How to dig up buried treasure in Warzone Fortune’s Keep easter egg

how to dig up buried treasure in warzone fortunes keep easter egg 552403

Embark on a thrilling adventure as you venture into the depths of Fortune’s Keep in Warzone Pacific Season 4, where the allure of buried treasure awaits to be discovered. Unveiling the precise locations of this elusive easter egg shall be our delightful pursuit.

Fortune’s Keep, an exciting new addition to Warzone Pacific Season 4, shakes up the game’s landscape like never before, rivaling even the arrival of Caldera in December 2021. Unveiling a plethora of hidden wonders, this intriguing location awaits your exploration.

Unveiling a hidden gem within Fortune’s Keep lies an extraordinary Easter egg – a buried treasure waiting to be unearthed. This exciting quest not only rewards you with precious loot but also conquers one of the daring challenges offered by the Mercenaries of Fortune Event.

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We have precisely divulged the precise location on the map where your gaze should be fixed.

Fortune's Keep Warzone

How to get a shovel in Warzone

To embark on your quest, the initial requirement is to obtain a trusty shovel, which can be discovered amidst the hidden troves scattered across various locations. However, the appearance of these elusive tools cannot be assured in every Warzone encounter, thus it is advisable to procure one from the sacred grounds of Graveyard, nestled on the western fringes of Fortune’s Keep.

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    The frequency of their appearance is notably heightened at this particular point of interest, allowing for a convenient acquisition of a shovel in close proximity to an exposed burial site. Nevertheless, one must remain prepared for an encounter with adversary gamers within this vicinity, thus ensuring utmost readiness for an impending clash.

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    Shovel in Warzone

    Where to find buried treasure easter egg on Fortune’s Keep

    After acquiring a trusty shovel, an exciting adventure awaits as you embark on a quest to uncover a hidden treasure trove nestled amidst the sandy shores just north of the Graveyard. Delve further into the mysteries of Fortune’s Keep, for there lie numerous coastal locations where you can embark on the exhilarating pursuit of unearthing hidden riches. Amongst these coveted spots are Smuggler’s Keep and the enchanting beach that lies to the east of the majestic Lighthouse.

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  • Unveiling the hidden treasure: A step-by-step guide.

  • Seize hold of a spade.
  • Embark on a thrilling adventure to a clandestine location where hidden riches await.
  • Seek out clusters of soil formations scattered across the terrain.
  • Begin the excavation by selecting the first approach and pressing the designated button or key.
  • Once your excavation is complete, an array of exquisite treasures awaits your grasp, ranging from formidable weaponry and impenetrable armor to shimmering golden riches. Certain locations yield more bountiful loot, yet it is at the fabled Smuggler’s Keep where one unearths the most opulent troves of buried treasure.

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    Warzone operators on Fortune's Keep

    Dive into an abundance of exciting Warzone content by exploring the finest landing spots nestled within the mystical realm of Fortune’s Keep. Additionally, unveil the secrets of summoning a Zombie on this enchanted battleground through our comprehensive guide, which unravels the thrilling new Warzone easter egg.

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