All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

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Input: Waypoints hold great significance within Sanctuary, for who would willingly embark on an arduous journey from Scosglen to Hawezar? With that in mind, behold the comprehensive list of all the Waypoints featured in Diablo 4.

All Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

Input: The vast realm of Sanctuary is divided into five distinct regions, each boasting a unique collection of six to eight Waypoints. These enchanting symbols possess the power to transport you effortlessly to secure cities, humble villages, or even a secluded inn, simply by a touch. However, uncovering these hidden Waypoints requires a keen eye. Below, you will discover a comprehensive list of all the Waypoints scattered across Diablo IV, neatly organized according to their respective regions.

All Stronghold Waypoint Locations

Looking for a comprehensive guide that unveils the mysterious transformation of Strongholds into Waypoints? Look no further, for I have got you covered! Behold, the list of conversions awaits you. And fear not, for a more elaborate elucidation on unlocking the remaining secrets (complete with maps) can be found below.

  • Nostrava – Shattered Summits.
  • Cerrigar – The Enchanted Glen.
  • Journey through the enchanted realm of Tur Dulra, nestled amidst the mystical beauty of Scosglen.
  • The Ebony Lookout – Arid Plateaus.
  • Farobru – Deserted Plateaus.
  • Zypher – Celestial Enigma.
  • Ruined Shrine – Kehjistan.
  • Alright, let’s dive right into the juicy part.

    All Fractured Peaks Waypoint Locations

    Fractured Peak, an interlude nestled betwixt the Northern Scosglen and the Southern Hawezar, emerges as a captivating realm in the far east. Brimming with mystique, it proudly boasts a collection of seven Waypoints, each holding a unique tale. Among them, a solitary Stronghold Waypoint demands arduous completion of a fortress and the chiming of a resounding bell to transform into its freshly colonized manifestation.

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    Screenshot by Prima Games
    Bear Tribe Refuge No
    Kyovashad No.
    Menestad No
    Nostrava Complete Stronghold located just to the West of Kyovashad.
    Nevesk No
    Margrave No
    Yelesna No

    All Scosglen Waypoint Locations

    Nestled within the expansive bounds of Sanctuary lies Scosglen, a vast and formidable expanse that stretches across the northern frontier. This treasured domain boasts an impressive count of eight Waypoints, beckoning adventurers to traverse its winding paths. However, within its depths lie two formidable Strongholds, ready to test the mettle of those brave enough to venture forth.

    Screenshot by Prima Games
    Firebreak Manor No.
    Cerrigar No.
    Tur Dulra Complete Stronghold to the far West, on the coast, about level with the city Cerrigar.
    Marowen No.
    Braestaig No.
    Corbach Complete Stronghold located just beneath the “Scosglen” name on the map.
    Tirmair No.
    Under the Fat Goose No.

    All Dry Steppes Waypoint Locations

    Nestled towards the middle left of the map, this enchanting realm known as Fractured Peaks reigns supreme, with Scosglen lying to its northern reaches and Kehjistan stretching to its southern realms. Its eastern frontier gracefully merges with the mighty Fractured Peaks. Within this captivating land, a treasure trove of eight Waypoints and two invincible Strongholds await your valiant conquest.

    Screenshot by Prima Games
    Ked Bardu No.
    The Onyx Watchtower Complete the Stronghold just to the southeast of Ked Bardu, the Dry Steppes main city.
    Fate’s Retreat No.
    Hidden Overlook You may need to complete Act 3 to unlock this Waypoint.
    Ruins of Qara-Yisu No.
    Jirandai No.
    Alzuuda No.
    Farobru Complete Stronghold very close to Ked Bardu, towards the north east of the city. If you’ve conquered Scosglen’s Tur Dulra, just head South and you’re bound to come across it.

    All Kehjistan Waypoint Locations

    Nestled along the western shoreline, this Southern Continent boasts a remarkably secluded nook, adorned with a mere half-dozen dispersed Waypoints. Moreover, there lies a solitary Stronghold destination that demands your transformational prowess.

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    Screenshot by Prima Games
    Tarsarak No.
    Imperial Library Complete most of Act 6 of Campaign.
    Denshar No.
    Gea Kul No.
    Iron Wolves Encampent No.
    Altar of Ruin Complete Stronghold that’s immediately to the right of “Kehijistan” written on the map.

    Uncovering Diablo 4’s Onyx Watchtower: Discover the Mysterious Locale, Conquer the Challenge, and Reap the Bountiful Rewards.

    All Hawezar Waypoint Locations

    Hawezar, the ultimate realm of challenge, stands proudly as one of Sanctuary’s most formidable domains, harboring secret enclaves within its remote southeastern reaches. Despite its vast expanse, a mere six swift passage markers dot its landscape, among them the impregnable Stronghold and two elusive waypoints accessible solely through the campaign’s progression.

    Screenshot by Prima Games
    The Tree of Whispers Unlocked after completing Act 4 of the campaign.
    Vyeresz Complete Stronghold in the far south, almost in the middle of the region, close to the coast.
    Wejinhani No.
    Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court Unlocked aftr completing Act 4 of the campaign.
    Backwater No.
    Zarbinzet No.

    Explore every nook and cranny of Sanctuary and gather the mystical Altars of Lilith to witness a remarkable surge in your abilities. Unveil the secrets of all 160 locations with our comprehensive guide: Unearthing the Enigmatic Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4.

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