Valheim: 5 Weird Ways To Keep Monsters Out Of Your Base

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Unearthed are the most peculiar techniques employed by players to safeguard their mighty Viking settlements.

Keep this place safe with some weird tricks.

Dealing with monstrous assaults is an everlasting predicament in the realm of Valheim. As the sun sets, the shadows become a breeding ground for adversaries, and occasionally, they may unleash havoc upon your belongings. These malevolent beings are innately drawn to your modest settlements, capable of obliterating all that you possess if their determination knows no bounds. Consequently, adventurers are forever in pursuit of innovative methods to ward off these vexatious creatures.

Behold, behold! Unveiling before you are the wondrous and unconventional methods that shall fortify your fortress against the relentless onslaught of enemies. Witness as some summoning spells banish foes from ever materializing, while others cunningly divert their attention away from your stronghold. And lo and behold, there exists a singular technique that shall dispatch them automatically to the netherworld. Moreover, should you dare to embark upon this perilous path, you shall possess the power to conjure your very own legion of beast-hunters! But beware, for such mastery comes at the cost of enduring ceaseless, haunting howls.

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#1: The Art of Arranging Workstations.

Embark on your adventure, and behold the wonders of this ingenious strategy. Witness how adversaries dare not emerge within the realm of your workbench’s influence. Transform your island into a magnificent tapestry of workbenches, ensuring an everlasting sanctuary for your base. Though it may appear unsightly and demand a hefty toll of resources, the tranquility it provides is a small price to pay for serenity.

#2: Crafting an Enigmatic Creature Replica.

Living near the Plains biome can be quite challenging due to the relentless presence of Deathsquitoes. These bothersome creatures pose a threat to everything in their path. However, there is a clever solution to divert their attention away from your cherished base. Constructing a Greydwarf cage can serve as the perfect distraction. By creating a humble enclosure equipped with gates, you can entice a Greydwarf to enter and securely confine it. This captive will then become your ultimate decoy, successfully diverting the attention of the Deathsquitoes away from your precious abode.

#3: Unleashing the Might of the Wolf Pack.

Here’s an adventure that can easily spiral into chaos. Within the majestic Mountains, you have the power to domesticate mighty wolves through the art of food persuasion. However, taming these creatures is merely the beginning, as breeding becomes the ultimate goal. After successfully taming a duo of wolves, patiently nurture their relationship by providing nourishment and ensuring their contentment. In due time, the enchanting process of procreation will commence, for wolves possess a mysterious inclination to vanish into thin air. Thus, it is wiser to embrace anticipation and witness the glorious arrival of their offspring.

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Wolf pups are eternal companions, so once you have a pair of adorable babies, your formidable pack is ready to conquer. Domesticated Wolves excel at exterminating monsters and feasting on fresh meat effortlessly — this leads them to enter a blissful “Happy” state and procreate spontaneously. Such a phenomenon is a double-edged sword, so wield this extraordinary power with utmost discretion. Moreover, we have an extensive manual dedicated entirely to the art of nurturing wolf offspring available at your fingertips.

#4: Enchanted Marsh Droplet.

Let’s explore another concept we’ve previously touched upon. It remains an exceptional notion – simply establish your foundation on the fringes of a marshland. Excavate a trench beneath the water’s surface and interlink your pristine water source with the murky swamp water. This will facilitate the automatic expansion of the leech population into adjoining water bodies, thus enabling the construction of a leech-infested moat capable of eliminating any non-aerial beings. Now, that’s a practical method to impede anything devoid of flight.

The Deadly Blades of the Windmill.

Deathquitos are no match for the unstoppable might of Windmills. Crafted with triumph over Moder, the formidable boss of the Mountains biome, Windmills stand tall as a symbol of victory. While their primary purpose is to produce Barley Flour, resourceful players have discovered an unexpected advantage. The whirling blades of the Windmill have the power to swiftly vanquish Deathsquitoes in an instant.

Input: Now, imagine a scenario where you could encircle your entire home with majestic Windmills. These magnificent structures rely on the Artisan Table to operate, but their functionality persists even when the Artisan Table is relocated. This means you have the freedom to position Windmills in any desired location, as long as you establish the Artisan Table as a foundation.

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We’ve exhausted our repertoire of peculiar techniques (thus far) to safeguard your stronghold. But what other ingenious strategies lie in wait? Our insatiable quest for novel insights persists.

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