Video Game Worlds Bigger Than Elden Ring

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Elden Ring captivates players with a plethora of captivating content, ensuring their return for well over 50 hours. However, it may astound players to discover that, in the grand tapestry of the game, the expansive open world is not as colossal as one might expect. Spanning across 30.5 square miles or 79 square kilometers, it surpasses the expanse of renowned open-world titles like Skyrim, yet falls shy in comparison to numerous others.

Elden Ring possesses a distinct advantage over numerous games due to its remarkable density. Within a solitary region of Elden Ring’s expansive map, players can stumble upon a plethora of novelties, even after countless hours of aimless meandering. However, despite this fact, the statistics reveal that there exists a multitude of games that surpass its magnitude.

As of June 17, 2023, Ritwik Mitra has provided an update: Elden Ring, a captivating game, continues to captivate audiences with its innovative blend of FromSoftware’s expansive world-building, George R. R. Martin’s widespread popularity, and the beloved Soulsborne combat mechanics. This extraordinary game has surpassed all expectations, outselling the entire Dark Souls series in a single release! It is an astonishing feat that highlights the remarkable evolution of FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki from their modest beginnings.

When it comes to colossal things, one remarkable aspect of Elden Ring is its awe-inspiring and captivating open world. It takes the world design from the original Dark Souls and elevates it to an unprecedented level. The Lands Between, in every nook and cranny, holds astonishing mysteries, extraordinary enemy encounters, and heart-pounding battles against colossal bosses that test players’ limits. Elden Ring boasts a map size that surpasses most open-world games, a true testament to the immense effort poured into crafting this extraordinary title.

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13 Grand Theft Auto 5 – 49 Square Miles

Grand Theft Auto 5 pointing Trevor and Michael

The launch of Grand Theft Auto 5 marked a monumental milestone in the realm of video games, where Rockstar’s mastery of game design reached its pinnacle. Beyond its breathtaking visuals, the sheer magnitude of Grand Theft Auto 5 surpassed all previous installments, even the expansive world of San Andreas.

Not only did the vast open world captivate players, but they were also left astounded by the groundbreaking feature of controlling multiple protagonists, a first in the history of GTA. The ability to seamlessly switch between characters during the story added a cinematic flair to intense firefights and jaw-dropping set-pieces, leaving players in awe.

12 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – 84 Square Miles


The Witcher 3’s expansive open-world RPG boasts an impressively vast and intricately crafted realm, rivaling even the immersive world of Elden Ring. While it may not brim with dungeons or colossal adversaries, there exists an abundance of compelling incentives to venture forth and unravel its mysteries.

The realm of The Witcher 3 pulsates with vibrant life, as players immerse themselves in the intricate tapestry of its inhabitants’ lives. Each quaint hamlet conceals a captivating narrative, waiting to be uncovered within the vast expanses that beckon players.

11 DayZ – 86 Square Miles


Born from the depths of Arma 2, the inception of DayZ emerged as a mod, embracing the grandeur of its predecessor’s vast map. Seeking to infuse the landscape with an abundance of survival intricacies, DayZ beckoned players to amass coveted resources and engage in fierce conflicts, all the while navigating through hordes of relentless zombies.

The independent modification utilised a largely familiar map, incorporating subtle alterations while staying faithful to the essence of the mod. Being a survival game, it exudes a slight sparseness compared to typical maps, yet this only enhances the sensation of an abandoned realm, where signs of life are scarce and the surviving entities are driven by a relentless urge to annihilate everything in their path.

10 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – 90 Square Miles

Melos Is The Main City Of The Obsidian Islands In Assassin's Creed Odyssey

With an entire nation comprised of numerous Mediterranean islands, the task at hand was undoubtedly challenging, yet the ingenious team at Ubisoft managed to achieve it on a remarkable level. From towering peaks to unfathomable ocean depths, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey boasts the franchise’s most expansive realm to date, serving as a magnificent backdrop for an epic journey teeming with enigmatic wonders.

Embracing all the customary elements of an Assassin’s Creed adventure, the realm also served as a battleground for the fierce conflict between the indomitable Spartans and the cunning Athenians. Every region was intricately tied to one faction, offering players the opportunity to confront and manipulate forces, ultimately reshaping loyalties. And when you factor in the exhilarating sailing mechanics, brace yourself for an expansive and endlessly captivating world that will enthrall explorers for eternity.

9 Arma 3 – 104 Square Miles

Arma 3 Surface to air missle

Renowned for their unparalleled realism, the Arma games have established themselves as the epitome of military gaming. Central to their success is the meticulous attention given to world-building, even in the creation of imaginary settings. The game developers leave no stone unturned in ensuring that every terrain and distance is flawlessly accurate.

Boasting their grandest cartographic masterpiece thus far, Arma 3’s colossal realm encompasses the sprawling Altis Island, spanning a staggering expanse of 104 square miles. Within its borders, a tapestry of diverse landscapes unfolds, ranging from vast plains and murky swamplands to bustling townships. No matter the undertaking embarked upon by players, this ever-evolving island guarantees an incessant barrage of novel discoveries at every turn.

8 Xenoblade Chronicles X – 154 Square Miles

Xenoblade Chronicles X field

The realm of Xenoblade has forever thrived on grandiose adventures. Its expansive landscapes boast awe-inspiring visuals that defy the limitations of their respective hardware. Amongst these feats, Xenoblade Chronicles X stands tall as a testament to pushing the boundaries of the WiiU, crafting an immense realm that stretches the console’s capabilities to their utmost extremes.

