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Unleashing the ultimate Diablo 4 build demands more than mere mastery of the level cap or acquiring the game’s most elusive treasures. Elevating your fame and unearthing every hidden Altar of Lilith are paramount in unlocking your character’s true potential and enhancing their innate abilities. While ascending to fame may appear relatively simple, unearthing certain Altars of Lilith can prove to be quite the enigmatic pursuit.

Fortunately, the mystical altars of Scosglen are hidden amidst the enchanting allure of small fissures and easily anticipated havens. With the company of a trusty steed, the quest to collect all the altars shall prove to be an effortless endeavor. This compendium shall unveil the secret whereabouts of all 34 Altars of Lilith within Scosglen, accompanied by detailed cartographic indications and precise guidance for each divine shrine. Furthermore, we shall illuminate the extraordinary rewards bestowed upon those who unveil the sacred altars.

Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map

Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar of Lilith Locations Overview

Total Altars: 34

Deep Forest

3 Altars

The Downs

3 Altars

The Emerald Chase

3 Altars

The Shrouded Moors

3 Altars


3 Altars


3 Altars

Wailing Hills

3 Altars

Westering Lowlands

3 Altars


4 Altars

Highland Wilds

6 Altars

Scosglen boasts a grand total of 34 Altars devoted to Lilith. Within Scosglen, each subsection usually houses three Altars, with the exception of Northshore and Highland Wilds, which proudly flaunt four and six altars, respectively. Moreover, every Stronghold in this province proudly hosts an Altar dedicated to Lilith. These mystical structures tend to camouflage themselves on the outermost edge of the province, often shrouded by lush foliage. Should you find yourself at an Altar’s designated location and fail to spot it, remain vigilant for a crimson glow that may guide your way.

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Deep Forest Altar Locations

Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Deep Forest

Within the depths of the Enchanted Woods, lie three sacred Altars dedicated to the mystical entity known as Lilith.

  • Located along the western fringes of the territory, +2 Dexterity lies concealed within a subterranean passage.
  • A boost of +2 Intelligence awaits you at the southeastern edge, just before stepping into the enchanting realm of the Westering Lowlands.
  • North of the Stronghold entrance, lies a spot that enhances your Dexterity by +2.
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    Westering Lowlands Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Westering Lowlands

    In the vast expanse of the Westering Lowlands, lie three mystical Altars of Lilith waiting to be discovered. With the companionship of a trusty horse, embarking on a journey to these sacred grounds becomes a delightful endeavor, for they are conveniently accessible to all seekers.

  • 2 Strength of Mind: Nestled within the enchanting embrace of the western corner, where the Westering Lowlands subregion blossoms.
  • 2 Determination: Nestled along the vibrant southern periphery of the realm, situated upon a meandering trail that beckons adventurers towards the treacherous realms of Demon’s Wake and Broken Bulwark dungeons.
  • Enhance your Dexterity by 2 points: Embark through the western exit of Firebreak Manor, venturing towards the northwest. Discover a sprawling expanse of majestic trees. Journey towards the southern extremity of this arboreal congregation to reveal the hidden statue.
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    The Emerald Chase Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations The Emerald Chase

    The Emerald Chase hides three enchanting Lilith Altars, conveniently accessible through the Cerrigar town waypoint, beckoning explorers with their allure.

  • Discover the mighty +2 Strength power tucked away in the enchanting southern corner of this mystical subregion.
  • 2 Intelligence: Situated along the very path that leads to the Stockade dungeon. Venture towards the western direction on this thoroughfare until you stumble upon the magnificent statue.
  • Discover an exquisite boost of +2 Dexterity nestled within the enchanting embrace of the Emerald Chase’s northwest corner.
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    The Downs Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations The Downs

    Within the Downs region, a trio of altars can be found.

  • Discover a remarkable +2 boost to your Dexterity skill tucked away in the enchanting southwestern nook of this realm, just a stone’s throw away from the sacred entrance to Sarat’s Lair dungeon.
  • Discover +2 Dexterity: Unearthed in the heart of the zone. Traverse the central road and venture southward to uncover the hidden altar.
  • Enhance your Strength by 2 points! Venture towards the enchanting northeast corner of the Downs, where you shall discover the sacred altar gracefully positioned alongside the entrance to the mysterious Oldstones dungeon.
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    Highland Wilds Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Highland Wilds

    The Highland Wilds house a mystical treasure trove – Six Altars dedicated to the enigmatic deity, Lilith.

