
    26 Grim Harvest
    27 Grim Harvest level 2
    28 Grim Harvest Level 3
    29 Fueled by Death
    30 Death’s Embrace
    31 Death’s Embrace Level 2
    32 Death’s Embrace Level 3
    33 Death’s Reach
    34 Death’s Reach Level 2
    35 Death’s Reach Level 3
    36 Skeletal Mage Mastery
    37 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 2
    38 Skeletal Mage Mastery Level 3
    39 Reaper’s Pursuit
    40 Crippling Darkness
    41 Golem Mastery
    42 Army of the Dead
    43 Prime Army of the Dead
    44 Supreme Army of the Dead
    45 Kalan’s Edict
    46 Inspiring Leader
    47 Inspiring Leader Level 2
    48 Inspiring Leader Level 3
    49 Hellbent Commander
    50 Hellbent Commander Level 2
    51 Hellbent Commander Level 3
    52 Death’s Defense
    53 Death’s Defense Level 1
    54 Death’s Defense Level 2
    55 Bonded in Essence
    56 Bonded in Essence Level 2
    57 Bonded in Essence Level 3
    58 Golem Level 2
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    How to Play the Necromancer from Level 50 Onwards

    Unleash the power of your skills: Unleash the ultimate potential of this endgame masterpiece, crafted to unleash an unprecedented wave of devastation through your loyal minions – delve deeper into this artistry. Witness your minions engage in unpredictable assaults against your adversaries, while positioning yourself in close proximity to your Skeleton Mages, allowing them to harness the sheer might of the passive prowess known as “Hellbent Commander” (providing a remarkable 30% damage boost while standing nearby). Seize this advantageous stance, launching relentless attacks upon your desired targets using Reaper, while replenishing your vital Essence through the mystical art of Decompose.

    Reviving fallen skeletons or enhancing their strength and vitality with the aid of the skeleton priest involves utilizing lifeless bodies. Employing the army of the deceased is strategic against powerful elite factions or formidable bosses, ensuring an initial surge of devastating impact or serving as a backup when all skeletal warriors have perished and a shortage of corpses arises.

    Harnessing the power of the Blood Mist grants you the ability to generate a surplus of lifeless bodies while temporarily rendering yourself impervious to harm. This extraordinary skill proves invaluable when navigating through challenging predicaments.

    This particular setup revolves around a unique concept: Its success hinges on acquiring specific equipment pieces and mastering certain aspects in advance. Once achieved, your arsenal of dark spells will immobilize foes while your skeletal mages diligently summon a relentless blizzard. The underlying strategy revolves around freezing adversaries to deliver devastating blows and increase your odds of survival when facing formidable adversaries.

    How to Skill Your Servants in the Book of the Dead

    Embracing your role as a necromancer, you are bestowed with loyal minions who aid you unfailingly on the battlefield. Within the sacred pages of your Book of the Dead, you have the power to bestow unique abilities upon each servant. Follow these steps to unlock their true potential:

  • Reaper: The Undead Warrior [2].
  • Frosty Conjurers: Chilled [1].
  • Golem: Unleash the power of the golem and tailor its abilities to suit any given circumstance. Bone [1]: A cunning tool to redirect enemy focus onto your formidable golem.
  • Crimson Essence [2]: Unleashes a formidable surge of power when your vitality remains untarnished.
  • Iron [2]: Unleashing the destructive force of the golem leaves your adversaries exposed.
  • Diablo necromancer endgame build
    How to skill your Minions.

    Necromancer Endgame Build: The Right Equipment Values and Legendaries

    To ensure you stay on track with your gear, we provide guidance on the essential stats to focus on and recommend legendary attributes that perfectly complement this particular setup.