Brimming with endless diversions and elements that contribute to the franchise’s renowned lengthy gameplay, the player’s journey will traverse far and wide, unveiling the chance to delve into every nook and cranny. Within this vast expanse, a multitude of enigmatic enigmas will captivate their attention, accompanied by arduous conflicts and formidable adversaries that demand utmost ingenuity.

7 True Crime: Streets Of LA – 240 Square Miles

true crime streets of LA character standing infront of car Cropped

True Crime was often dismissed as a mere mimicry of the Grand Theft Auto saga, which, to be fair, seemed like a valid comparison due to their striking resemblance to Rockstar’s iconic franchise. Nevertheless, these games had their own unique charm, and True Crime: Streets of LA stood out as a shining testament to that fact.

The vast expanse of Streets of LA unveils a colossal gaming realm, boasting a meticulously crafted rendition of Los Angeles adorned with its renowned landmarks. Yet, while its magnitude is awe-inspiring, the open world itself lacks the vibrant pulse that GTA exudes. Nevertheless, those seeking a nostalgic open-world adventure, brimming with forgotten charm, may find themselves captivated by the enchanting allure of Streets of LA.

6 Just Cause 3 – 386 Square Miles


In an open world, where destruction is the ultimate goal, one can only expect a plethora of elements. The Just Cause series has consistently grasped this concept, crafting massive expansive realms since its second release in the franchise.

Rico Rodriquez finds himself amidst a treasure trove of explosive opportunities in every game, with an abundance of imaginative methods to unleash chaos. Just Cause 3 and 4 share a similar magnitude, yet it is the third installment that reigns supreme, particularly with the additional regions introduced through the DLC.

5 Ghost Recon Breakpoint – 781 Square Miles

Running through a forest in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Drawing inspiration from Arma’s strategy, it became evident that for Ghost Recon Breakpoint to truly deliver as an immersive and enduring military adventure, the game’s map had to expand to colossal proportions. Authentic weapon ranges and the diverse array of mission approaches had to be meticulously considered.

The vast expanse of the map unfolds as a colossal island, adorned with numerous petite isles stretching towards the north and south. Nestled within this awe-inspiring landscape are dense jungles, towering peaks, and breathtaking valleys, providing players with endless strategic possibilities while pursuing their targets.

4 The Crew 2 – 1,900 Square Miles

the crew 2 game screenshot

The United States of America is a vast expanse, therefore, even a downsized replica of it would be overwhelmingly colossal. With each prominent urban center making its appearance on the virtual map, along with iconic landmarks and expansive territories to explore, there exists an abundance of intricate elements that most players may never lay their eyes upon.

Soaring through the vastness of the game’s swiftest automobiles will require the typical player around 20 to 30 minutes to traverse from one coast to another, yet this would overlook the myriad intricacies that are crammed within. Since players have the ability to explore it with an abundance of diverse vehicle options, there truly exists no realm beyond their reach.

3 Fuel – 5,560 Square Miles

quad bike riding down slope

Fuel’s expansive map dwarfs even the most ambitious open-world landscapes of recent times, despite being a game that has been around for over ten years. This remarkable achievement, however, comes with a slight catch – the majority of the world is sparsely populated, with the exception of designated areas where players can engage in thrilling events and adrenaline-pumping races.

In a dystopian rendition of the USA, the game unfolds amidst a post-apocalyptic landscape, cleverly omitting vast portions of the country on its map. The orientation of this virtual realm positions the Pacific Ocean to the northeast and the magnificent Grand Canyon to the southwest. Embarking on a complete circuit of this realm demands a substantial investment of 8 hours in the real world, yet the journey offers little in terms of captivating sights along the way.

Screenshot from The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall showing the player being approached by an enemy.

Upon first impression, the sprawling open world of Daggerfall appears too good to be believed. It stretches far and wide, tempting players to roam for endless hours without a clear destination in sight. Yet, this grand scale is somewhat deceiving, as the realm of Daggerfall lacks the captivating visual diversity one would hope for, leaving adventurers with a monotonous landscape that seems to stretch on indefinitely.

The vast expanse of our world has been meticulously generated, occasionally posing as an intricate labyrinth to traverse. It is no wonder that Morrowind emerged as an extraordinary triumph, boasting an open-world experience that was expertly crafted, colossal, and groundbreaking in its era!

1 Minecraft – 2,500,000+ Square Miles


In 2011, Minecraft burst onto the scene, captivating the world with its awe-inspiring presence. Fast forward over ten years, and it continues to hold its ground, maintaining an unwavering popularity. Over 250 million copies have been snatched up by eager players, solidifying its status as a gaming phenomenon. What makes this game so alluring is its boundless potential for creation and the vast expanse of its open world, offering a limitless playground for players to bring their wildest dreams to life.

The enormity of a Minecraft world is such that it would demand players to live an eternity in order to thoroughly uncover its secrets. Spanning over two and a half million square miles, it surpasses not only the size of our planet Earth, but also the collective expanse of every celestial body in our solar system. While there may exist a handful of space-themed games flaunting bigger maps, none can rival Minecraft in terms of sheer landmass, let alone surpass its magnificence.

Explore the mystical realms of Elden Ring, now unleashed across a multitude of platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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