  • A surge of extraordinary strength awaits in the farthest reaches of the western zone.
  • 2 Intelligence: Venture towards the southern periphery of the region. Discover it nestled within a fissure on the right flank of the crossroads that guide you towards the enigmatic Maddux Watch labyrinth.
  • Discover the +2 Dexterity bonus lying just beyond the Under the Fat Goose Inn, towards the eastern direction. Nestled snugly within a narrow crevice on the left side of the road, it awaits your arrival.
  • 2 Inner Strength: Discovered in close proximity to the heart of the region. Embark on a journey towards the Hive dungeon and venture towards the eastern direction to uncover its whereabouts.
  • 2 Strength: Embark on a daring journey to the untamed lands of the Highland Wilds, nestled in the northeastern corner. This hidden gem lies beyond the trail that winds its way to the mysterious Shrouded Moors.
  • Enhance your Strength by 2: Unveiling its presence adjacent to the entrance of the enchanting Whispering Pines dungeon, lies a sanctuary on the eastern fringes of the territory.
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    The Shrouded Moors Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations The Shrouded Moors

    The Shrouded Moors conceal a trio of Lilith’s Altars awaiting your discovery.

  • Discover a boost of +2 Intelligence nestled within the enchanting realm of the southeastern region. Embark on the path that guides you towards the untamed beauty of Highland Wilds, then venture eastward. Keep your eyes peeled for a hidden crevice, concealed amidst the southern stretch of the road.
  • Boost your Willpower by 2: Journey towards the previous statue and venture northwards, until you stumble upon a majestic statue perched upon a cliff, gazing over the blood-soaked wilderness.
  • Gain a bonus of +2 to your Strength attribute. Embark on a swift journey to the enchanting land of Tirmair and navigate along the scenic northern path. Once you reach a juncture, veer towards the west with great haste. Behold, nestled within a hidden crevice lies the wondrous statue, awaiting your discovery.
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    Strand Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Strand

    Within the Strand lies a trove of three hidden Altars of Lilith, eagerly awaiting your discovery.

  • 2 Fortitude: Discovered in the enchanting southwest region of Corbach, a hidden gem awaits. Nestled within a modest crevice, a remarkable statue emerges, bridging the gap between the mystical Domhainne Tunnels and the haunting depths of Luban’s Rest dungeon.
  • Enhanced Strength: Nestled at the zenith of the region, commanding a majestic view of the coastline.
  • 2 Determination: Situated at the outskirts of the territory, a mystical place awaits. Wander along the path that guides you towards the formidable Moordaine Lodge Stronghold, and venture northwards, right before reaching the stronghold itself. There, hidden from plain sight, lies the sacred altar, beckoning seekers of inner strength.
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    Wailing Hills Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Wailing Hills

    Just like in all the enchanting Scosglen territories, three mystical Altars of Lilith await your discovery in this realm.

  • 2 Determination: Discovered at the southern fringes of the territory, positioned in close proximity to the entrance of the Raethwind Wilds labyrinth.
  • Located within the eastern quadrant of the realm, lies a source of strength that transcends ordinary boundaries. Nestled in a hidden crevice, northeast of Braestaig and southwest of the mysterious Vault of the Forsaken dungeon, stands a statue that exudes an aura of unparalleled power.
  • 2 Intelligence: Embark on a journey to the frost-kissed realm of the Wailing Hills. Within a hidden nook, concealed amidst the rugged terrain, lies a remarkable sculpture awaiting your discovery. Seek it out as you navigate the serpentine path leading to the very pinnacle of the hill.
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    Northshore Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Scosglen Altar Of Lilith Map Locations Northshore-1

    As you explore the Northshore subregion, you’ll stumble upon four Altars of Lilith, with the Stronghold being the only exception.

  • 2 Dexterity: Embark on a southern journey from Marowen, where lies a hidden gem slightly nestled towards the northeastern side of the path guiding you to the mystical Deep Forest.
  • 2 Intellect: Situated at the heart of the subregion, venture towards the southwest from Calibel’s Mine until you stumble upon a charming congregation of trees. Concealed amidst the foliage in the northern section of this cluster, the sacred altar awaits.
  • 2 Strength: Embark on a journey to the farthest reaches of the Northshore and venture along the captivating coastline. Discover this hidden gem that lies to the northeast of the entrance to the Sunken Ruins dungeon.
  • 2 Agility: Venture towards the northern realm where the sacred altar awaits, nestled amidst the picturesque coastline. Concealed amidst weathered boulders, it remains camouflaged beside an imposing skeletal structure emerging from the earth.
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    Stronghold Altar Locations

    In Scosglen, you can explore three Strongholds, each hiding an enchanting Altar of Lilith: Hope’s Light, Tur Dulra, and Moordaine Lodge. To reveal these mystical altars, conquer the Strongholds and leave no enemy standing.

  • Illumination of Hope (+2 Vigor): Discovered amidst the tranquil embrace of a petite isle situated to the east of the majestic lighthouse. Set your sights on a concealed enclave beyond the remnants of the shipwreck to unveil the sacred shrine.
  • Dulra’s Journey (+2 Intellect): Embark on a thrilling adventure starting from the waypoint, where you shall descend the curving staircase to the northeast of the spawn point. As the path splits into two, veer towards the right and keep an eye out for a concealed crevice, ready to be leaped across.
  • Embark on a thrilling adventure to Moordaine Lodge, where the power of your will is amplified (+2 Willpower). Journey towards the stronghold nestled in the enchanting northwest. Behold! A concealed wall awaits your ascent, leading you to the sacred altar beyond.
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