How to Craft and Use a Smithing Table in Minecraft

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Penned by the imaginative Chirandeep Bhattacharjee.

Within the realm of Minecraft, the smithing table boasts a dual role: not only does it possess the power to elevate gear from the realm of diamond to the coveted netherite, but it also acts as a pivotal worksite for the esteemed toolsmith. These skillful artisans hold the key to transforming raw materials sourced from the depths of the earth into precious emeralds, while also bestowing enchanted diamond axes, pickaxes, and shovels upon fortunate adventurers. Undoubtedly, the smithing table stands as an indispensable tool in the journey towards achieving the pinnacle of power – the illustrious netherite tier.

In Minecraft, How Does a Smithing Table Work? 

Input: By placing a smithing table in proximity to an unassigned or non-locked villager, you have the ability to bestow upon them the profession of a toolsmith. As this particular librarian’s occupation is not yet fixed, I have the option to substitute it with that of a toolsmith.

Smithing Table in Minecraft

In a whimsical twist, let’s swap out its mundane workplace with a charming smithing table. As time passes, behold the mesmerizing sight of the villager emitting vibrant green particles and seamlessly transitioning into a whole new profession.

Smithing Table in Minecraft

Make sure to check if the villager has a cozy bed nearby before proceeding with this task; most individuals are inclined to pursue occupations only after securing their sleeping arrangements.

To achieve the transformation of diamond gear into netherite, one must possess a coveted netherite ingot. This rare material can be obtained by meticulously gathering and refining discarded nether remnants, thereby yielding precious netherite scraps that can later be forged into the desired ingots. Unearthing the elusive ancient debris proves to be quite the challenge, as even the powerful Fortune enchantment has minimal influence on drop rates. It is within the depths of layers 8 to 22 that a myriad of antiquated debris can be discovered, with Layer 15 serving as the primary hotspot for these invaluable remnants.

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Smithing Table in Minecraft

Input: Craft a netherite ingot by smelting them in a fiery furnace and skillfully merging four netherite scraps with four shimmering gold ingots.

Smithing Table in Minecraft

Rewritten Bring forth your precious diamond equipment unto the sacred forge, where it shall be transfigured into the enchanting netherite form. In order to unveil the mystical interface, kindly bestow a gentle right-click upon the venerable smithing table. Position thy diamond tool or armor, longing for ascension, into the hallowed left slot while the coveted netherite ingot takes its rightful place in the divine right slot.

Smithing Table in Minecraft

Behold, behold! Witness the spellbound helmet as it undergoes a wondrous metamorphosis, emerging as a magnificent netherite helm. Behold its unparalleled fortitude, surpassing even the mighty diamond headpiece, and behold its extraordinary ability to repel any forceful blow.

In Survival Mode, how do you make a Smithing Table?

Immerse yourself in the world of Minecraft with this visually captivating guide, brimming with intricate illustrations and foolproof instructions on crafting your very own smithing table.


  • Unleash the Boundless Array of Artistry.
  • Begin by organizing your crafting table in a manner that presents a 3×3 crafting grid, as shown below:

    Smithing Table in Minecraft
  • Craft a magnificent Smithing Table through the fusion of various components.
  • Input: In the crafting menu, behold a crafting area adorned with a 3×3 crafting grid. Unleash your creativity by arranging two iron ingots and four wood planks upon this sacred grid, thus birthing a majestic smithing table.

    Feel free to unleash your creativity by working with a diverse range of wooden planks including oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, red, or even warped boards. For the purpose of this illustration, let’s opt for the timeless beauty of oak planks.

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    Proper assembly of the smithing bench necessitates meticulous arrangement of the iron ingots and wood boards according to the precise configuration displayed below. The initial slot ought to accommodate a solitary iron ingot.

    Input: Place a box and an iron ingot inside the second box located in the first row. As for the third row, ensure that the first box contains a single wood plank, while the second box holds another wood plank. This clever combination will result in the creation of a magnificent smithing table within the vast realm of Minecraft.

    Smithing Table in Minecraft

    Once the crafting space is filled with the relevant pattern, an enchanting smithing table will magically manifest in the adjacent box.

  • Incorporate the exquisite smithing table into your inventory.
  • Once you’ve crafted a magnificent smithing bench, it is imperative to promptly incorporate this novel creation into your inventory.

    Smithing Table in Minecraft

    Congratulations on your triumphant accomplishment of crafting a splendid smithing table within the boundless realm of Minecraft!


    In the vast world of Minecraft, a smithing table not only acts as a humble work area for the skilled toolsmith but also presents a remarkable opportunity to elevate your gear from mere diamond to the coveted netherite. Unveil the secrets of crafting and utilizing this magnificent table by following the aforementioned steps and absorbing the valuable knowledge provided. For further enlightenment on the wondrous realm of smithing tables and Minecraft as a whole, delve into the treasure trove of insights awaiting you in the latest entries of the illustrious BrightCHAMPS blog.

    Frequently Inquired Queries (FIQs).

    What constraints does a smithing table possess?

    Smithing tables possess the unique ability to conjure forth a singular type of creation, setting them apart as the sole crafting station bound by such limitations. The implements adorning the smithing table remain elusive treasures, absent from the realm of the game.

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    How does one differentiate an anvil from a smithing table?

    In contrast to anvils, the utilization of a Smithing Table for restoring an item’s durability does not result in an increase in the preceding work penalty. Consequently, it is possible to endlessly mend objects as long as there is an ample supply of materials.

    Ever wondered about the outcome when a villager is bestowed with a smithing bench?

    Input: The aid of smithing tables enables villagers to transform into skilled toolsmiths, thus expanding their range of trade opportunities, such as acquiring sturdy tools or trading coal and flint.

    Is it possible for a smithing table to ignite?

    Although a smithing table cannot withstand the scorching heat of lava or fire if it accidentally falls into them, once it is firmly positioned, it defies these elements and remains unscathed.

    What could be the reason behind my villager not being a skilled toolsmith?

    Once a villager has engaged in a trade, their occupation becomes permanent, leaving no room for change. In the absence of a claimed bed, an unassigned villager will diligently explore adjacent job-site blocks. In the event that they are the initial settlers in a particular area (perhaps due to your noble act of rescuing a zombie villager far from any existing villages), they will invest time and effort in transforming the surroundings into a thriving village. Their first priority will be to locate a suitable sleeping arrangement, followed by the pursuit of a career within the newfound community. However, it is important to note that nitwit villagers cannot be assigned any specific profession.

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