Which Class Should You Play In Diablo 4?

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In the realm of Diablo 4, adventurers can choose from a formidable roster of five confirmed playable classes: the mighty Barbarian, the cunning Rogue, the enigmatic Necromancer, the spellbinding Sorceress, and the primal Druid. While the possibility of introducing fresh classes in upcoming seasons remains open, this diverse array of heroes currently encompasses all the choices available to players within the game.

In this guide, our focus will be solely on these five aspects. We shall delve into the realms of playstyles and provide comprehensive gameplay overviews, allowing you to envision the perfect class to embrace and master upon the game’s grand debut.

Barbarian Overview

Diablo 4 (13)

The Barbarian, a timeless embodiment of power in the realm of Diablo, stands as an iconic figure that resonates with every devoted ARPG enthusiast. Armed with colossal weapons, impervious to crowd-control, and wielding mighty axes, this legendary archetype exudes an aura of sheer might. Fueling their actions with unyielding Fury, Barbarians amass this potent energy through the relentless infliction of damage upon their adversaries.

Within the realms of Diablo 4, the Barbarian possesses a captivating trait known as the Arsenal system. This remarkable ability empowers the Barbarian to seamlessly transition between an array of diverse weapons, each one intricately linked to a specific skill. Such versatility grants the Barbarian the freedom to engage in both close combat and ranged warfare, amplifying their prowess on the battlefield. Among the captivating early manifestations, we have witnessed the awe-inspiring Whirlwind Barbarian and the mighty Hammer Of The Ancients Barbarian.

The Arsenal of the Barbarian is capable of accommodating up to four weapons simultaneously, allowing you to exploit the full array of weaponry available to this fierce warrior.



  • Tanky playstyle, lots of damage reduction
  • Is a bit of a tedious starter, doesn’t find its full strength until reaching full build
  • Lots of movement buffs, great for a fast campaign clear time
  • Some of the Barbarian’s abilities have long cooldowns
  • Specializes in big damage and AoE clearance, very satisfying explosions of groups of enemies
  • If you’re up for a character with a slightly slower beginning but crave immense area-of-effect damage and gratifying clearance of waves, then Barbarian is the perfect choice for you.

    Rogue Overview

    Diablo 4 Rogue class character looking at the camera

    The Rogue, a timeless class archetype, showcases its prowess yet again. Within the realms of Diablo 4, this cunning character possesses the remarkable ability to seamlessly transition between a diverse array of skills, utilizing the deadly combination of ranged and melee weapons simultaneously. This distinct trait bears resemblance to the Barbarian’s awe-inspiring Arsenal capability.

    The Rogue class harnesses energy through various means such as their innate abilities, Basic Skill, and other sources, which can be accumulated even outside of combat. This energy is indispensable for unleashing their powerful Active abilities.

    The artistry of this class extends beyond mere combat prowess, for it holds mastery over the art of movement. Within the heat of battle, the character possesses extraordinary abilities that grant them the power to gracefully reposition themselves. Embark on a thrilling journey with your Rogue, as you navigate through a myriad of choices that shape your unique experience. Select from three enticing paths: Exploit Weakness, Combo Points, and the enigmatic Shadow Realm.



  • Extremely agile and fast, with multiple movement abilities like Dash and Shadow Step
  • Probably the most technically “involved” character, which can make for a trickier playstyle reliant on position and not dying
  • Can play very effective ranged or Close builds
  • Rogues are much squishier than other classes
  • High single-target damage, great for elites and bosses
  • A successful Rogue will have to perfect their skill rotation and combo timings to maximize damage
  • Can inflict a bunch of CC on enemies, from Vulnerable, to slow, to poison DoT
  • If you fancy a technically skilled character capable of swiftly defeating formidable bosses singlehandedly, then Rogue is the game for you.

    Necromancer Overview

    Diablo 4 (17)

    With its awe-inspiring appearance (completely unbiased, of course), the Necromancer stands out as a highly sought-after class even before its official launch. Its unparalleled ingenuity and the inclusion of an exclusive weapon, the Scythe, contribute to its well-deserved popularity.

