What Time Does Diablo 4 Early Access Start?

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  • Inquiring about the commencement of Early Access and Full Release in your region for Diablo 4, what would be the designated time?

    Diablo 4 (10)-1

    Brace yourselves, for Diablo 4 has arrived! Behold the newest installment in Blizzard’s legendary ARPG saga. Prepare to embark on a journey like no other, as Early Access to Diablo 4 commences a glorious four days before its official launch on June 2. The grand unveiling will ensue across the globe on June 6, marking a momentous occasion for all devoted fans. Unlock the gateway to Early Release by seizing the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of this awe-inspiring game. For further enlightenment on the various editions, delve into our indispensable Which Version Should Pre-Order guide.

    Delve into this comprehensive guide that unveils the enchanting realm of early access release schedules, unveiling a tapestry of tantalizing dates and times for every region. Moreover, discover the precise moment when the entire globe will be graced with the full release, granting you the opportunity to preload the game in eager anticipation of its vibrant existence.

    The countdown for the Early Access edition has commenced!

    Diablo 4 Early Access Start Times

    Diablo 4 early access launch times global map

    The synchronized release times cater to various time zones. In North America, the game springs to life on Thursday evenings, while Europe and the UK awaken to it in the early morning hours of Friday.

  • On the first day of June, as the sun sets over the West Coast of North America, the clock strikes 4 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
  • June 1st, 7 pm EDT – Embracing the enchantment of the East Coast NA!
  • Input: 12:00 am BST June 2 – United Kingdom (Friday Morning 12:01 am).As the clock strikes midnight on June 2nd in the United Kingdom, the vibrant British spirit welcomes the dawn of a brand new day, with Friday morning just a minute away.
  • The time in Europe is 1 am in CEST.
  • Australia, June 2nd, 11am AEST.
  • June 2nd, at the delightful hour of 8AM, witness the harmonious convergence of Japan and Korea, as the clocks tick to the beats of KST/JST.
  • Anticipate queues, even in the initial stages of a product launch.

    Diablo 4 Full Release Start Times

    Diablo 4 full release launch times map

    Brace yourself for the game’s grand worldwide debut on June 5 and June 6, synchronized with different time zones.

  • June 5th, the enchanting realm of the West Coast in North America, awaits you at the bewitching hour of 4 pm PDT.
  • On the evening of June 5th, at 7 o’clock sharp, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), the East Coast of North America will come alive.
  • As the clock strikes midnight, the dawn of a new day emerges in the United Kingdom, precisely at 12:00 am BST on June 6th. It signals the beginning of a fresh Wednesday morning, commencing at 12:01 am.
  • June 6 in Europe, precisely at 1 am CEST.
  • Australia, June 6, 11am AEST – the clock strikes eleven in the land down under.
  • On the 6th of June, at 8AM, in both Japan and Korea, the clock strikes.
  • Anticipate queues to be present upon the official launch.

    Preload Diablo 4

    Diablo 4 (20)

    Players who have acquired the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of Diablo 4 are now granted the opportunity to preinstall the game in preparation for the highly anticipated Early Access phase commencing on either June 5th or June 6th.

  • Prepare yourself for the game’s grand debut by preloading it through the Battle.Net client on your PC. Securely install the game in advance to ensure a seamless launch experience.
  • If you’ve pre-ordered, make your way to the Xbox store and swiftly obtain the game.
  • Head over to the PlayStation store and indulge in the delightful experience of downloading the game.
  • Preparing for the grand release on June 6, you can also load the game beforehand.

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