Best armor enchantments in Minecraft 1.20 (Java edition)

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Since the Warden first appeared in Minecraft, players worldwide have been compelled to reevaluate their armor strategies and fortification techniques. It’s no secret that the Warden is an unstoppable entity, making it nearly impossible to survive without equipping the finest armor available.

Best Armor Enchantments In Minecraft 1.19 (java Edition)

Ever since the advent of Netherite, its unrivaled endurance and formidable defensive capabilities have rendered certain enchantments obsolete, while fresh enchantments like Soul Speed have revolutionized the meta. Gamers are now confronted with the challenging task of deliberating which enchantments to retain on their armor and which ones to forsake, all in pursuit of attaining the ultimate armor in the game.

In the realm of gaming, envision enchantments as magnificent enhancements that elevate your gear to extraordinary heights. While superior armor upgrades are acquired through progression, enchantments transcend limitations, gracing Netherite armor – the epitome of power – with augmented attributes and extraordinary capabilities.

Full Netherite armor on an armor stand.

Once you reach a certain stage in the game, enchantments become an absolute must if you aspire to take on specific mobs and conquer formidable bosses. This notion holds especially true for the notorious Wither and the formidable Ender Dragon, as well as Minecraft’s newest formidable antagonist, the Warden.

Warden has to be the scariest boss in Minecraft.

Input: So, if you’ve been facing the same boss over and over again and yearn for a slight advantage, or if you’re gearing up to battle the mighty Ender Dragon and refuse to risk losing your Hardcore world due to a single blow, enhancing your armor is the ultimate solution. And fear not, for we are here to lend a hand.

Discover the magic within as this guide takes you on an enchanting journey, revealing the secrets of the craft and unveiling the ultimate armor enchantments. Delve into the realm of possibilities as we unveil the finest armor pieces in the game and share the essential enchantments that should adorn them.

How to enchant in Minecraft?

Input: Enchanting in Minecraft possesses an ethereal allure, yet unraveling its secrets can prove challenging for beginners. Delve into the following initial measures to embark on your enchanting journey within the realm of Minecraft.

An enchanting table surrounded by bookshelves in Minecraft
An enchanting table surrounded by bookshelves in Minecraft.
  • Your primary requirement is a captivating enchanting table. Craft it effortlessly by utilizing merely four blocks of Obsidian, two Diamonds, and a book. To construct the table, access the crafting menu using a crafting table and arrange the aforementioned items in the following sequence: 1st row: Empty, Book, Empty.
  • On the second row, gleaming diamonds and shimmering obsidian are interspersed with another dazzling diamond.
  • The third row is filled with the dark and mysterious Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsidian.
  • Crafting recipe for the enchantment table.
  • Once you have acquired a crafting table, the next requirement is to get some Lapis Lazuli. Lapis can be found at the same level as Diamonds when mining but is significantly easier to find and is much less rare. Every enchantment you get will set you back one Lapis Lazuli. You can find it anywhere between Y-level 64 to -64, according to the latest ore distribution graph.

    The Ore Distribution graph was shared by Mojang for version 1.18, but it is still applicable to version 1.20+.
  • The final requirement to actually start enchanting is XP. You need at least 30 levels to have the most powerful enchants equipped on your weapons. You can do this by placing at least 15 bookshelves around your enchantment table with a distance of at least 1 block.
    You can place the bookshelves like this. There are 16, for the sake of symmetric builds.
  • Once you’ve completed the above steps, you can unlock higher-level enchants.

    How to stack enchantments in Minecraft?

    Mastering the art of stacking enchantments in Minecraft is no simple feat, but it undoubtedly paves the way towards obtaining the most elite versions of these magical enhancements. To successfully merge and intertwine enchantments, one must wield the power of an anvil and possess an abundance of XP levels.

    Once you possess both of these crucial elements, you shall require a pair of identical enchantments, either on two identical items or on a book and the desired item. Subsequently, the book and the item should be placed within the anvil, allowing the enchantments to intertwine with the very essence of the item.

    Let’s say you possess a Netherite chest plate adorned with the mighty Protection I enchantment. Now, behold the two enchanting paths that unveil the magnificent upgrade to Protection II.