    Similar to sorcerers of dark arts in alternative games, this particular class possesses the uncanny ability to resurrect vanquished foes, compelling them to engage in battle on their behalf. As stated in preliminary glimpses, the Necromancer’s unique approach to gameplay is fragmented into four distinct paths: Shadows, Skeletal, Vitality, and Legion.

    The various paths significantly influence the way the class is played, whether it involves summoning enemies to engage in battles, harnessing the Necromancer’s Essence as a mana substitute, or engaging in direct combat with powerful damage-dealing skills.



  • Really fun summoning mechanics & Blood Orbs that will help you regen health
  • Slow start, can feel weak to begin with
  • Lots of CC available, especially as you diversify your build
  • Using skills effectively can be difficult, especially because you’re not always sure where the corpses are on your screen – as in, they are literally hard to spot
  • Can turn into a late-game tank with Blood Orb sustainability and Shields
  • Very build reliant, item reliant
  • The Necromancer remains an intriguing and exceptionally versatile class, offering a delightful array of damage-dealing possibilities. If summoning ghouls and witnessing explosive phenomena enthrall your senses, then embracing the path of the Necromancer is an absolute must.

    Sorceress Overview

    Diablo 4 (14)

    In the magical realm of Diablo 4, the Sorceress reigns as the quintessential embodiment of the mage class. Embodying this iconic archetype, the Sorceress possesses the traits of a fragile yet powerful glass cannon, capable of unleashing devastating attacks while remaining vulnerable to swift annihilation with just a few well-placed strikes.

    Harnessing the forces of nature, the Sorceress weaves a tapestry of Elemental magic, unleashing its devastating power upon her foes. With mastery over Fire, Lightning, and Cold, she dances between different playstyles, commanding the elements with finesse.

    In addition to the magical spells and abilities, the Sorceress possesses an extraordinary Enchantment system that grants extensive possibilities for personalization – certain abilities can be transformed into passive ones, while others can be enhanced, all depending on your chosen build.



  • Surprisingly good movement abilities, a fast-paced class to play
  • Squishy to begin wtih
  • Lots of chained damage and massive AoE – very satisfying to play
  • Mana is always going to be a problem, especially at the start
  • Can generate defensive stats with skills and healing ability is important for “Damage While Healthy”
  • Really a solo class, as in, doesn’t do much for their party in terms of buffs or abilities
  • The Sorcerer/Sorceress playstyle is a thrilling and exhilarating experience, perfect for those who prefer to embark on dungeon quests alone and crave swift progress. It offers a myriad of adaptable offensive skills, allowing players to handle any challenge the game presents with ease. This also opens the doors to an exciting array of different build options, ensuring endless enjoyment.

    Druid Overview

    Diablo 4 (16)

    With its shape-shifting abilities, the Druid exhibits a captivating range of animalistic forms including the mighty Werebear and the ferocious Werewolf.

    Various powers manifest when undergoing transformation, and these abilities can be dynamically altered by the player during battles.

    The Druid possesses the ability to tap into their unique brand of magic, harnessing the mighty forces of the Earth to obliterate foes. Undoubtedly, playing as this class in Diablo 4 promises an exceptionally enjoyable experience.



  • Very fun and versatile playstyle, mostly because of the transformation providing unique ways to play the Druid’s builds
  • Not the best leveling experience overall – the Druid is a bit slow to get started
  • Lots of fun damage (Physical, Poison, Lightning) that can be triggered in huge bursts
  • Squishy while in Human form
  • Pretty tanky while in Transformation mode
  • If you seek a class that offers a myriad of physical transformations, then playing as a Druid would be an excellent choice.

    Are Classes Gender Locked?

    Diablo 4 (10)-1

    Absolutely! Feel free to embody the fierce spirit of a female or male Barbarian, should you so desire. Likewise, this option extends to all the diverse classes within the game.

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