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This act begins in the Hidden Camp - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

The curtain rises upon the enigmatic Hidden Camp, where the blacksmith and a myriad of intriguing characters eagerly await conversation. Engage with each interactive persona scattered throughout the camp to uncover their secrets. However, it is the enigmatic Leah who holds the key to unlocking the first quest, beckoning you into a world of adventure.

Go to the Caldeum Bazaar

The path adjacent to the blacksmith’s shop beckons, enticing you to embark upon it in order to arrive at your final destination.

Talk to Asheara

Keep going until youve reached the Caldeum Bazaar - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Persevere until you’ve arrived at the captivating Caldeum Bazaar. Engage in conversation with Asheara, who can be found within the initial section of this bustling marketplace.

Go through the Sundered Canyon

Before you leave the bazaar you should spend some time to explore this area and to meet the merchants - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Before bidding farewell to the bustling bazaar, take a moment to delve into its hidden mysteries and engage with the vibrant merchants. Don’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to the renowned Searing Sands Inn. Once you feel prepared to embark on your noble journey, venture forth through the passageway annotated on your map and enter the captivating realm of the Sundered Canyon. As you traverse its winding paths, fate will lead you to an enchanting Enchantress, eager to join forces with you. Embrace this newfound alliance and venture forward, following the path that destiny has carved for you both.

Since this is a new act and a new location you shouldnt be surprised when youll encounter entirely new types of enemies - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Rewritten Prepare for an exhilarating adventure in this fresh act and unexplored territory, where you shall encounter an array of unprecedented adversaries. Behold the swift and elusive Sand Wasps, capable of flight and unparalleled speed, rendering them formidable opponents. Beware of their venomous projectiles, known as mini-bees, as they can inflict poisonous harm upon contact. It is advisable to avoid engaging multiple wasps simultaneously. Furthermore, be wary of the cunning Lacuni Huntresses, masters of surprise tactics, who descend upon you from elevated platforms. Though not formidable in direct combat, they possess a penchant for hurling explosive potions your way. Additionally, exercise caution when traversing canyons, for the presence of colossal rocks poses a grave threat to your well-being.

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Kill the ambushing cultists

Continue to follow a narrow path and eventually youll encounter a blocked passageway - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

As you persist along the slender trail, fate shall guide you towards an obstruction in your path. Brace yourself, for there lies an unexpected encounter with a familiar foe – the Deranged Cultists and the Accursed Hellions. Fret not, for emerging victorious from this skirmish shall pose no challenge for you.

Talk to the Enchantress in the Sundered Canyon

Input: Once the battle has concluded, make it a point to engage in conversation with the Enchantress. Witness her awe-inspiring magic as she employs one of her spells to unveil the secret passage, enabling the two of you to progress forward.

Kill the Lacuni attacking the Iron Wolves

Keep heading forward until you encounter a group of soldiers being attacked by Lacuni Huntresses and by a Lacuni Warrior - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Input: Continue onward until you stumble upon a band of warriors engaged in fierce combat with Lacuni Huntresses and a formidable Lacuni Warrior. Lend a hand to the valiant soldiers as they strive to vanquish their adversaries.

Talk to Iron Wolf Jarulf

After emerging victorious in the battle, make the first move to engage in a dialogue with the esteemed leader of this gathering – Jarulf Iron Wolf. Grateful for your invaluable assistance, he will not only express his gratitude but also provide you with essential guidance for your next course of action.

Disrupt the Hidden Conclave ritual

Disrupt the Secret Altar ritual

Continue your journey through the Sundered Canyon and youll soon enter an area called Howling Plateau - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Continue your adventure through the Sundered Canyon and prepare to traverse the captivating realm known as Howling Plateau. Brace yourself for encounters with a fresh array of formidable beasts. While the Fallen and Fallen Overseers may not pose a significant danger, beware of the lurking Dune Threshers, stealthily lurking beneath the sandy terrain, ready to spring forth and strike when you least expect it. Fortunately, these adversaries can be dispatched with relative ease. However, the true menace lies in the form of the Sand Wasps, who present the same formidable threat as in the canyon, armed with their venomous projectiles aimed directly at you.

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Your objective is to locate entrances to two locations - to a Secret Altar and to a Hidden Conclave - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Embark on a quest to discover the elusive paths that lead to two extraordinary destinations – a Secret Altar and a Hidden Conclave. Uncover the secret codes concealed within the shifting sand dunes and heed the mystical clues whispered by the Enchantress. Begin your journey by deciphering the initial signs nestled on the enigmatic boundary where Sundered Canyon and Howling Plateau converge.

Once youve found the passageway to the Secret Altar enter the basement - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

As soon as you stumble upon the hidden entrance leading to the Enigmatic Shrine, descend into the underground chamber. Prepare yourself to witness a gathering of Insane Devotees engaged in a profound ritual, potentially aided by Torment Inflictors. Disrupt their ceremony by eliminating all aggressive entities, but be prepared for the cultists to conjure up a handful of Enraged Infernos.

Once youve cleared the area around the altar return to the surface and start following the signs on the sand again to reach the Hidden Conclave - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Input: After ensuring the vicinity of the altar is clear, ascend to the surface and resume your journey by heeding the signs etched on the sandy path, leading you to the enigmatic Hidden Conclave. Descend into this modest underground chamber, presently inhabited by unhinged Cultists. Obliterate their existence without mercy.

Go to the Black Canyon Bridge

Return to the surface for the second time and focus your efforts on locating a Black Canyon Bridge - Shadows in the Desert - Quests - Diablo III Game Guide

Embark on your second ascent to the surface, and direct your attention towards discovering the enigmatic Black Canyon Bridge. Optimal navigation involves selecting the path that stretches from the Sundered Canyon, traversing the vast expanse of the Howling Plateau.

Talk to the Enchantress

Engage in conversation with your companion upon discovering the bridge. Through her mystical abilities, she will dispel the illusion that veils the bridge, granting you passage. As you traverse, she will pose a significant query: do you wish for her to accompany you further, forsaking your former comrades, the Scoundrel or Templar? The choice lies solely in your hands. Should you opt to forgo the Enchantress, a return to the waypoint in the Hidden Camp is necessary, as your previous companions eagerly await your arrival. Regardless of your decision, the quest shall reach its conclusion.

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