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Input: Just recently began my gaming journey a couple of weeks back and I’ve already reached level 37. Surprisingly, I’m currently engaged in the seasonal campaign. Rumor has it that a fresh season will commence on the 12th, and to my dismay, I’ll be thrown into Adventure mode. Does that mean I’ll be missing out on half of the campaign I eagerly signed up for? As far as I understand, Adventure mode is considered the pinnacle of the game, so how can I continue to progress and level up? It seems that, based on my limited knowledge, if I want to experience the entire campaign, I’ll have to start from scratch once again?

1. Your character shall undergo a transformation into the realm of non-season, yet remain unaltered in its essence. Thus, you shall have the ability to conquer the grand challenges of champain outside the confines of the seasonal realm.

  • Want to access adventure-mode in the season? Well, here’s a nifty trick to expedite the process: team up with a player who has already completed the story. They can whisk you away to the final showdown against RoS’s endboss, and voila, adventure-mode unlocked! Don’t worry, even after that, you can still embark on the campaign from any point in the story. It’s as simple as picking your desired starting point and diving right in.

    (Next season you dont need to unlock that mode.)

  • Look no further! This is the ultimate go-to for resolving any inquiry you may have regarding D3.


  • Season 26 will not come to a close by July 12th. Instead, that very day marks the commencement of testing for the upcoming season on a distinct server known as “PTR” or Play Test Realm. Typically, PTR lasts for a span of two weeks, unless any significant issues arise, necessitating an extended testing phase. Following this, approximately a week after PTR concludes, the current season wraps up.

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    You’re in for a stroke of luck with the upcoming season. Previously, the completion of the campaign was a prerequisite to access adventure mode. However, Season 27 brings a delightful addition by granting all players access to adventure mode. Moreover, your character from Season 26 will seamlessly transition to the non-season category, ensuring that you lose nothing in the process.

    Not once did I dare to label it as the pubic test realm, for in those early hours of the day, such a bizarre notion could have easily crossed my mind. Nevertheless, it remains separate from the primary servers of NA, EU, or Asia.

    The resource you directed me to is tailored for those in their golden years of gaming, beginning with embarking on a challenge rift. I must confess, I am unfamiliar with the concept, although I am aware it plays a significant role in the latter stages of the game, a realm I have yet to fully explore.

    Oh, absolutely not! It’s far from that. It ingeniously initiates you right at level 1. The very essence of this guide is to seamlessly guide you through the journey from level 1 all the way up to level 70.

    The guide offers a comprehensive explanation. It introduces a fresh game mode, akin to story mode and adventure mode. By clicking the Game Settings button on the main game screen, you will be presented with the trio of available game modes. Unlocking challenge rifts seems to be as simple as completing a solo GR, requiring at least one level 70 character (even a non-season character can accomplish this).

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    When the season comes to a close, there won’t be any grand changes awaiting you. Your character will transition into a non-seasonal state, yet you can continue your adventure without interruption. Your hard-earned XP will merge with your non-seasonal XP, leading to a delightful boost in levels, while any items resting in your stash will conveniently arrive in your mailbox. Although, let’s be honest, you probably won’t have accumulated much in your stash considering you’re still on the journey to reach level 70.

    It appears that individuals who have not finished the campaign are unable to access the 3 game modes, which is the impression I am currently receiving. However, this upcoming season will bring about a change, eliminating the requirement to complete the campaign. Nevertheless, at present, it remains necessary for them to complete the campaign before gaining access to the remaining content.

    Despite his inability to gain access, he possesses the ability to catch a glimpse of them.


    In order to delve into a Challenge Rift, it is imperative that at least one of your valiant heroes triumphs over a Greater Rift. Even conquering a lowly GR1 will suffice, yet this endeavor necessitates the presence of a level 70 hero, as those below the prestigious threshold lack the privilege to partake in such quests.

    Immersing the captivating image of TimberWolf…

    Between the present moment and the commencement of Season 27, the OP must endeavor to elevate a hero to the grandeur of level 70 and triumph over a GR1 (or even greater) in order to unlock the gates to Challenge Rifts. This will enable them, once Season 27 bursts into existence, to forge a hero of the season, partake in the Challenge Rift, and seize the bountiful spoils contained within the Challenge Rift reward cache, all in the realm of their seasonal hero.

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