  • The first method is a bit longer and requires that you build another Netherite chest plate, enchant it, hope to get Protection I, and then combine the two using an anvil to get a Protection II Netherite chest plate. While there is the chance that you could get a better enchantment on your new Netherite chest plate, if you don’t you will be wasting quite a lot of materials.
    Two Netherite chesplates, each having Protection I enchantment. When we combine them, we get a Netherite chestplate with Protection II enchantment.
  • The second method is a bit more monotonous but requires fewer resources. All you have to do is keep on enchanting books till you end up with a Protection I book. From here you can just combine the book with your original Protection I Netherite chest plate and end up with a Protection II Netherite chest plate after only losing a book.
    A Netherite chesplate with Protection I is combined with an enchanted book having Protection I enchantment to give Netherite chestplate with Protection II.
  • Input: Now that we’ve mastered the art of enchanting and the skill of combining, it’s time to delve into the fascinating world of manipulating enchantment order. By doing so, we can optimize our use of XP and resources to attain unparalleled levels of enchantments on our beloved gear.

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    To spend minimal XP, the optimal approach is to utilize the Minecraft Enchantment Ordering Tool, enabling you to determine the precise sequence for enchanting your gear.

    Input: Begin by selecting your desired item from the dropdown menu, and proceed to choose the enchantments that you wish to apply. Once you have made your selections, simply click on the ‘Calculate’ button to generate an exquisite solution, elegantly highlighted in a vibrant shade of green on the right-hand side of the menu.

    Optimal Solution given after selecting the needed enchantments on a Helmet.

    Unlock the secrets of perfection with the ultimate solution, providing you with the precise sequence to enhance your gear, while revealing the exact amount of XP required to attain your desired outcomes.

    Let us embark on a journey to discover the most exquisite enchantments that will elevate your armor to new heights, unveiling the ideal sequences to pursue.

    What enchantments can armor have in Minecraft?

    In the vast world of Minecraft, the realm of armor enchants unveils a wondrous array of nine distinct enchantments. Among them, two enchantments hold a versatile allure, while the remaining seven bestow their magical prowess exclusively upon particular armor pieces. Let us embark on a journey to discover these enchantments:

  • Shielding against Explosions, Infernos, and Flying Missiles (Universal).
  • Thorns (General).
  • The Helmet of Aquatic Affinity.
  • Respiration (Helmet).
  • Fleetfoot Finesse (Leggings).
  • Aquatic Voyager (Footwear).
  • Boots of Ethereal Plumage.
  • Boots of the Frost Walker.
  • Velocity of the Spirit (Footwear).
  • Minecraft armor enchantments ranked:

    With our comprehensive understanding of enchanting and its intricate connection with armor in the realm of Minecraft, it is now the opportune moment to arrange the enchantments in a captivating hierarchy based on their invaluable contributions within the game.

    1. Protection

    Acquiring the enchantment of Protection should be your prime goal for every piece of armor. From the early stages of the game, the substantial disparity between a standard Iron chest plate and a Protection I Iron chest plate can greatly enhance your chances of survival, especially when facing unexpected encounters with a Creeper while delving into the depths of a cave.

    Protection IV on a book in Minecraft.
    Protection IV on a book in Minecraft.

    When discussing the concept of safeguarding, it is crucial to highlight that there exist a total of four distinct forms of protection.

  • Shielding: Serving as the fundamental form of safeguarding, this type of shielding bolsters defenses against a wide array of harm originating from various sources.
  • Boom Safeguard: Among the triad of sophisticated safeguards, Blast Protection fortifies the player’s armor against the wrath of explosions unleashed by Creepers and TNT.
  • Flame Safeguard: Behold the second variant of Shielding, specifically designed to safeguard against the scorching dangers of the Nether and confrontations with adversaries who wield the power of fire. This unparalleled defense significantly mitigates the perils of burn damage.
  • Shielding against airborne threats, Projectile Protection emerges as the ultimate branch within the realm of safeguarding. Its mystical power shields the wielder from harm inflicted by distant assaults, be it the piercing arrows or the devastating blasts of Ghasts.
  • Rewrite: The realm of Protection encompasses four distinct types, each possessing its own unique essence. Alas, these forces do not harmonize, rendering them unable to coexist within a single armor piece. Yet, fear not, for the potential for greatness remains unscathed. Embrace the truth that any armor, regardless of its nature, can be graced by the touch of all four protection types, each boasting up to four tiers of power. Thus, in your quest for invincibility, strive to bestow upon each armor piece the coveted Protection IV, forging an impenetrable shield.

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    2. Feather Falling

    In the enchanting realm of Minecraft 1.19, behold the mystical power of Feather Falling, an ethereal enchantment bestowed upon your precious boots. Once confined to a solitary slot, this enchantment now dances freely alongside its fellow boot-based enchantments, eliminating the need to make a difficult choice.

