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Within the walls of a flourishing village, a skilled weaponsmith may emerge, bringing with them the promise of trade and craftsmanship. Adventurers seeking to barter their goods can find solace in the weaponsmith’s presence. This seasoned villager eagerly purchases iron ingots, emeralds, diamonds, and flint, offering in return a wide array of formidable weaponry and precious emeralds. Amongst their offerings, one may find gleaming iron swords, mighty iron axes, and even the unique resonance of bells, all waiting to be possessed by those who dare to venture forth.

Weaponsmith villager Minecraft

Weaponsmith Villager Fanart

Adorned in a tattered cloak of earthy hues, the weaponsmith emerges as a weathered figure of the village. His attire, a medley of somber browns, is accentuated by the presence of sleek black gloves that encase his hands. Notably, an intriguing eye patch conceals the left side of his face, hinting at a tale of adventure. The origins of this eyepatch can be traced back to a fateful encounter with a journeyman-level weaponsmith, hailing from a distant village, where the weaponsmith’s left eye was lost in an exchange.

In the realm of hard work, he toils at the grindstone, offering an array of swords, axes, bells, and emeralds. The Weaponsmith also eagerly procures flint, diamonds, iron ingots, and emeralds from willing sellers! Upon engaging in a transaction, he graciously bestows discounts on his coveted merchandise. Undoubtedly, the Weaponsmith stands as a prominent figure among the varied villagers in the vast world of Minecraft.

The elusive character only reveals himself upon the shattering of an Iron Sword or the chiming of a bell. Once unlocked, he graciously offers an array of wares. His presence is known to grace the diverse landscapes of Minecraft, with his humble abode seamlessly blending into the surrounding biome.

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Weaponsmith Trade Table

Buys Price
Coal x 15 x 1
Iron ingot x 4 x 1
Diamond x 1
Flint x 24 x 1
Sells Price
Iron ax x 3
Enchanted Iron Sword x 21
Bell x 36
Enchanted Diamond Ax x 31
Enchanted Diamond Sword x 27

Within the vast realm of Minecraft, amidst its bustling trade, the Weaponsmith stands as a prominent figure. Tasked with the noble duty of providing adventurers with an array of weapons, armors, and various gear, this skilled artisan caters to the needs of sword-wielders, archers, and beyond.

The skilled purveyor of arms offers a diverse array of 5 exquisite wares, including majestic swords, sleek bows, and sturdy pickaxes. However, the weaponsmith’s emporium doesn’t stop there, as it also boasts an assortment of 4 additional commodities that can be acquired using the humble currency of the game.

Behold the telltale marks of an astute weaponsmith, who, in a shrewd barter, acquires a collection of eight coveted items in exchange for humble game currency. The esteemed weaponry on offer encompasses a magnificent diamond sword, a formidable iron sword, and a resplendent golden sword.

In the vast realm of Minecraft, the weaponsmith offers an enticing array of wares for avid adventurers to acquire. Amongst the treasures that await, one can find an assortment of items, ranging from deadly arrows to the mighty crossbow. For those seeking fortification, the weaponsmith presents both the sturdy iron helmet and the illustrious diamond helmet. Additionally, the coveted iron ingot, a key component in forging formidable weapons, is also available for purchase.

Unleash your creativity with self-crafted Firework arrows, Arrow of Swiftness, and an array of other tradeable projectiles! The ephemeral nature of handmade goods adds an element of urgency, prompting you to employ your Dragon Scales for timely upgrades before their expiration.

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How to Make Weaponsmith Villager

For the creation of a weaponsmith villager, it is crucial to position the bed and grindstone in close proximity. Additionally, it is highly advisable to situate the stonecutter adjacent to these two blocks, as this will prompt the villager to fashion axes from stone, allowing for convenient handover to the blacksmith for necessary repairs.

Input: One must exercise caution, for the mere presence of a grindstone and a bed does not guarantee the initiation of trade by the weapon-maker. It is vital to consider the scarcity of nearby locations for the villagers, as well as the fact that no more than two villagers can witness each profession at a time.

Begin by carefully selecting the ideal spot for your workbench and positioning it accordingly. It is important to situate the workbench within the confines of our walls, ideally at a matching elevation.

Input: Placing the table between two beds is not advisable, as it may result in the nearby villager unexpectedly transforming into a skilled toolmaker.

In close proximity, we position an empty bed upon which we place an unoccupied bed, atop which rests a curious villager. The bed must be positioned within a mere 2 blocks from the table, while the table itself allows for varied heights, either above or below. Only under these conditions may the villager evolve into a skilled toolmaker.

Grindstone Job Block

To create a grindstone, precise arrangement of the wooden planks and cobblestones in accordance with the image below holds utmost significance.

The initial row necessitates the presence of a solitary wooden plank in the second compartment and another wooden plank in the third compartment.

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The third row requires the placement of a single cobblestone in the initial compartment, another cobblestone in the second compartment, and a solitary wooden plank in the third compartment.

Grindstones, the versatile blocks, possess the power to banish non-curse enchantments from various items, restore items and tools to their original glory, and effortlessly merge enchantments.

Rewritten Grindstones will strip away all levels of the efficiency enchantment from tools that possess multiple levels (e.G. Efficiency III). Whenever an item breaks, there is a possibility for it to yield a replacement item with equivalent damage level and any enchantments of Level I or higher.

Blocks encompassing various job roles for the Minecraft villagers.

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