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During the dark hours or in dimly lit regions, Zombies emerge as a menacing Horde, destined to meet their fiery demise under the blazing sun. With their leisurely pace and lack of extraordinary powers, they pose as the most manageable creatures to confront. Resembling the standard player model, their sole offensive move involves dashing towards the player and delivering a punch.


Zombie Damage

Here’s a breakdown of the havoc that a zombie can wreak in the world of Minecraft.

  • Effortless: 2.5 Love-filled Hearts.
  • Extraordinary: A Trio of Hearts.
  • Challenging: 4.5 Hearts.
  • Zombie Villager

    In the world of Minecraft, a Zombie Villager emerges as a fascinating incarnation of the traditional zombie. Unveiling an element of surprise, a mere 5% probability exists for a Zombie Villager to materialize organically amidst a gathering of regular zombies. Moreover, there exists the possibility of a regular villager undergoing a dreadful transformation into a zombie, should it meet its demise at the hands of one. Disclosed below are the likelihoods associated with a villager’s conversion into a zombie within the Minecraft realm.

  • Easy: 0%.
  • Normal: 50%.
  • Hard: 100%.
  • The Zombie Villager’s appearance is a captivating ensemble that reflects its surroundings and the profession it once held prior to its transformation.


    By performing any of the following steps, it is possible to cure them and transform them back into regular villagers.

  • Harnessing the Ethereal Mist of Fragility emitted by a Lingering Elixir.
  • Unleashing the Power of a Feeble Elixir.
  • A mist of fragility emanating from a Creeper’s detonation (Java).
  • An Arrow of Tipping imbued with the essence of fragility.
  • Dealing with Zombies

    Dealing with the undead is a breeze compared to other hostile mobs. With their sluggish pace, outrunning zombies is a piece of cake, although dealing with them in groups can be challenging. Eliminating zombies is a breeze with a trusty Bow and Arrow or a swift Sword, both highly recommended for efficiency and simplicity. Simply swing your sword with fervor, and the zombies won’t stand a chance. For added advantage, employ the Sprint + Attack technique (double-press forward and attack while sprinting) to maximize knockback and gain more maneuvering opportunities while dodging counterattacks.

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    All Zombie Loot

    Behold, the bountiful treasures that grace the ground upon a Zombie’s demise.

  • A putrid piece of flesh, ranging from 0 to 2 in quantity.
  • Iron Ingot.
  • Carrot.
  • Potato.
  • BakedPotato. (If killed by fire on Java)
  • An Undead Cranium (Upon demise at the hands of an Electrified Creeper).
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