    Feather Falling IV on a book in Minecraft.
    Feather Falling IV on a book in Minecraft.

    In our humble opinion, we highly endorse Feather Falling for a myriad of compelling reasons, with the utmost significance lying in the notion that Minecraft thrives on its abundant verticality. Consequently, it is a frequent occurrence to find oneself teetering on the brink of a precipice, necessitating the construction of a safe descent and squandering invaluable materials.

    Feather Falling abolishes this concern entirely, granting you the freedom to gracefully leap from the precipice while minimizing the impact of the descent. This effect accumulates across all levels of Feather Falling, and with the mighty Feather Falling IV, it effectively slashes the harm incurred from the fall by fifty percent.

    3. Swift Sneak

    The latest enchantment in Minecraft is Swift Sneak, and oh my, it is truly remarkable. This enchantment, unique in its nature, can exclusively be applied to leggings. It grants players the ability to gracefully crouch walk at an accelerated pace, all while producing minimal noise. Although you may initially question its utility, the newest boss in Minecraft would certainly beg to differ.

    Swift Sneak III on a book in Minecraft.
    Swift Sneak III on a book in Minecraft.

    The Warden possesses an incomprehensible level of power, capable of obliterating you with a single strike if you fail to exercise caution. Furthermore, this formidable entity relies on the sound you generate to pursue and capture you. To have even the slightest hope of evading its grasp, acquiring the Swift Sneak enchantment becomes an absolute necessity. Unsurprisingly, the exclusive source for obtaining this enchantment lies within concealed chests scattered throughout the Warden’s abode, nestled deep within the enigmatic realm known as the Deep Dark.

    With its unrivaled ability to outmaneuver even the most relentless Wardens, Swift Sneak becomes an indispensable asset. Embracing this remarkable skill on your top-notch armor set presents no drawbacks, making it an irresistible choice. So, why not seize this opportunity without hesitation?

    4. Thorns

    Thorns stands as the sole universal armor enchantment within the game, diverging from fortifying the player’s defenses and embracing a bolder offensive strategy. This enchantment empowers players to unleash their offensive prowess, as it inflicts a significant blow to any attacker, causing them to endure a varying magnitude of damage, ranging from one to four hearts.

    Thorns III on a book in Minecraft.
    Thorns III on a book in Minecraft.

    The accumulation of damage through Thorns occurs in two distinct manners. Primarily, the potency of the enchantment is determined by its tier, with higher tiers inflicting greater harm. At its peak, Thorns III can administer a staggering blow of 4 hearts’ worth of damage upon adversaries, whereas Thorns I merely causes a modest 1 heart of damage.

    The enchantment in question operates on a whimsical basis as well. Consequently, each time a player dons the Thorns armor and becomes the target of an attack, there exists a distinct possibility that the assailant themselves may suffer harm. Let’s delve into the scale of these probabilities:

  • An armor fragment infused with the formidable power of Thorns III, boasting an impressive 11.25% chance to retaliate against aggressors.
  • A formidable combination of two armor pieces imbued with the awe-inspiring power of Thorns III, yielding an impressive 28.83% chance.
  • The combination of three armor pieces boasting Thorns III yields an impressive success rate of 46.33%.
  • The combination of four armor pieces, each equipped with the powerful Thorns III enchantment, results in an impressive effectiveness rating of 61.18%.
  • 5. Respiration

    Respiration stands as a duo of captivating enchantments, yet regrettably, their allure diminishes when compared to the versatility of a turtle shell helmet. Nevertheless, considering the modest defensive attributes of the turtle helmet and the unpredictable nature of underwater encounters, both enchantments become imperative embellishments for your headgear.

    Respiration III on a book in Minecraft.
    Respiration III on a book in Minecraft.

    Respiration bestows upon players the extraordinary ability to prolong their breath underwater, enabling them to embark on extended mining expeditions beneath the surface and conserve valuable inventory space that would otherwise be occupied by doors. This enchantment operates on a tier system and has the potential to reach a maximum of three levels, granting incremental extensions to one’s survival capabilities underwater. As one ascends the tiers of respiration, the augmentation in breath-holding capacity becomes increasingly pronounced.

