What Is The Minecraft Beacon Range? [2023 Guide]

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Beacons, a coveted Minecraft creation, are late-game items that can be meticulously crafted. These remarkable blocks consist of a harmonious blend of glass, obsidian, and the elusive Nether stars.

The beacons unleash a radiant beam into the heavens, serving as a majestic signal while bestowing players with an array of empowering status effects including swiftness, enhanced leaping abilities, heightened productivity, revitalization, impenetrability, and unwavering might.

The player will experience these status effects only when they are within the vicinity of the beacon. The beacon’s range is determined by multiple factors, primarily influenced by your strategic placement of beacons throughout your world.

Embarking on this concise manual, we shall delve into the vast expanse that a Minecraft beacon can extend to. Without further ado, let us embark on this enlightening journey!

Keep in mind that a crucial aspect to grasp about the beacon is its ability to bestow enhancements or bolstering impacts within a localized radius.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the beacon is a remarkable block that has the ability to impact a square column-shaped area. This impact extends downwards and outwards to each side, with the range being determined by the size of the pyramid base. Additionally, it can reach upwards to a distance that equals the range plus an impressive 384 blocks.

The extent of the status effects offered by the beacon is contingent upon the dimensions of the pyramid base on which it will be positioned.

The table below provides a summary of the base levels or sizes of the pyramid, along with the corresponding range and duration of its status effects.

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pyramid base levels or sizes and other info
Beacon Pyramid

Behold the captivating illustration before you, showcasing the awe-inspiring quartet of tiers in the pyramid where the beacon may rest, emanating its empowering array of status enhancements. As the pyramid expands in magnitude, so does the beacon’s influence, stretching its benevolent effects to ever greater distances.

The initial tier of blocks, featuring a 3 ⨯ 3 pattern, empowers the beacon to extend its influence by 20 blocks in every direction. With the inclusion of subsequent tiers, the beacon’s reach expands by an additional 10 blocks for each new level or layer incorporated.

Ultimately, the beacon’s maximum radius is 50 blocks in all directions except vertically.

The bottom layer should consist of block patterns measuring 9 ⨯ 9, followed by 7 ⨯ 7, 5 ⨯ 5, and 3 ⨯ 3 as we ascend to the top layer.

To enhance the range of the beacon, it is crucial to ensure a seamless and solid filling of the entire pyramid structure. Merely placing blocks on the sides of the pyramid will render the beacon ineffective. Keep in mind that a complete filling is essential for optimal performance.

In addition, proper materials for the pyramid base must be utilized for the beacon to emit status effects.

Below are the blocks that you can utilize as the foundation of the beacon pyramid.

  • Emerald Blocks.
  • Diamond Blocks.
  • Gold Blocks.
  • Iron Blocks.
  • Netherite Blocks.
  • After arranging the suitable blocks to form the entire pyramid, the beacon can be positioned at the pinnacle to emit beneficial status effects once it is powered by the desired ingot.

    Nevertheless, it becomes apparent that once you venture beyond this boundary, the effects on your character will endure merely for a span of 17 seconds before dissipating. However, returning within the vicinity of the beacon promptly renews the countdown for the status effects.

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    Notably, the intensity of the status effect remains unaffected by the distance between the player and the beacon block. Thus, one can experience the identical status effects regardless of their location, even at the utmost reaches of the beacon’s influence.


    That’s the end! Once you’ve made it to the advanced stages of Minecraft, conquering the Wither and acquiring a coveted Nether Star, the beacon becomes a valuable tool, empowering you to effortlessly obliterate obstacles with the mighty Haste status effect.

    Besides that, it’s highly likely that you’ve already delved into the depths of the Nether, extracting and refining age-old remnants. Don’t forget to explore the finest Minecraft enchantments tailored for your prized Netherite equipment.

    We hope that by following this guide you can strategically plan on finding the perfect location to put your first or additional beacons in your Minecraft world. Good luck and have fun!Output: May this guide serve as your compass to tactfully discover the ideal spots for placing your inaugural or extra beacons in the vast realm of Minecraft. Wishing you the best of luck and endless enjoyment!

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