Unlink Microsoft Account From Minecraft PS4 & PS5

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The Bedrock edition of Minecraft has revolutionized gaming by introducing a groundbreaking feature that is now embraced by all platforms – the power to effortlessly connect a Microsoft account. This extraordinary advancement grants users unfettered access to all their downloadable content, eliminating the need for redundant payments. However, it’s important to note that only one PSN account can be linked to a Microsoft account at a given time. Consequently, for those desiring to detach their current link and replace it with a fresh Microsoft account, maneuvering through this process might prove to be a perplexing challenge.

Upon purchasing a fresh gaming console and neglecting the content transfer, you shall be prompted to reauthenticate your Microsoft account. However, if your memory fails to recall the password/username or even the Minecraft-linked account, brace yourself for the encounter with the subsequent error message.

unlink microsoft account from PlayStation

Oops! It seems that this account is already linked. Kindly log in using your previously connected Microsoft Account.

Resolving this issue is a breeze, granted you still possess access to the pertinent Microsoft account. Regrettably, the game fails to disclose the identity of said account.

To disconnect a Microsoft account from the PS4 version of Minecraft, you must initially ensure that you are logged into the account. Within the Minecraft menu, the bottom left corner of the screen will indicate whether you are currently logged in or not. If you observe a “Sign In” button, it signifies that you are not signed in. Consequently, you must sign in at this location utilizing the account associated with PSN. If you are unaware of the account, kindly refer to the section provided below.

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  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Descend towards the realm of “Account”.
  • Explore within this space to discover a hidden gem nestled at the depths—a mystical button, aptly named “Sever the Bonds of the Microsoft Account”.
  • Give this a gentle tap and embrace the cautionary signals.
  • The ties between your PSN edition of Minecraft and your account have been severed by you.
  • I No Longer Have Access / Remember The Original Microsoft Account

    Lately, I encountered an intriguing predicament. The game kept bombarding me with an exasperating Oops error message, yet I was clueless about any alternative Microsoft account I might have employed. Consequently, I found myself incapable of accessing the game using my previous account to sever the connection.

    After extensive research, it appears that we have hit a roadblock. Unraveling the link between the Microsoft account becomes an impossible task without knowledge of the linked account. Regrettably, there seems to be no solution in determining the PSN version’s associated account, making it incredibly challenging to commence any course of action.

    Input: If you have knowledge of the account but are no longer able to access it, Microsoft support might offer assistance. However, in most cases, if you fail to provide sufficient evidence of account ownership, they will be hesitant to provide any aid.

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