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  • Armament: Behold, the one-of-a-kind, double-handed scythe known as the “Silent Echo”. This extraordinary weapon has been discovered not once but twice within the treacherous confines of the “Frostbound Catacombs” during Act 1. Its divine manifestation grants the power to imbue a bone-chilling touch upon your foes, inducing a state of frigid suffering upon those unfortunate enough to be reaped and decayed by its blade.
  • Armor: Apart from that, make sure to consider the subsequent factors for your armor, as well as for your weapon: The potency to inflict harm on targets that have been cooled or frozen.
  • Unleashing devastation upon faraway adversaries.
  • A glorious existence dedicated to the care and service of others.
  • Amplify the destructive potential of servants.
  • Fortune’s Favor.
  • +Darkness spell.
  • +Darkness Damage.
  • Intelligence.
  • Blutloser Schrei Effekt Diablo 4
    With the “Bloodless Scream” scythe, the build really makes sense.
  • Mythical Elements: Unlock these fabled attributes to unleash their power. Embrace the Aspect of the Guardian: Unleash a formidable barrier upon dealing damage to elite adversaries. Uncover this hidden gem within the mysterious Lost Archives nestled amidst the enigmatic Fractured Peaks.
  • The Unyielding Commander’s Aspect bestows a formidable enhancement upon your undead forces, infusing them with unparalleled strength. This coveted boon can be discovered within the enigmatic Faceless Shrine nestled amidst the mist-laden Hazewar.
  • Reanimation Facet: Amplifies the might of your Skeletons, inflicting greater damage. Discovered within the mystical Aldur Wood, nestled amidst the enchanting realm of Scosglen.
  • Aspect of Blood Gatherers: Enhances the ranks of your skeletal warriors, multiplying their numbers. This exceptional attribute is exclusively bestowed upon a single artifact.
  • Ooze Essence: Augments the ranks of your Skeleton Mages, multiplying their numbers. This rare trait is exclusive to a single artifact. The ideal placement for this enigmatic essence is within your amulet.
  • The Frostweaver’s Essence: Your Necromancer Conjurers frequently invoke a Winter Storm. This extraordinary power can solely be discovered within a singular artifact.
  • Frenzied Dead’s Aspect: Unleashes a whirlwind of rapid strikes, heightening the attack tempo of your loyal minions. This unique ability can solely be discovered on a single artifact.
  • Hardened Bones’ Aspect: Enhances the fortification of your loyal attendants. This remarkable attribute resides solely within a unique artifact.
  • Jewels: To acquire exquisite gems, one must diligently amass and skillfully embed three distinct varieties. Firstly, the Weapon Jewel, known as the Sapphire, bestows upon its wielder an enhanced likelihood of inflicting critical blows upon their susceptible adversaries.
  • Ruby Armor, infusing vitality into your existence.
  • Sparkling Gems: Diamonds, the epitome of durability.
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    How to Skill your Paragon Boards in the Necromancer Build

    Within the Paragon system, an abundant pool of 200 points awaits you upon reaching the pinnacle of levels. This generous allocation allows for ample investment in enhancing the potency of your Necromancer build. As you embark on your journey towards acquiring mystical and fabled glyphs, it is crucial to remain mindful of the significance these values hold.

  • All that empowers your loyal attendants.
  • Intelligence..
  • Willpower.
  • Dexterity.
  • On the initial board, you must skillfully navigate towards the right direction and harness the mystical glyph known as “Territorial”. This enchantment amplifies your destructive prowess against nearby adversaries, augmenting your damage output by a remarkable 2% for every 5 points of Dexterity actively present in the vicinity. Alas, we must relinquish the glyph’s power at this stage, for we are unable to fully unlock its potential. Fear not, for as you progress to greater heights, you shall have the option to replace the glyph with either Golem or Control, granting you new avenues of dominance.

    Necro Paragon
    This is what the first Paragon board looks like at the Necromancer.

    After conquering the initial stage, ascend to the pinnacle where the enigmatic “Cult Leader” awaits, bearing an emblem of mythic proportions for your loyal followers. It is here that you unlock the profound glyphs that imbue your faithful servants with unparalleled might.

    The subsequent selection of boards that perfectly align with this build includes:

  • Massive Behemoth: Your Golem boasts an additional 40% in vitality and wields a staggering 30% increase in destructive power.
  • Fragrance of Demise: Amplifies your damage resistance by 15% in the presence of lifeless bodies, while simultaneously heightening your offensive capabilities by 15% in their absence.
  • The perfect symbols for your boards are:

  • Dominion: Empowering aura that bolsters damage dealt to foes in close proximity while simultaneously reducing incoming damage from neighboring adversaries.
  • Rewritten Enhance the golem’s power and vitality with increased damage and life.
  • Dominance: Enhanced damage inflicted upon foes with limited control, and amplified devastation towards icy or frozen adversaries.
  • Delve into the depths of our Necromancer build, crafted specifically for those embarking on a journey beyond level 50, all the way up to the grandeur of level 100. Alas, when it comes to the realm of PvP, this build may not be as fitting, particularly when facing multiple adversaries, for the loyal minions under your command tend to scatter far and wide.

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