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  • Breath-holding mastery: Submerging for a remarkable duration of 15 seconds, defying the limitations of respiration.
  • Dive into the depths and hold your breath for a refreshing 30 seconds beneath the waves.
  • Immersed beneath the water’s surface for a span of 45 seconds, Respiration II takes you on an aquatic adventure like no other.
  • The third level of respiration involves staying submerged for a duration of 60 seconds.
  • 6. Aqua Affinity

    In the vast world of Minecraft, Aqua Affinity emerges as the embodiment of enchantments for helmets. Its significance becomes paramount when venturing into the depths of underwater caves or embarking on a quest to unearth the elusive magma blocks.

    Aqua Affinity on a book in Minecraft.
    Aqua Affinity on a book in Minecraft.

    The magical spell possesses no hierarchical levels and bestows a singular, unchanging influence upon a wearer’s headgear. Aqua Affinity empowers you to excavate beneath the waves as swiftly as on solid ground. Consequently, those donning a helmet imbued with Aqua Affinity will effortlessly bypass the customary fivefold deceleration experienced during underwater mining.

    7. Frost Walker or Depth Strider

    In the world of Minecraft, Frost Walker and Depth Strider emerge as captivating enchantments for boots, forming part of the quartet. These enchantments, however, reside on opposite ends of the spectrum and cannot coexist. Players must make the crucial decision of selecting either Frost Walker or Depth Strider to adorn their boots, as each bestows distinct and powerful benefits upon the wearer.

    Frost Walker III on a book in Minecraft.
    Frost Walker II on a book in Minecraft.

    Frost Walker, a captivating enchantment, operates on a tier system with a delightful maximum stack of two. With the delightful Frost Walker II, players gain the remarkable ability to effortlessly freeze the very surface of water bodies, granting them the extraordinary power to elegantly stroll across these icy paths.

    The enchantment’s magic gradually diminishes as players remain motionless on frozen water blocks they had created. Frost Walker I and II vary in terms of the quantity of blocks frozen as a player approaches a still body of water.

    Depth Strider III on a book in Minecraft.
    Depth Strider III on a book in Minecraft.

    Conversely, Depth Strider stands in stark contrast to Frost Walker as it empowers one to swiftly navigate through water. Each tier of Depth Strider enhances water traversal, with Depth Strider III granting players the ability to move at a pace akin to running on solid ground.

    8. Soul Speed

    The 1.18 update of Minecraft introduced Soul Speed as a captivating addition during the Nether overhaul. This enchantment possesses a remarkably limited purpose, allowing players to traverse the Nether’s Soul Sand with enhanced swiftness.

    Soul Speed III on a book in Minecraft.
    Soul Speed III on a book in Minecraft.

    The mystical charm possesses three tiers, where Soul Speed I merely grants a 40% surge in velocity compared to Soul Speed 0, while Soul Speed III bestows an astonishing 65% acceleration. Acquiring this enchantment proves to be an arduous task, as players must embark on numerous expeditions to bastions in search of a coveted book containing this enchanting power.

    The best Minecraft armor enchantments

    In the vast realm of Minecraft, a multitude of armor sets exist, each with its own unique attributes. However, amidst this array, the crème de la crème of armor sets reigns supreme, indisputably superior in every aspect.

    Best helmet

    In the vast world of Minecraft, a remarkable helmet emerges, adorned with a harmonious blend of enchantments. This extraordinary headgear boasts the formidable powers of Protection IV, Thorns III, Aqua Affinity, Respiration, and Unbreaking III, intertwining to create an unparalleled defense mechanism.

    The best possible helmet in Minecraft.
    The best possible helmet in Minecraft.

    Best chestplate

    In the vast realm of Minecraft, the undisputed champion of all chestplates emerges, adorned with the powerful enchantments of Protection IV, Unbreaking III, and Thorns III.

    The best possible chestplate in Minecraft.
    The best possible chestplate in Minecraft.

    Best Leggings

    The ultimate leggings in the world of Minecraft would boast enchantments such as Protection IV, Swift Sneak III, Thorns III, and Unbreaking III. These exceptional leggings are the epitome of power and durability in the game.

    The best possible leggings in Minecraft.
    The best possible leggings in Minecraft.

    Best boots

    To possess the ultimate footwear in the realm of Minecraft, one must adorn their boots with the magnificent enchantments of Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Thorns III, Soul Speed III, Feather Falling IV, and Depth Strider III.

    The best possible boots in MInecraft.
    The best possible boots in Minecraft.

    With the aid of this guide, we trust that you have gained valuable insights on the art of enchanting your gear in the captivating realm of Minecraft 1.19. Furthermore, we sincerely hope that it has assisted you in discerning the optimal enchantments to pursue for each specific piece of equipment.

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